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  1. Thanks! For me "Add Note" doesn't show up for sectors I haven't been to yet (guess that makes sense, no db entry for that sector yet), those I've been to have "Add Note" as the 2nd option down (no idea how I've managed to miss this... :P). Actually typing something into the notes field (300 char limit) results in that text showing up below Factories/Stations lines. Useful fer sure. Wish there was a way to simply search all the auto generated & player added text for the galaxy map. Would be nice to simply search for "Steel" to find all the Steel S/M/L factories coordinates (in systems you've been to of course); though would be great to have an option to 'Highlight Sectors matching search results?" ;D "Mark" sector with another option and then add note
  2. I once mixed exotic ml, chaingun, lasers with dps ~200 and costs like a million Result: Legendary 32 DPS ml for 100k credits lame
  3. Disable impact dmg. Its even more harder than the max difficity.
  4. You can trade when 0.20 km closer to your ship. No needs docking to lessen clusterufucks.
  5. For me its too much clusterfuck to find out where all the turret parts are sold. Possible solutions: Maybe make turret factories sell things required for building turrets (limited amouts so you wont build the whole armory out of 1 turret factory stock) which will be sold more expensive. Or make turret factories use special "turret" parts, and some bases to sell parts with turret prefix so it will be easily to understand that they can be used in turret factories, like "turret cannon" "turret stabilizator" ect. Or ability to deassemble turrets into its parts (but less of them) and then build better ones So i gave you choices, you decide or get a better system yourself.
  6. Both ugly, unrealistic and impossible to defeat things. Yes, im talking about giant super-long sticks with thrusters and tons of cannons on each side to make it spin me spin me spin me spin me right round Its really impossible to kill them unless you use some lasers and lock-on rockets. Same happends with salvaging, possible only by using properly working auto-fire. Sometimes there are 2 sticks in 1 ship. Pls replace seeds and programmes for generating stick ships to blocky-like, which are more realistic and fun to destory.
  7. Merge blocks. use 0.05x0.05 size put 1 block on each armor plate really effective
  8. How about these special attributes will be put on only legendary stuff? Like those (needs balancing 100%) Plasmas should always have 2.5x damage to shield at all rarities, and legendarys will have 3.2x Finally a reason to put in 100 common plasmas and get a shield overkiller. Cannons at legendarys will have bigger AOE and will be like one-shot kill to unshielded xsotan. Cannons are cheap at equipment dock so... Chainguns, lasers and teslas will have simple bonuses of shield penterations, DPS incrase and range. Yes, they always drop and need an use Mining turrets at legendary will always have 40% or 50% efficency and be energy-soaking super-DPS things to overkill 100k asteroids and be more useful than salvaging scrapyards. Salvaging legendarys same always 50% or 60% eff and instakill to technical blocks (shield gens, power gens, power storages) Legendary rockets will always be lock-on and come in 2 types: swarm and one-hit-kill, will penterate shields alot. Nobody ever uses rockets, yeah! Legendary railguns will penterate shields with high chance but overheat quickly. Same OHK. Noobdy uses railguns, except those overkills from turret factories
  9. You think an +50% Firerate/DMG attribute for a 200 DPS default gun is just a little? Im getting another 100 DPS chaingun with those attributes and its OP. Same goes too 500 DPS teslas with +dmg, 200 DPS plasmas with 3x dmg to shields will make 600. Meanwhile plasma upgraded from common to legendary will never match a gun with 3x dmg to shields. So maybe add a feature in research lab to add these attributes to made item in exchange to additional 6th or 7th items placed in?
  10. Add button "skip" if theres no enemy ships in sector. Together with skipped hyperspace it will skip the time of delivery mission.
  11. Yes, its complete trash and 100% random: You WILL NEVER get a single turret from destroyed ship's arsenal. You can just get few chips and random mining/chaingun turrets of also random rarity. Then you can loot a legendary chip from a single 0.05 size block, scince ITS ABOUT RANDOM LAWL!! At a later stage, where all ships turn to a packet of 5-10 HUGE blocks that have the same drop rate, drop rarity and same turrets as xsotan's little 0.05 dinner plates. Theres solution that many people probably have already suggested: >Make loot rate depend on block size >Make all the turrets and chips drop from ship on core destruction (make the core seen from outside) >Make ships drop the actual turrets they use, but not random trash or legendaries. >Mining turrets can be aquired by 50% drop from core or bought at stations
  12. Generator of 1 GW will need twice more crew than the AI, i belive. I know that money will be bigger at later stage, but i still want to put those 2 mils on a new exotic chaingun.
  13. Easily doneable. 1)check for gates that get u closer to ur ship, go 2) 2)if none, use hyperdrive in direction to ur ship, go 1), if no go 2.2 2.1)If yes, calculate speed and distance to it, use it and go 1) 2.2 )Calculate time needed to recharge hyperspace, go 2), then go 1) 3)Repeat 1) until reached sector with ur ship Also mining ships in sectors without you: Save sector with mining ship and asteroids with resources into RAM, their position 1)Calculate distance from mining ship to closest asteroid, calculate time needed to get there with 60% speed 2)Calculate asteroid HP and total DPS of mining ship, calculate time needed to mine 3)Calculate efficency 3)After this all, give resources to owner, repeat. Probably make a limit for possible sectors with those ships, like 2-3 to not overkill RAM and CPU
  14. Make a calculator for research stations. Where we type our stats and get the possible results.
  15. I put 5 ~50 DPS common chainguns and get 200 DPS uncommon one. :o Then i try to put 5 ~100-200 DPS rare chainguns and the result is just damned 100 DPS EXCEPTIONAL CHAINGUUNNN :-\ THEN I PUT 3 300 DPS TESLAS AND THE RESULT IS EXCEPTIONAL 150 DPS THINGY :-X Its because these "+% DMG +% firerate" thingys. If the guns had their stats by rarity, but not by those things the lab would actually make sense. Only sense i see is upgrading my ye olde iron exotic tech 9 turrets to tech 32 to significantly change DPS from 200 to 450 Upgrading guns without these "attributes" wont make any result. You put high-attribute things to get high-attribute things and reverse to get legendary high-tech trash. Putting simple guns without attributes wont make any result, even if you push it to legendary. Pls remove these attributes and make weps depend on rarity and tech ONLY
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