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  1. Tbh disabling the tab will only disable the UI - client-side part of it. A person with coding experience will find a way to bypass it. How about using the following code? It should delete all squads blueprints on server side from time to time. function DisableFighterProduction.getUpdateInterval() return 20 end function DisableFighterProduction.updateServer() local entity = Entity() if entity:hasComponent(ComponentType.Hangar) then local hangar = Hangar() for i = 0, hangar.numSquads then hangar:setBlueprint(i, nil) end end end
  2. I think this only happens if an active tab was created on the C++ side (like the inventory tab). You could try to use tab callbacks for your tabs to know when they're active: local myTab = shipWindow:createTab("My Tab Name"%_t, "path/to/icon", "My Tab Name"%_t) myTab.onSelectedFunction = "onMyTabSelected" myTab.onShowFunction = "onMyTabShown"
  3. Or just make Salvage & Repair mode fighters fly like the Mine mode.
  4. Honestly it would be easier to just disable guest posts. Because Google Captcha doesn't work anymore
  5. We can change sector name on the server-side: Sector().name = "Test" But we can't access it on the client-side. Please add readable "Sector().name" property.
  6. While this is a totally wild guess, it won't hurt to try the following: Edit server.ini: find the "[Networking]" section and inside of it find and set "sendStatsToAdmins" to "false" and check if it solves the problem.
  7. No. Rifts are created via Lua script that uses galaxy seed to create random rifts. The only thing to remove rift is to change that file.
  8. Can confirm - this happens because Trading Posts for some reason now buy and sell the same goods. From what I can see only "Resource Shortage" mission is exploitable, but not the "Delivery" one.
  9. "AppData\Roaming\Avorion\settings.ini" - set "playedTutorial=true"
  10. Nonono! We don't want to allow this during the combat! Only after the combat. Although I agree than even then - swapping hull blocks with armor is.. tricky.
  11. 1. You mean placing ship blocks. but on low hp? This is an interesting idea. It should still cost some resources but less than a full repair. And the rest could be finished either with mechanics or AI ships/fighters/friends with repair turrets 3. I kinda disagree with this one. I think the system should allow to change/add turrets and to replace blocks (like an emergency swap from armor to cargo hold), but not to add new blocks. I feel like, if a ship was in battle, the priority would be to fix weapons and "reroute ship systems" (by replacing blocks with different ones). Adding new blocks would require a functional energy grid and overall stable ship structure.
  12. Currently we can get lots of info about player/alliance ships: cargo, systems, orders and even a bounding box. But we can't get one of the most basic but important properties - entity Uuid. It would be great to have following functions: local entityUuid = Player():getShipUuid(string name) local entityUuid = Alliance():getShipUuid(string name)
  13. Yeah it's a know issue. Devs even disabled coaxial turret generation for NPC. The only thing we can do for now is not not install coaxial turrets on our AI ships and also ask devs to implement a better combat AI
  14. This sounds like server froze or crashed. I tried to spawn and kill Mobile Energy Lab, kill it and pick up the Xsotan module. No crashes, no problems with jumps. Can you attach client & server logs?
  15. Avorion is really missing 2D functions like "UIRenderer():renderCircle()" and "drawCircle()". Example from an actual mod: I need to draw bosses encounter areas on the galaxy map. They're circular. But Avorion API doesn't have a way to draw circles. So I draw a pseudo-circle using lots and lots of lines. It works, as you see, but the FPS drops from 60 to 40, because of that.
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