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  1. The torpedoes look like they might be designed by the user. Hmm, new torpedo building ?!?!
  2. I agree, i'd like to see a near-impossible end-game that you can only even imagine defeating if you have a really big ship. But that's just me.
  3. "Fighters do sick loops and barrel rolls when they dodge a shot" lol Patch looking really good!
  4. Has there been any consideration into equalizing the work that should have been done in a sector the player is not in? As i understand it, such sectors are updated at a greatly reduced rate for the sake of efficiency. Therefore if i create a captained mining ship and set it to mine in a sector and depart in search of adventure, i would expect the miner to gather resources at the same rate regardless of a player's presence. In some tests i did in single player i noticed a vastly reduced rate of harvesting from my miner if i was not in-sector. So i assume that the reduced update rate is what is causing that. Perhaps a simple way implement sectors wherein there are mining entities would be to abstract the ai action away to a "+N Minerals/Jump" or something like that through analysis of player created ships with a captain set to mine. For instance you could count the number of mining turrets * their strength and factor in the speed of the ship and the asteroids in a sector and come up with "+1300 Titanite, +32 Iron per Jump. %64 Titanite, %88 Iron left.", which you could see if you were to hover over the sector summary from the map (which would have a little mining symbol on it or something to indicate your investment there). I'm thinking per jump to avoid the obvious exploit of leaving your computer on overnight and coming back to a boatload of minerals. It will also encourage exploration. So yeah any thoughts around that? Thanks :D
  5. Ship ai is fairly limited right now. So I don't think there's a way.
  6. I think the first row of bars on the top right are all player specific. I did a quick 'find in files' for keywords of the top bar icons and found nothing. I believe you are shit out of luck here my friend :(
  7. I'm at work now so i can't test it, but i realized i never actually checked the resource value in the top-left of the screen, i just wasn't seeing the little bottom-right "+X Naonite" pop up. It occurs to me that the mining could very well have been working but i wasn't being notified.
  8. I'm not knowledgeable in this but you might get somewhere by looking at the code for the other UI elements. Try to figure out where that top row of icons is coming from.
  9. Smart mine intends to add a smarter alternative to the current mining AI. The current AI spends a lot of time maneuvering for seemingly no reason. This causes the mining entity to be vastly ineffectual at its singular directive. The smart mine option will fix this abhorrent behavior by: orientating the ship so that the ships' mining lasers have a clear line of sight towards the asteroid waiting until a chunk of the asteroid has been destroyed before moving on Smart mine is a work in progress, and i have never really used Lua before, but that's not as big a deal as just getting a handle on the modding API. Development progress will be tracked here via edits. Day 1: Not much looked into modding api got into a development flow to work on the mod added a 'smart mine' option to the entity orders menu made this post Day 2: Stop right there criminal scum! there seems to be no (non-hack) way to have a ship orbit an asteroid while looking at it. as an alternative, i will implement a 'mining bubble' wherein the resources from the asteroid will all be mined at a steady rate Questions & suggestions are welcome. If you have any modding experience let me know if i'm a complete fucking idiot and failing miserably.
  10. I have the same issue as Inspired. Perhaps i misunderstood what the new developments around the out-of-sector updates were meant to do. I i was under the impression that i could set up some little mining ships and go adventuring and basically have that income coming in at all times, which i think would be super neat. But maybe what gets updated in the sector is not the ships but maybe the factories & mines keep running or something? Some clarification would be great!
  11. However, it also adds tedium. So, I would suggest that the cooldown and calculation times should drop to zero if you land in an empty sector. That tedium is what encourages you to build a ship with greater hyperspace range or traverse the gates. The game would lack incentive to create (a better ship) if the cooldown was removed.
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