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  1. Try pausing the game. I don't know if you can use console commands when the game is paused or not.
  2. And sadly they just proved you right.
  3. They said they are planning to support Avorion for at least 2 more years.
  4. It's the server admin's responsibility to update the server. You need to contact them. And expect a lot of updates this close to release. Once the game is fully released, updates should slow down.
  5. You'd also get enough of that mission in a single sector to go from "bad" to "excellent". :D
  6. Run the free slaves missions. They (as of previous update at least) offer 15,000 reputation and can be completed either by destroying a few pirates, or paying the pirates some money (about 200,000 credits). You can basically spam run this mission as long as its being offered at stations in your sector, then jump to a new sector and repeat if needed. You'll be allies in no time! Even if you pay the pirates, it still won't cost more than a couple million credits.
  7. Before AI speed got buffed, you could simply outrun any opponent with no fear. Basically nothing could touch you. All that happened was AI ships got the ability to use boost, just like player ships can. Now they at least have a chance of keeping up with you (though you can still out run them 90% of the time). As far as I remember, player ship speed was unchanged. I'd hate to see AI ships go back to moving slowly because it takes a lot of the challenge out of the game. You could give them powerful weapons and shields but they'd never get in range to hit you.
  8. The headhunters are annoying because they keep coming and coming. If I could wipe out the faction to stop them from coming it would be better. And yes, AI ships flying out 300+km is pretty silly.
  9. Please don't presume to speak for the community. Let everyone speak for themselves.
  10. There's a mod to remove the damage penalty for independent turrets, and another mod that makes every turret independently fired. Not sure how up to date they are.
  11. Please do not presume to speak "for the players." You can only speak for yourself. Others who play Avorion have their own voice, they don't need you to speak for them.
  12. Congratulations! Looking forward to the new ship generator and release of the game!
  13. Stupid question but did you set your PDCs to shoot torpedoes?
  14. None - Opt out of all beta programs: - This is the current, default, live branch and is recommended to play on. beta - Newest changes, beta: -This is the unstable branch, where new updates are tested before being pushed to the live branch. Recommended only to help test new changes as it can be buggy. All the other versions listed are just older versions of the game. You can ignore these, but some people want to play on an older version for whatever reason.
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