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  1. yeah, just go ahead and write a python tensorflow RNN model to pilot the AI ships, and then get it to work with .lua
  2. So, really quick idea, instead of having the same prices with a very low quantity of goods, prices and margins are scaled using the formula so players can actually afford to advance in the galaxy with the existing econ and there are drawbacks to remaining in areas far away from the interior of the galaxy: buy price/sell price: Arctan(d/400) * base price + base price where d is the distance from center Arctangent is used simply because you can easily cap the margins or add multipliers to the front of the formula or have it subtract from the base price the curve of arctangent: note: linear scaling or step function scaling is also fine
  3. Research just doesn't pay off now. I've thrown in 20,000 exceptional rail turrets to a research facility and got back maybe 5 ok or good legendaries. The cost and materials was on the insane side and would have taken forever to obtain without cheating, i would estimate about a week for 20k turrets worth of components, even with OoSP. Anyway, i ended up with 5 rail turrets with over 120k dps, at about a 1-2 months i would get a full set for one ship, keep in mind that's just with mods. The rate of rewards for research is just absurdly low, given that in 2 months the server will probably be wiped and your one ship thats fully outfitted gets deleted. My suggestion is just that research should still be random, but with higher bounds or re-rolls if the weapon falls below 20k dps for exotic and 25k dps for legendaries. OR have exotic and legendary turrets be less awful
  4. any chance this could run at midnight on all explored sectors?
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