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  1. Bit of an update on this situation: I made my way closer to the center of the galaxy, and the Adventurer showed up again with the same (or similar, not sure) dialogue as that first Fleet Command mission. Basically, I was given the mission again, and this time I was able to successfully complete it. I don't know why this was triggered (I can only speculate that it was due to traveling very far from the original mission), but it's nice having it cleared from my mission logs.
  2. I often like to search for "point" or "bolter" or "mining" to narrow down the list of turrets I'm trying to place. But searching for "chain" isn't useful, because it'll list all point defense turrets in addition to normal chaingun turrets. Also it's shorter and eliminates a redundancy. Thanks!
  3. Hello. I've only been playing this game for a week or so, but I love it so far! Unfortunately I'm having a problem with one of the tutorial missions: As you can see, I've somehow completed the second step of this mission without triggering the completion condition for the first. I've also used the galaxy map to have Lady Adventurous move back to 420:160. That step isn't completing, either. Her ship is still part of my fleet. When I talk to the Adventurer, I'm told I can keep Lady Adventurous, her ship, and its crew. Malolskla then gives me a line about going off to find a way to cross the Great Barrier. This seems like dialogue meant to signal mission completion, but it doesn't complete. Malolskla stays in the system and I can keep greeting the ship with the same inconclusive result. I can't abandon the mission and I haven't gotten credit for the Guidebook for Captains mission. I wish I could say something about how to possibly replicate this problem, but this is my first playthrough. Thanks for such a fun game! Please let me know if any additional information is needed.
  4. Is there no way to invert the y-axis in the demo version of the game? Looks like there's a line in the settings.ini file of the main branch version (invertY=true/false under [Controls]), but plopping that line in the demo config file doesn't work. Thanks.
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