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  1. This mod does still work, There are installation instruction on the first page of this thread that you need to follow presicly. Also I went ahead and added a small feature for the clock: 2.2.1 --Added 12/24 option for the Clock Download here: https://github.com/dirtyredz/MoveUI/releases/download/v2.2.1/MoveUI.v2.2.1.zip
  2. Wow, this is amazing. Its nice knowing someone has made a great looking UI using my Mod. Great Work!! Looking forward to more UI's (dang this means i need to make sure the MoveUi mod is always up to date lol)
  3. I see what you mean, Im not entirely sure why the sector information even moved. :) Ill take a look at it and see if we can get the other boxes to do the same.
  4. Thanks, Some good suggestions, I can definitely do the clock suggestion as that makes a lot of sense. about the factions colors, now i cant remember entirely how i decided to color those names but having the color match the factions status also make alot of sense. font alignment might become an option!! Im a bit confused on what you mean by "the sector name/coordinates move out of the way if the vanilla resource info is displayed" could you help me out please?
  5. are they all non-minable roids? the configs default to a maximum of 1500 non-minable asteroids in a sector. Assuming the 2500 roids in one sector is a combination of the minable and non-minable I would set the 1500 config option lower to maybe 750 then force regen the sector with "/regen now" this will regenerate the minable and delete any non-minable until that 750 number is reached. I could look into adding other commands to deal specificaly with non-minable asteroids. thoughts? perhaps making expanding the mod to a general asteroid toolkit ?
  6. My only question is does the sector regenerate when commanding ships to enter the sector via the galaxy map. I have not tested this since that feature came out. I'm guessing it doesn't since the code is dependent on a "player" entering the sector. ( I have yet to look if the new patch makes that distinction ) Only question is how would you test this ?!? once you the player enter to check the sector would regenerate. If anyone has any idea's on this let me know thanks.
  7. Ah yeah ive been busy, im actuall;y updating the whole website. if you navigate to dirtyredz.com then use the links to get to the donate page it will work
  8. 1.5.2 update https://github.com/dirtyredz/Regenerative-Asteroids/releases/download/v1.5.2/Regenerative-Asteroids-v1.5.2.zip --Fixes bad print command What i get for changing something after ive finished my tests......
  9. Having a mod fold is dependent on having specific mods installed or not, default Avorion has no mods folder. if the mod is installed properly the galaxy will randomly spawn regenerative sectors. ( you wont notice anything until you explore) Alternatively you can verify the mod is working if you have permissions to the commands and can use /regen [start/stop/now/set] while watching the console interface in game (') key usually opens it. If you are receiving errors or the commands are not working then we will need to diagnose whats going on.
  10. Version 2.2.0 --Support for 0.20 security update https://github.com/dirtyredz/MoveUI/releases/download/v2.2.0/MoveUI.v2.2.0.zip
  11. Version 1.5.1 --Updated SectorSpecifics file --Fixed Version info https://github.com/dirtyredz/Regenerative-Asteroids/releases/download/v1.5.1/Regenerative-Asteroids-v1.5.1.zip
  12. Im currently working on version 2.0 which will fully support windows/linux/mac. its a complete rewrite of the base framework of the site, which will make for easier maintainability and easier installation. If your looking to drop any suggestion for the next version or to get the latest news on DSM join us on discord: https://discord.gg/52YZMPt
  13. The last line in your config file: Config.Add("mods/CarrierCommander/scripts/entity/CarrierCommander.lua") Needs to be moved up two lines ABOVE: return Config I hope this helps. Google Translate: Die letzte Zeile in Ihrer Konfigurationsdatei: Config.Add ("Mods / CarrierCommander / scripts / entity / CarrierCommander.lua") Muss in zwei Zeilen nach OBEN verschoben werden: return Config Ich hoffe das hilft.
  14. unfortunettly DSM doesnt support windows YET Im currently working on the next major release of DSM (2.0.0) Which will have windows support, aswell as support a wider range of linux repos. Any new infos about that? not much yet im afraid, im half way done with it but got slammed with work.
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