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  1. I suggest posting a bug report via ingame "Report Bug" button
  2. symbiote, Please post your client & server logs
  3. There is no quick way to do this via UI. You could try to make a backup of "C:\Users\YourProfileName\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\mods\modconfig.lua" and switch it depending on what mod set you need
  4. No idea tbh, try to ask in the Discord. You could try to ask server owner for mods list and check your subscriptions - maybe you have installed it already? Also check your client logs for errors.
  5. Yes, they could "steal" some traders. If you disabled buying then yes, traders for them simply won't spawn. If I remember correctly, if you have > 0% extra price, it will make traders more likely (but not guarantee) to sell goods to your factory rather than buy (because you pay extra for those goods). And if you set < 0% price, they're more likely to buy from factory rather than sell, because you're selling goods for a cheaper price.
  6. Not really. There are 2 separate trader "streams": The factory-only stream that works when in the factory settings you check "actively buy/sell" goods. This will cause factory to try to "call" for traders every 90 seconds. The general stream that works for all consumers and factories. Every minute it chooses one of them. So big amounts of consumers/factories in one sector will kinda conflict with each other. But with reasonable amounts it's gonna be fine.
  7. There is a "Preview" button, it's the end of the formatting buttons list. I only miss the "Spoiler" tag and old links.
  8. Tbh disabling the tab will only disable the UI - client-side part of it. A person with coding experience will find a way to bypass it. How about using the following code? It should delete all squads blueprints on server side from time to time. function DisableFighterProduction.getUpdateInterval() return 20 end function DisableFighterProduction.updateServer() local entity = Entity() if entity:hasComponent(ComponentType.Hangar) then local hangar = Hangar() for i = 0, hangar.numSquads then hangar:setBlueprint(i, nil) end end end
  9. I think this only happens if an active tab was created on the C++ side (like the inventory tab). You could try to use tab callbacks for your tabs to know when they're active: local myTab = shipWindow:createTab("My Tab Name"%_t, "path/to/icon", "My Tab Name"%_t) myTab.onSelectedFunction = "onMyTabSelected" myTab.onShowFunction = "onMyTabShown"
  10. Or just make Salvage & Repair mode fighters fly like the Mine mode.
  11. Honestly it would be easier to just disable guest posts. Because Google Captcha doesn't work anymore
  12. We can change sector name on the server-side: Sector().name = "Test" But we can't access it on the client-side. Please add readable "Sector().name" property.
  13. While this is a totally wild guess, it won't hurt to try the following: Edit server.ini: find the "[Networking]" section and inside of it find and set "sendStatsToAdmins" to "false" and check if it solves the problem.
  14. No. Rifts are created via Lua script that uses galaxy seed to create random rifts. The only thing to remove rift is to change that file.
  15. Can confirm - this happens because Trading Posts for some reason now buy and sell the same goods. From what I can see only "Resource Shortage" mission is exploitable, but not the "Delivery" one.
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