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  1. bump the death my server has happen due to this thanks I guess I don't need this fixed now :P
  2. I build a ship with the new system. It's not much as the nibble crap but the movement when steering around asteroids was much more fun like vipers in BSG style. Dev clearly says that was not what he wanted and I respect that just not my style.
  3. Not a fan of the new system. Would not mind more of an arcade version but besides that not a fan at all. Doubt I will play for much longer with the new system.
  4. As topic states oddly enough I have never gotten my online count to work / show up via the public list but it will show up with Direct IP.
  5. Well since everyone on our server seems pissed with the sliding around I kind of hope they might be adjusted a bit more so they have great handling but less sliding.
  6. I worked for curse and I will keep my mouth shut but I'm also not participating anymore.
  7. Was this another mod or something else btw? Be good to know there is no issues :)
  8. With assisted or even full auto pilot that is not derpy ;) I like your idea! hah, please be realistic... :D Well then it's not realistic is it ;) So give us our cheated thrusters lol. If it was Real Life you would have insane guidance systems to hand hold you the entire way :P This is a video game after all :P So let's not over complicate thrusters too much since we don't have complex systems to utilize them to their best.
  9. I hope the developer highly considers ignoring PvP Balance anything. This game was suppose to be a Co-Op Game not eve online.
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