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  1. Found the logs and the in-game report bug option. I mostly posted here in case anyone has any ideas how to get around this bug, or do I just need to stop playing for a few months? 😞 serverlog 2020-07-07 21-53-11.txt clientlog 2020-07-07 21-44-35.txt
  2. I tried a third variation: I cheated myself 1000 avorion and just hyperspaced across the barrier. The game freezes almost immediately, same as any other method. Looks like I'm stuck outside even if I cheat 😞
  3. I am running on the beta branch, version 1.1.2 r23886, zero mods installed After I open the Xsotan artifact gate and cross through, the game loads the sector, runs for like 500 ms, and then it permanently hangs. After this, the save file is corrupted: if I try to load it, the game hangs up and crashes. Variations I have tried: 1) I tried two different Xsotan gates. Both caused the game to freeze immediately after I load into the first sector across the barrier. 2) I also twice had an AI-controlled ship in my fleet go through the wormhole first. The AI ship gets through just fine. I have my AI ship do a couple hyperspace jumps to different sectors on the other side of the barrier: all good. However, when I try switching into my AI ship, the game freezes. After restarting the game and trying to reload my save, the sector (across the barrier) doesn't even load in: the game just hangs up on the load screen. Thankfully, I am constantly backing up the save file in \AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies, so maybe if this bug is fixed I will be able to begin enjoying the game again. I am adding a google drive link to my save file below. Just fly the ship up to the final gate (it's in front of you), then through the wormhole, and see for yourself. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_YaUASMQvcX8KAagj4LhJD3xEhMPPhyj/view?usp=sharing
  4. You're always welcome to give specific suggestion on how that process can be made more convenient. From where I see it, its something the ship designers might consider themselves, and not something one should shove to the developers, who already made good building tools with very few apparent problems. It's quite simple, actually. We need a "hide specific block" option. When you use the hide specific block option, all blocks you presently have selected get hidden. This way, you can bore down to the center of your ship and edit exactly what you need to. Also, the problem with the hide block options right now is that when you hide a blocks, you can't place blocks on the other side of the blocks you have hidden. Hidden blocks should not block your ability to place of new blocks!!! I'm NOT talking about removing the restriction that two blocks cannot occupy the same space. I'm talking about the fact that you can't actually place a block where it would fit and there's nothing in the way, simply because there's a hidden block between where your camera is and the place you are trying to put the block. That's BS. If I delete a block in the center of my ship, I shouldn't be forced to zoom my camera all the way in to the void I created in order to place the replacement blocks!!! AND NO, converting the block to a new block is not good enough. Sometimes you need to delete a large block and replace to with multiple smaller ones. We need to be able to hide specific blocks, not just specific block types. And hidden blocks between your camera and where you want to place new blocks should not prevent you from placing the new blocks.
  5. I ran into the same joint last night. No way to join it seamlessly that I could find
  6. Salvaging was nerfed a few patches back, it was far too effective. And, to be honest, it is still too good (or mining is too bad). Maybe salvage vs mining equalizes out when you have your AI controlled fleet doing the mining. The income from mining is slower but it is steadier, easier to obtain, and less work to set up. Around the core barrier, you will have lots of opportunities to salvage big wrecks. Sometimes, it will be the wreckage of a faction war, other times, it will be pirates or Xsotan you killed, though most pirate and xsotan ships do not have enough easily salvaged blocks to make them worthwhile. Pirate bases, however, are particularly great for salvaging, as the pirate ships defending them are very large resource rich. If you get lucky, the pirate base itself may be made of trinium or better, and killing it will be very lucrative both in the goods you get and the resources you salvage. Possibly the best salvage opportunity is the cultists. You get BIG blocks of ogonite and xanion from them and frequently they even have trinium-tech ships with lots of resources too. Just don't vaporize them too badly, you'll accidentally destroy the blocks you want to salvage! In fact, I like to turn off my main weapons and just kill them with salvage lasers. Another great salvage opportunity is the random wreckage you will find. Most of it is salvaged out already, but sometimes you find a wreck with millions of xanion or trinium. Finally, the salvage yards can be good. Most of the wrecks there have had their high-resource blocks removed (like shields, generators, engines, etc.), but in every salvage yard there will something like a half dozen wrecks that still have their full complement of generators, shields, engines, etc. attached. To find them, zoom out, and scroll the mouse around. You're looking for the glow of engines, and for the harder-to-spot glow that comes off of the resource rich blocks. Anyway, in my current playthrough, I acquired over 2 million xanion in maybe, I donno, six hours played, though I could have aquired it much faster. I got it mainly from two sets of cultists and a couple salvage yards. Still looking for a core barrier pirate base in this playthrough.
