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  1. I like how this is going. Thankyou guys for your contributions. There really are a lot of issues contributing the whole of it. As much as i would like to see fighters survive longer, the amount of changes everywhere else to make that happen seem like a lot more work than we're going to see done... I don't like when my fighters die. Not just because of costs/time, but they are my little fighters, and i like to see them come home. But without significant changes to the way they behave, their stats (such as speed and durability), and a major reduction in the amount of AF/PDC that spawns all over the galaxy, I don't know that the problem is going to be easily resolved. Honestly, in the past i've always defended the costs and time because i've always managed to be able to keep my fighters alive. Now though, this just doesn't seem possible, and the primary culprit to their deaths is those flak cannons. I just lost 4 more fighters last night before i even knew what was happening, because I sent them after a pirate in an alliance sector. They didn't die to the pirate, they died when the alliance frigate boosted in and felt it perfectly fine to fire it's anti-fighter cannons at the pirate surrounded with my fighters. It was the only turrets that thing had. 6k omi worth. I don't care if i have an encounter that's set up to wipe out squads of my fighters. I was fine with old seeds long ago where the only major spawns of these things was on anti-fighter frigates. Atleast then, you could plan to keep your fighters away from them, or keep them docked until you take out those frigates. It was actually an enjoyable tactical encounter. But now those anti-fighter frigates are not any more of a threat than any other ship out there. I have had the seed spawn entire factions using only PDC or AFT for their weapons, and nothing else... It also doesn't seem appropriate that my already 15 slot ship needs to double it's current mass in assembly blocks, just so i can craft a single fighter every 20 minutes. . The assembly costs need diminishing returns. I do not like that i have to turn my ship into what looks like an ant trying to lug around a large wood chipping, because there's just no way to fit that much assembly block into a reasonable ship design. It's either that, or craft 1 fighter every 3 hours... I would love to be able to craft different types of fighters with different behaviors, such as bombers, snipers, and shock-trooper fighters, but just having that wouldn't make this problem go away. They are too slow, too fragile, and there's far too much pdc/AF in the galaxy. Your fighters will all just die at any random time with little you can do to avoid it, regardless of what their AI/type is.
  2. That's a very constructive and positive way to put it, however, i don't play avorion as a second job. It's not my responsibility nor desire to have to fix avorion myself. I just want to play it. I have given a directional solution. If they don't want to reduce the costs, then they can figure something else out to make fighters more functional. It does not matter if it's reduced costs, more durability, adjustments in speed, dodges, docking, or something else completely abstract, I'm just pointing out that currently there is an issue with fighters not being a functional feature. Besides. I know how this developer works. He doesn't like adopting the specific details of people's offerings. He takes the overall concept and morphs it into something else completely. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't fully fix the issue, but it seems to mostly work out in the end either way. So in that, i have no doubt they are capable of figuring something out with a simple "Fighters ain't workin, please make right"
  3. Because the better solution is for the devs to fix the problem, rather than relying on the modding community to? Mods are never a solution to core balance, and while i'm a supporter of mods, I will not support encouragement that developers should not fix their broken game features, just because others do for them. Still though, thankyou for the suggestion. Until this is fixed, this might be the only solution. Fighter durability has been a "fight" for years in avorion, and while it improved for a time significantly, it's in the end all been for nothing, left with a result of them being worse off. Even if they are more durable, it is not going to matter, because once they are under fire by a pdc, or being hit by flak, they are locked into a "dodge/evade" mode until they die. Doesn't matter if they can take 3 hits, or 6, they will die and there's nothing you can do about it. They won't dock, and even if they tried, they'd be too slow to. Recalling them is useless because they are too slow to travel several km away at 600~m/s top speed, or will just dodge in place until they run out of dodges and then get blown up, rather than dock. I'm all for a solution that works. I don't mind the fighters continuing to have such costs and time to craft if another adjustment made it work again. Perhaps the fight just isn't over yet, but at this point in time, it's worse than it's ever been. I have been with avorion since the beginning, and have started anew countless times over, almost every time there's a new major change in functionality. While there have been some changes I didn't necessarily agree with, they have never upset me as much as this has. Even when fighters and captains felt like you were trying to herd a litter of wild cats, it was still more enjoyable than this, because it wasn't just a blatant waste of time and resources with no yield. I almost just don't want to play anymore until this is fixed.
