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  1. Ah sorry missed that you asked for windows server manager. Well the 2nd version of DSM would support windows, but currently the project doesnt seem to be continued. I highly recommand Linux for dedicated hosting.
  2. We actually have server managers. DSM still works incl. announced auto restarts and so on: You just need to add a hotfix: https://github.com/rinart73/Dirty-Server-Manager There is also another server manager that supports Avorion: https://pterodactyl.io/ Never tried pterodactyl though, cant say if it works well. You may ask for in Avorion discord.
  3. Every galaxy has its own mod configuration. Enabling mods does not have any effect to existing galaxies by default. To do so go to "Singleplayer" in main menu, select (not launch) the galaxy, then enable the checkbox on the top right "Override galaxy mods" (not sure how exactly called in english). This will override galaxy mods by your current mod configuration when loading the galaxy.
  4. There is a workshop version of this mod. Comments look like its also not compatible anymore... you may try at your own risk. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1991306372&searchtext=scrapyard If you just need respawning wreckages you may try this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1861103240
  5. Copy the whole galaxy folder to the other computer/server.
  6. I recommand at least 16gb. 8gb may work too, but may have impacts to performance in endgame though. It also depends on the OS. When using Win10 you will need 16 or 32gb. And use a desktop CPU, not a server CPU (eg. Intel I7, not Intel Xeon - AMD got some equal suff, but currently im not familiar with amd). Auto restarts will help you to improve performance.
  7. Ah missed the last part of your first post, ofc I know Nitrado. Hmm well I always used to have root servers for hosting, dont have experience with Nitrado. Maybe try this setting: workerThreads=48 generatorThreads=24 scriptBackgroundThreads=24 If this also does not work try 24/12/12. Just watches datasheet of your CPU. Your logfile does not match official specs - it sais 24 core / 48 Threads, dont understand why your logile prints 96 cores... Regarding multithreading settings the wiki may also help you: https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Setting_up_a_server#Multithreading
  8. You need to adjust your server.ini file. Change these lines workerThreads=3 generatorThreads=2 scriptBackgroundThreads=2 to workerThreads=96 generatorThreads=48 scriptBackgroundThreads=48 This will improve multithreading, wich is really important when having many cores. I dont have any experience with hosting Avorion on AMD CPU. What I can say is, that usely a gaming CPU should have a better performance then a server CPU. However, enabling all cores will improve performance a lot. In case you still have issues: 1007GB Ram? Sounds to me like cloud hosting or so? Or is this a dedicated machine?
  9. Can you attach a client log? C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Avorion
  10. Hi, writing like 10mb on disk does not hurt. Please add some more information about the server hardware, hoster and so on. Are you using mods? Maybe upload a logfile to pastebin.com.
  11. This is how the file should look like, remove the last }
  12. I dont know memory clock or chipset. I rented a dedicated root server, guess its running at default settings, google the CPU specs. I9 9900k 64G ram SSD
  13. I guess your whole hardware is too old, also it is only virtualized. Can you reproduce your issues on a I7 or I9 CPU, using a dedicated machine and not a VM? Dedicated machines usely work better for hosting an Avorion server, also we still talk about a game - your Xeon CPU may result in a bad performance. You could try a benchmark and compare to your desktop computer or so... I just watched your CPU... it is 10 years old, you really should get better hardware. Also I recommand a Desktop CPU, not a server CPU. I have no issues on my server with 20 people online, but you need a high-end server for a really good performance.
  14. 6 vCPU (3 Sockets x 2 Cores) - 1400MHz Reservation, High Share Priority 16GB Memory 6x 1400MHz is just not enaugh, as I said above this is no good setting for hosting Avorion. Depending on number of players online 16bg may also not be enaugh. You should upgrade.
  15. The common experience of most hosters is, that you get the best performance on dedicated Intel i7/i9. Running Avorion in a VM with NAS storage, and Intel Xeon may not be the best solution. Please upload some /status prints when the performance drops and a full serverlog to pastebin.com.
  16. Awesome. May we have this configurable? Default is 1 over maximum, but you may change by adding a startup parameter or so? This would be awesome for dedicated servers. Not sure though if this could be compatible to 4netplayers or equal hosters, cause they could not control player limit then... never used shared hosting for Avorion. One more question: Is there already a release date for this update on stable branch?
  17. MAybe related to a bad connection? Avorion uses a lot of traffic. Try a connection speed test. If its something else please add his client full client log.
  18. Your logfiles look fine, just the logfile itself is a lil bugged, a harmless issue. You should change your server.ini: workerThreads=32 generatorThreads=16 scriptBackgroundThreads=8 CHANGE TO: workerThreads=6 generatorThreads=3 scriptBackgroundThreads=3 Further information regarding multithreading on servers: https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Setting_up_a_server#Multithreading But I guess you are having performance issues cause hosting Avorion on a shared server usely does not work very well... Maybe try to add more cores and a lil more ram to the VM....
  19. Seems to be a translation issue or so. In german the label is HxWxL, in english WxHxL. So I guess dimensions work fine, but the english labels are wrong. But however.... WxHxL like the labels in english version sounds more useful to me.
  20. Very simple, interesting idea :) There actually is a mod adding more seeds, but currently outdated: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1792861870 However, I like that your mod is very small, easy to maintain and does not alter savegames. For saving data you should use the functions secure and restore. Turret factory doesnt have them in vanilla but you can easily add them, watch factory.lua script for a good example. In secure you can simply return a table of data, you wanna save. When the sector/galaxy is restored from disk the function restore is called, and the table you returned in secure is 1st parameter given to restore. local someVarToSave = "myValue1"local someOtherVarToSave = "myOtherValue" function MyAwesomeNamespace.secure() local data = {} data.value1 = someVarToSave data.value2 = someOtherVarToSave return data end function MyAwesomeNamespace.restore(data) someVarToSave = data.value1 someOtherVarToSave = data.value2end
  21. Maybe the issue is on the server, but only appears on some client OS or so? Wich ports are open on the server?
  22. Yes, the log snipped you posted is the moment when you finally lose connection and client disconnects. But it does not show why... hoped to get this in client log, but it doesnt say anything helpful. I guess there is some networking issue on your client... Maybe a firewall or so? Blocked ports?
  23. Default path on Windows is C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Avorion
  24. Im not sure if I understood you correctly: You have a dedicated server with Intel Xeon 12Core, 64G ram and so on, as the server log shows. Also you have 2 client PC - I9 9900k and I5 4650. The I5 4650 machine is working fine, but 9900k machine got problems. Is that correct? Please upload your client server logs, that are related to the server logs you attached to your answer. It looks like there is an issue with the connection: 2020-03-18 13-12-46| Authentication failed for user 76561197986421435. Reason: Authentication ticket was canceled. 2020-03-18 13-12-46| Authentication error for 76561197986421435: Authentication ticket was canceled. 2020-03-18 13-12-47| Ending authentication session of 76561197986421435 2020-03-18 13-13-02| Client 76561197986421435 lost connection
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