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  1. Ok so... Its been too long since i have this game. I played over 700 hours. I got tons of updates for free and enjoyed them all. I can only see the 2.0 coming full speed to punch 100h+ in my face and now its too much! Either i donate or buy merch. Would love to get merch but it seems the link is broken.
  2. Sup! Just saw the boarding update and thought i should come take a look and say hi! :) I shall do an other run in a future awesome update that i wont be able to resist. :P
  3. Yup SneakyTacts! And over it is the fact that your generator was made of trinium! Make the test with avorion and the panel just cant compete.
  4. https://postimg.cc/gallery/kxoe0e3e/ Here is the proof that solar panel need a buff or energy production need a tune up. Going higher resource material just make the solar panel even more useless. I really consider thinking about the fuel system/mechanic and a huge buff for the solar panel. Make it so that its power is affected by the material used.
  5. I am using beta branch and i dont know if the stable have the mining ai. A dev should take a look at this thread.
  6. This idea is genious! Not load the AI's but everything physical. Loading screen would be significantly less long and not too heavy on performance.
  7. When building, you can scroll the action bar up to avorion material. You even can scroll more to pass avorion and fall back to iron. My suggestion is: Can you make so that when you enter building mode, we can scroll up to fall in the avorion?
  8. Damn hahaha you must be right! I have the same problem and it is so annoying! Maybe updating the number of crew should not reset the string.
  9. Yes the sectors with a ship of yours will keep being active. Are you using RAW mining laser or mining laser? Using Raw ones wont tell if you are getting the raw ore and when the ship will be full load, it wont tell you and just stop. You will have to have an eye on that. Using mining laser will alway show that it gather resources since it just constantly goes up UNLESS its mining a huge one (take time before getting the total) or long distance between 2 asteroids.
  10. Researching 3, 4 or 5 legendary item does it boost its overall stats or "skill"? Though i think 3 legendary will always give you the artifact.
  11. Was playing with module and... Dont you think there should be radar block? Act like a hyperspace core but with radar. Could affect scan range? After a certain volume it start spotting hidden mass? Just a thought i got. :P Have a great day!
  12. I really think railgun should simply have a reduced number of shot in a minute and the mechanic of halfing the damage on every block would be great too DevineEvil
  13. Here is a tutorial on how to start. hope it can help people! More to come
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