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  1. Ok so... Its been too long since i have this game. I played over 700 hours. I got tons of updates for free and enjoyed them all. I can only see the 2.0 coming full speed to punch 100h+ in my face and now its too much! Either i donate or buy merch. Would love to get merch but it seems the link is broken.
  2. Sup! Just saw the boarding update and thought i should come take a look and say hi! :) I shall do an other run in a future awesome update that i wont be able to resist. :P
  3. Yup SneakyTacts! And over it is the fact that your generator was made of trinium! Make the test with avorion and the panel just cant compete.
  4. https://postimg.cc/gallery/kxoe0e3e/ Here is the proof that solar panel need a buff or energy production need a tune up. Going higher resource material just make the solar panel even more useless. I really consider thinking about the fuel system/mechanic and a huge buff for the solar panel. Make it so that its power is affected by the material used.
  5. I am using beta branch and i dont know if the stable have the mining ai. A dev should take a look at this thread.
  6. This idea is genious! Not load the AI's but everything physical. Loading screen would be significantly less long and not too heavy on performance.
  7. When building, you can scroll the action bar up to avorion material. You even can scroll more to pass avorion and fall back to iron. My suggestion is: Can you make so that when you enter building mode, we can scroll up to fall in the avorion?
  8. Damn hahaha you must be right! I have the same problem and it is so annoying! Maybe updating the number of crew should not reset the string.
  9. Yes the sectors with a ship of yours will keep being active. Are you using RAW mining laser or mining laser? Using Raw ones wont tell if you are getting the raw ore and when the ship will be full load, it wont tell you and just stop. You will have to have an eye on that. Using mining laser will alway show that it gather resources since it just constantly goes up UNLESS its mining a huge one (take time before getting the total) or long distance between 2 asteroids.
  10. Researching 3, 4 or 5 legendary item does it boost its overall stats or "skill"? Though i think 3 legendary will always give you the artifact.
  11. Was playing with module and... Dont you think there should be radar block? Act like a hyperspace core but with radar. Could affect scan range? After a certain volume it start spotting hidden mass? Just a thought i got. :P Have a great day!
  12. I really think railgun should simply have a reduced number of shot in a minute and the mechanic of halfing the damage on every block would be great too DevineEvil
  13. Here is a tutorial on how to start. hope it can help people! More to come
  14. OH! Yeah its definitely missing tutos! :P I myself got my tutos from google/avorion wiki/forum and loading screens. Tho i still always explain my friend how to start and what to do to not die and they quit because its not their type of game. I make small games and it sure is not the funnyest thing to make (tuto)
  15. I just made this. I think a lot of you will have great laugh. Sure its 24 min but full length is 47 so go listen to it until the end! :)
  16. Well, i think food and such might be over pushing it or literally like you says , a "real" gamemode. Life support 'takes' energy. I am talking about nerfing generator so that other blocks that exists become useful such as solar panel and goods like fuel and maybe batteries. That is false. I have multiple friends that bought the game because i play a lot and they dont stop playing because its hard. They stop because its not there type of game. Dev made this game normal paced with painful dying but with everything around to make it possible. Lots of player these days are seeking over fast paced games and when dying nothing happen cause loosing things desperate them and quit. Only one of my friend still play with me and he just love mining and even more now with the new mechanic!! Game is more complicated but we all love it more that way since it put to use things that are there and no one use. It add also a feeling that the game is not empty and with lots of possibilities.
  17. Have you ever checked how much cost making 10Gw energy with generator and 10Gw energy with solar panel? Solar panel cost more and need super large area. Maybe small ship under 6Gw could run fuel free. Other than that, if you miss fuel i think its more your problem to run flush and refueling could be done by making a small ship or maybe a game mechanic that already exists: Fuel delivery instead of crew delivery. Make a check button option when you make your galaxy. Need fuel - true/false. That would even add new mission to do. "ran out of fuel. (x,y) we need 1340 vol". We need mechanics like those in the game.
  18. Everyone know that solar panel is unuseful. The logic would be that a generator need fuel to run. 0.005 fuel per second for 1 Gw of use. Wich is 1 hour of fuel with a 1000 cargo of fuel at 50Gw of use constantly. This would only make sence and also add even more complex to have ship formation, mining buddies... Solar panel would become useful for many aplication specialy stations. Batteries could also be a fuel and be able to charge them.
  19. Thinking twice about the railguns. Maybe a small debuff should be in our mind. Slower rate of fire and nothing more. keep the same cooling time and the same shot fired until heating. Railgun can unload devastating power on about anything that is hull and that at up to 20-30km! 30% less rate of fire at least would make them good to go i think.