  7. You are definitely doing something wrong. It should not take "hours" to kill an entire enemy fleet, it should take less than a minute (much less than in minute, in most cases.) How much firepower does your ship have? Unless you have some difficulty increasing mod (if you do, PLEASE SHARE because this game is way too easy, with the exception of ONE enemy), you must not be using turret factories. You get MUCH MUCH better turrets from turret factories. You have to check around at multiple turret factories for the best turrets however, because each one is randomized. I play on "insane" difficulty and I am not exaggerating in that enemy ships (normal pirates/Xsotan) don't survive for more than 1 or 2 seconds when I shoot at them, and that's being generous. On my present play-through, my ship is a 9 slotter, I am up to the hyperspace barrier, and my ship's firepower is 53600. I use several railguns with high block penetration values, so once I get through enemy shields (which doesn't take more than a second or two for most ships), my railgun strikes frequently do over 150k damage. When a ship lasts more than 5 or 6 seconds, I actually am slightly impressed. However, every once in a while, even using turret factories, you encounter an enemy group of ships with enough firepower and life that you have to respect them at least a little bit. Like, actually try do dodge rocket barrages, or take them out quickly. Cultists are frequently good for this. (Sadly however, on this play-through, both cultist groups I have encoutered I have annihilated with ease.) But, for the most part, the gameplay experience you get after utilizing turret factories and making it up past around naonite level leaves MUCH to be desired. It's way too easy on the hardest difficulty level. So, yea. Turret factories need balancing, BADLY. (Again, my suggestion is to make it so turret factories can only make a set of generic, unspectacular turrets, as well as copies of any turrets you found, bought, or researched... nudge, nudge, devs...).
  8. 1) That's precisely what I did in my video- I recast my entire ship's outer armor into stone. It still killed me before I could do anything. The only way I got past it was by putting a huge stone shield in front of my ship (not shown in video). Right now, you have even the tiniest gap in your stone "armor", YOU WILL DIE, GUARANTEED. Talk about forcing the cube meta on everyone, sheesh. 2) Sure, the MEL can be made to force the player to use stone armor, but I just don't think that the MEL should be able to kill the player instantly if they haven't taken precautions. The player should be able to escape, re-armor himself in stone, and then return. Is the average new player going to know beforehand that he has to convert his entire ship's outer skin into stone before he kills the fourth energy satellite? That's ridiculous. An additional mechanic that would help the player to escape but still allow the MEL to do so much damage that stone was required would be to make the MEL increase its damage output more and more as its life/shield was taken away.
  9. Kamo, A thirty-fold DPS nerf would still be 100K om, not 10K!!! I'm of the opinion that it's perfectly fine to make the ship so powerful that a normal player flagship vessel cannot destroy it before it killing the player. But the player needs the opportunity to realize that, not just be instantly killed. That player needs the opportunity to realize he needs to run away, and re-armor his ship in stone, and re-attempt the fight again. When the MEL killed me the first time, I first just thought it was a bug!!!
  10. Yea, I just killed it by putting a huge solid stone shield in front of my ship and having the turrets on the edges. Still, I don't think this is a good gameplay decision (an understatement). Pretty much every player is just going to steamroll up to the Mobile Energy Lab and then just get 1-shotted. Maybe if the rest of the content was almost equally difficult, then this wouldn't be quite as obscene. At least "Insane" would actually be "insane" then.
  11. Umm... so I started a new game to try out the Combat Update Pt II. I was making my way merrily along until I encountered the Mobile Energy Laboratory. It has 3.00011e6 firepower and one-shots you. I'm playing in Insane difficulty. The entire game is super easy up to this point. I guess 3.00011e6 firepower does in fact match the description "insane", but compared to everything else you encounter, it's ridiculously overpowered. It literally has about 3000 to 6000 times more firepower than the average pirate ship. I get that the dev wanted to make the fight harder but that is just so stupidly more powerful that it HAS to be a bug... right? I tried covering my entire ship with stone, but apparently not even stone can repel firepower of that magnitude. Observe. Here is the fight against the Mobile Energy Lab first with armor, and second with stone. I instantly die with armor, I survive a little bit longer with stone. Maybe the lightning bolts are finding a way through a gap in the stone, like in the thruster grills? I'll try building a giant thin shield of stone on the front of my ship and have the turrets peeking around the edge, maybe that will work? Thankfully I know how to save my game.
  12. Asteroid mines can produce things coal, oil and noble metals without any other required goods to be produced, and these are entry-level materials to several different industries; this is a bit too in-depth for me to explain, especially since I don't know each production chain individually. I have 3 production stations and even though I'm not near them and they are just small, I seem to be getting cash from them now and then, though I can't confirm that yet. (There's no notification :s ) But bases you own, be it on asteroids or otherwise, can have massive cargo bays (if you build them), so you can stockpile any random goods you like at any station. Having any station is also useful for hiring whatever random variety of crewmen it has; the prices will be slightly better than elsewhere, but of course the station's investment is already kind of high. Now, why would you care about goods at all? Well, personally, a good reason for me is that with enough production chains I'll be able to make certain components that are required for building turrets at turret factories (and you can also own these ;D ) How does one make a station?! The only time I’ve ever seen the option is after claiming an asteroid. There is no option to found a turret factory, for example.
  13. Yes, not only should you be able to rebuild their fleet and help them settle down, but they should be a special faction. So, when you salvage their ships you lose rep with them. Ultimately, if you help them rebuild, they should assist you in the final battle agaisnt the Wormhole Guardian- getting revenge upon the aliens that exiled them.
  14. We should also be able to produce ship systems. That would maybe help some. Especially if the types and quantities of ship systems keeps diversifying.
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