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  1. awesome thanks worked a treat !
  2. everytime I try to invite a friend in game either by /invite or selecting them and pressing "f" I get an error "You are not allowed to use the command "invite" So I'm a bit lost I've add d myself to the admin list but surely it should be an admin only command. Can anyone help me with this I'm a little lost. Is it even a function in the game yet
  3. Hey guys Just going to start with I love this game it's awesome never given me any troubles until now. Got some pretty wild weather going on outside and my internet connection has failed, didn't think it was going to be a problem as I could still muck around in single player but alas no. I normally run a dedicated server on my lan at home without the Internet I cant get it to start up I've tried offline mode in steam completely closing steam disableing my network adaptor nothing still won't go. So I though I'd do single player instead, same thing started an old galaxy and then created a new galaxy both the same stopped at the Lodi g screen bother tried with steam in offline mode. Please if there is a solution out there I can't find it extensive searching here and googling gave me no hints. Surely there must be a way to play single player with no internet connection
  4. I came across the same thing on the weekend I was building a new ship in single player creative and every time I copy pasted a set or even a singular block it would place when I clicked but be invisible. If I placed more than one block that way though I could delete just one of the pasted blocks and the others would appear. Leaving build mode and coming back didn't fix it either. I had to quit and relaunch the game or re copy the original blocks again and paste a fresh set each time I copy pasted.
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