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  1. Discourse is a great forum software, I don't know what forums you see overlays on, but discourse doesn't have annoying overlays of any sort. Notifications come in more handy than you may think. With discourse, you can turn on push notifications so your browser notifies you when you have a reply, mention, etc.
  2. Honestly, I completely agree wit upgrading to a newer more modern software. Sure, I've worked with SMF a ton before, and was a great software (still is) Though I think It would be beneficial to move to something like Discourse, an open source forum, that self moderates, and is quite the powerful forum software. Plus it has push notifications, its own mobile apps, and live posting (so if you're looking at the page, and someone replies) it will show
  3. - Avorion - Stellaris - Space engineers - (my own game)
  4. Mine are garbage compared to this
  5. I have added a new ship (I plan to upload it once its fully complete (maybe friday) Its a ship thats similar to the executor class star destroyer, though its not it, itself.
  6. I updated the OP to be formatted with all my ships.
  7. There is going to be an alliance update
  8. The idea is to be able to actually make your own crew over time, but be very expensive to clone, and train them. Also be able to sell crew to other players. We could make clone stations that just grow people and sell them on the market (I know sounds awfully like the slave trade), though its more Star Wars sort of direction lol.
  9. I am not uploading any until the steam workshop is available.
  10. Some requests for commands if you can: - Add crew command - insta warp to sector location - ?? probably more, will think about it
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