  20. Hi! First of all, thx for all those amaising updates! I want to talk about balancing some more the weapons as i think there is still a big flaw. For every weapons i will first say what is their problems and then what its purpose is in the game. Chaingun: I think its the most balanced weapon and does exactly what it should do. Slow projectile and short range but good DPS. Powerful in close range. NEXT! Laser: Like chainguns, lasers are pretty much balanced. Instant long range shooting but takes energy and DPS is medium. Good for anything close to long range. Follow me on the next line CANNON: I hate how much they are bad and how much i want them. They need to have more punch and a faster projectile. I understand the projectile speed is the same as the chaingun so you can combo them but it dont work that way. A cannon should also make a more satisfying sound than: "ffiiioooouuut". Damage should be boosted by at least 60% or AOE (Area Of Effect) should be added. Projectile speed should be arround 100%+ more to achieve long range shot. At the moment a cannon is: Bad dps/dpm, overheat for more fun, 30km of fun range that takes like 15 sec to achieve... Fffiiooooouuuutt! Plasma: Why they always cost so much? Plasma magic! They are great weapon to destroy shields at short-mid range and medium damage to hull. Takes energy to fire. Pulse: Why... I kinda guess its op vs other players that dont cover their main components but thats it. Other than that its decorative. Useless. Using it vs npc is like using a water bubble gun. Damage should get boosted OR it should have same stats as a chaingun but with overheat. Shooting 80% of the time through shield is ok but not at the cost of 90% of the DPS of "other" weapons. 75-95% chance ignoring shields, super low DPS, short range. ps: personal taste... They look great! Launcher: Those are... Special. Its the worst but yet the best. Why super slow projectile combo with 30km range? The guy is not even in the same galaxy anymore! It also overheat and dont do that much damage too! *Slap on my cheek* When made or a ?rarer? rarity combined with seeker!! Now you might have something! Maybe. When you finally one that is good with seeking missile, i feel like its more for support that DPSing. Overheat is long to cool for not so much damage. Cooling should be 30% less || Damage should pack more push. + When not seeking, missile speed should be 200% faster. (2250m/s) Super slow projectile (750m/s), medium DPS but overheat so DPM is bad, super long range but 30km at 750m/s is 40 SECONDS! Even 7.5km is 10 sec! At the end of the day, SOME can have seeking missile and can give a good push in you enemy face. Lightning: Great and balanced weapon. Instant long range shooting lightning strike at your shield destroying it but will do much less damage to your hull. Its also not that accurate at long range but still. Takes energy to fire. Wont do nothing on stone. Tesla: The gun that says no to your shield but in exchange of energy and range! It has it short range and for good reasons! Shield is energy so energy cant melt but this puppy will make it melt! PS: Prepare extra batterie billy! BOLTER: *Face palm* Why isnt it same as the plasma? Why its always cheap? The bolter is the plasma but for hull instead of shield and its the complete opposite. It never cost a lot to make (plasma is always millions), its dps to hull is ok (but has overheat so DPM is sheet(plasma dont)), tho it have mid/long range. Its damage should be 40% more with a 50% less cooling time. Having bolter feel like you never shoot and when it does, it dont feel like its powerful for that short time. Railgun: Now THAT is a ship destroyer! It is so well thought. Instant super long range shooting and deal lots of damage if not extreme damage due to penetrating shot. Say it has 9 block of penetration with 10,000dmg then its going to do 10k on shield but landing good shot that will travel trough 9 blocks will do 90k damage BUT! If it touch an armored hull it will stop the shot. Point chaingun: Nothing to say. Its perfect except for the ai turret shooting on ally. Force, Repair, Point laser, Flack. Those 4 turret i havnt used a lot but i am planning on trying them soon. Extra message: Good job for the mining update! It really feels better and like you actually do something. It also put more to use the AI ships (except telling them to rafine more than 5 min of rafining cause the station will just push him away and he wont be able to collect it back). Steam user: Maxdax5 Have a nice day my fookers! :)
  21. You damn right! That would really be a legit thing. The bigger the block is, the more crew escape. Pods could be like any lootable item. Just pass by and it fills right up in there places. OR they could be sent to a special unasigned/captured tab.
  22. I also think that coal and other "unmakable" item should be considered adding a mine or a factory of it. Coal is a really needed resource and the is no mine or wood burning factory for it... saddly
  23. So i would like to know when does the mining facilities and factories will be able to produce more? Also, i count that as a bug/unbalance, the solar panel are useless and need a buff. They should cost waaaaayy much less and make a bit more power. Factory and mine size is really important and should be gaged by the number or person aboard. Ex: 40 person = small (1 production line), 180 = medium (2), 410 = large (3), 850 = XL (4)... Then the factories/mines would be a way to go.
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