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  1. 0.20.5 beta. Windows 10, steam. Shutting down the game from main menu result avorion.exe stays in processes list.
  2. It seems, you've used double-beam turret for your salvagers. With very small pieces beams simply miss with both beams as their target point is right between them, use single-beams turret only.
  3. 0.17.1 r11626 Multiply tooltip windows pops up in trade menus like every tab currenlty active.
  4. 0.17.1 r11626 Can't adjust amount of components in turret factory.
  5. As far as I know, official tooltip calculates eDPS. Still not usefull enough w/o eDPS per slot.
  6. As far as I know, in russian filter is case sensitive, maybe that's your problem.
  7. What's holding you from typing in search field smth like "salvag avori indepen" to sort out all avorion salvage turrets with autotargeting?
  8. Sure. Completely corresponding with my stations designs.
  9. It would be cool to have an ability to use mirror mode in shipbuilder in simultaneous axes as XY, XZ, YZ, XYZ.
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