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  1. Thanks a lot dude. If you want I can update the newest version with yours. Also, my last exam is on the 22th of September so I will start doing work after that.
  2. I haven't been active in a very long time here, I am still in my exam phase so I don't have much time but after I am done with that I will return and get some new stuff into my mod. As for other people who want to add/change things of the Mod, you are welcome to.
  3. Sorry to hear that, that probably means there is something broken in the new beta version. Next time you experience something like this don't just say something isn't working, post the error log. Without an error log I can guess the error. (I am not good at guessing) Yes there is, you have to do it manually. You have to follow the instructions under "With other mods" in "Installation/Download". I am working on a way to make this easier for people installing my mod but so far not a lot of luck.
  4. Well, after update you have to reinstall the mod. Updating the game overwrites the hooks, so you have to rewrite them. So just reinstall the mod and it should work again.
  5. Sorry but I am currently a bit hung up on my exams, which is why there weren't any updates or replies. After next Friday I will continue developing.
  6. I am currently working on the new version, though it will take a long time to finish. I got lots and lots of other stuff to do which cuts my time down quite a bit. I think the easiest solution would be do implement a linear loss in mine returns e.g every five minutes your income gets reduced by two. So this means that at the end your mines would only last for 1 hour and 40 minutes, configurable of course. So now to the things I have planned in the future. Currently mines are pretty boring, you just fly up to them, pay so credits and you are set for live. Now the idea is to make every mine something special with you can interact and upgrade. Upgrades would cost materials, credits, goods and time. Some of the Upgrades I am planning include: Production speed - (faster generation of resources) Resource variety - (mine also generates resources of lower tiers) Jump drive - (mine is able to jump to a neighboring system) Market - (set products to trade with traders) Upkeep reduction - (reduces the cost at which the mine operates) I am open to suggestions as always.
  7. Yes it does work with the beta version.
  8. uhm, I already implemented that. The newest version should fix some bugs. I think I will go to git soon.
  9. Just delete those lines. Sector():addScriptOnce("sector/relationchanges.lua") Probably got in there while I was using another mod. I try to minimize that in the future but it happens sometimes.
  10. Updated to Version 1.1.
  11. Do you have any log files? If there is something wrong I might as well look into it.
  12. There are still issues, luckily I found one on the server and was able to solve it immediately. It seems that sometimes players don't get initialized, so the mines they claim cannot be saved to their player data. The fix will be out this evening.
  13. Yes our mods are very similar, though they have been developed independent. I guess that is what happens when there is little communication between modders.
  14. You are mistaken, I do not change the claiming mechanic. It is either a non claimable asteroid or somebody else changes this behavior.
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