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  1. Win10 home Intel i5 10300H cpu 2.5 ghz 8gb memory 512gb ssd GEForce gtx 1650ti clientlog https://pastebin.com/gQptWKbf serverlog https://pastebin.com/GJu7wGg6 NOTE: Line 142 to 6409 of serverlog have been deleted to fit the maximum size in Pastebin. The message was, for all the six thousand lines: Server TCP: Error occurred in send: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine. Hello, not finding any solution around I post this as a bug. SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN, various seeds, full collision, level insane. The game lags tremendously in almost every interaction (NOT in FPS, which are blocked at 60 and stable all along). - no weapon damage on enemy - whole minutes between a command and its execution: this happens in Map,System,Build and even Tmod. (with "command" I mean, as examples: calculate jump route, add\remove a block, buff a weapon, etc.) - mined asteroids keep ejecting particles long after they've disappeared. - negative numbers notifications in resources mined. - sometimes invisible and undetectable enemies spawn, attack and destroy the player without autoguns even activating. - rubberbanding for all the ships, player's included. All this seems to happen when I mine, but at times it just takes a busy sector to experience the mess. I tried with and without the mod, allowed private connection on firewall, tried different ship sizes and block numbers, periphery sectors and core sectors,steam on and offline; doesn't make a difference. As stated above, there are 6000 lines of log showing connection problems on the SERVER side. As it is the game is unplayable.
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