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  1. Anyone know any others like GTXGAMING or Citadel Servers? Anyone have good/bad experiences with server hosts? I think 20 slots should be okay.
  2. Ohhh, love that Green Hornet, looks fast too xD
  3. I was waiting for this LOL .. totally gonna watch this grow! Nice!
  4. Tonight, for the first time, all my friends and I, lined our ships up and raced an 80km stretch. I was last place. My ship needs to go on a diet :(
  5. Haha nice. Co-op all the way! I love flying with my friend's creations, not destroying them xD
  6. Damn, spiderweb galore. That's a nice range there!
  7. Gawwwd, please, yes. It takes a lot of game time out, to sift through countless turrets, without any real good organization.
  8. Another agree! I've always loved space stuff, but not as much to play EVE, SE and every space game that has released. However, Avorion knows how to grasp the player. Sometimes it's relaxing, sometimes it just makes my heart go! Thanks devs :)
  9. It's catchy and different. I've noticed my friends took interest, to see what 'Avorion' was, because of it.
  10. How about your signature really drags pages out :P
  11. Very very good work, and thank you for the XML! Love the sharing!
  12. Hey, this is some good work, very cool angles :)
  13. He has evolved into a new pokemon! Alright, keep in mind now, I still have yet to see Trinium is this game. I'm taking my time getting to the middle :3
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