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  1. 1.Freelancer 2.X3 3.Starbound 4.Eve online 5.Empyrion galactic survival 6.Mass effect only 1-3 7.Astroneer 8.planet explorers 9.sins of a solar rebelion 10.space pirates and zombies 11.rebel galaxy 12.Elite dangerus 13. FTL 14. Wing commander 15. Startopia Yes I love Avorion but as the topic maker said (except Avorion). Yeah I have a bunch of sci-fi themed games I like.
  2. Thanks for all the ideas sure I can use others ships but it feels like stealing in some way I wanna come up with a ship that people would say not bad I mean I wanna feel good in some thing I crate all im good at is playing games that´s it I wish I had a creative side.
  3. I try to have fun in games like this I love Avorion but man I hate my self in this type of games like Terraria or space engineers and Avorion? How do you manage not to rage quit because you feel like a useless builder or maybe it´s only me that all I can build is a cube, a space dildo or a straight line ship if your like me useless on building things how do you manage to not hate your self and keep on playing ? I see tons and cool damn ship builds and here im flying in my space anal plug because that what it looks like even if it was not my intention. Man I hate my self when it comes to this types of games so I end up playing them for 8-12h trying to build something decent but then end up never playing the game ever again have not play space engineers for over a year.
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