  4. Now that you've managed to make combat fighters unusable, reduce their crafting time and resource costs.. In all the years that i've been with avorion, even back when the fighters did not have dodges, they were always usable, in some form. It was possible. I've never complained about their fragility and costs, because it was always possible to utilize them in battle in some way. They could survive if used right. Now though, with the fact that PDC is a dime a dozen on enemies, and enemy speeds makes it so even ranged fighters are put into PDC fire before long, along with 2 hours of crafting + 1.3mil resources being wiped out in 10 seconds from a single anti-fighter flak cannon, there is no longer a justification for these costs. Fighters now officially die faster and easier than they ever have in the past. They are useless, a waste of time and resources to build, and an infuriating resource drain. I have always loved carriers/fighters, and now they only thing they care useful for is mining/salvaging.. What a tragedy.
  5. I had this issue quite a long while back (months), but i've been attempting to dock some lost cargo fighters to a new ship that originated from a destroyed base. When they dock, i recieve more of what they are carrying than I'd expect, then am timed out of the server. Upon trying to reconnect to the server, the server appears to be online in the list, but when trying to connect, it times out, saying the server is unreachable. The time i'm not able to reconnect lasts quite a long while (not exactly sure how long). Details: I have several lost cargo fighters in 9:36 (Luminaire), who are carrying Energy Cells. They originated from a base that was delivering those cells to another. The base was destroyed, and i'm trying to reconnect those lost fighters to a new ship i've constructed (Arcana). The moment one of those fighters dock, I recieve a handful of energy cells (11, in the most recent case), and then nothing else seems to happen for the next 30 seconds or so. The other fighters just through my hangers without actually docking, as if they are trying to dock and failing. Then i get disconnected from the server, and am unable to reconnect. I havn't paid attention to how many fighters I have docked to see if the next time i log in, if that fighter actually managed to dock or not, but i do know that every time i've attempted to dock those fighters, i log in with 0 energy cells in my cargo. ---- So it appears that it actually -crashes- the server, rather than just kicks me alone. I asked others if they also got disconnected, and they did. I just tried again, and the same result. One thing that i did notice though is one of my fighters has both Energy Cells and Laser Compressors. I think when the fighter docked, it gave me the energy cells, but didn't dock the fighter. It still had laser compressors, and was bumping into my ship trying to dock before the server died...
  6. I'd hope that at some point in avorion's developement, that more captain controls are implimented, and this is one of those things I would really like to see. I don't much care for killing all the civy ships flying through, especially when i'm trying to make allies, rather than enemies, and then ofcourse, this issue arrises...
  7. Well that is certainly interesting, if that's actually a thing. If it is, I think this should scale with the distance from the center like almost every element of avorion does. Being on the outter rims of the galaxy doesn't cost nearly as much as it does being near the center. If it scales, this would mean that trading between AI doesn't become obsolete. This could also just be a means of telling you to start building your own factories though instead of relying on Ai stations for trading. Not going to be a cap on those.
  8. This is just a graphics bug. The upgrades still work.
  9. where is moderator. also there is troll who use dev name for them to shield them self. (like fanboy, but defense to game so he will think he was right. despite the fact he is trolling.) I'm not sure I understand what i'm reading here. You're saying someone is impersonating a developer? Staff of a gamehub will have a different color name, aswell as a dev tag, or star next to their name. Developer's name is Green, with [developer] after their name in yellow. Officer's names are Yellow with a star next to their name, And a Moderator's would be orange with a star. If their name does not contain any of these indicators, you may safely ignore them at your own discretion. Sometimes the devs may have neglected to add a staff member to the roster, but if they feel it's important they are seen as staff, then they need to do so.
  10. If a post violates the steam discussion rules, do not respond to it. Report the post and move on. Gamehub developers do have the ability to designated moderators for their gamehubs which take presidence over reported posts, but if reports start piling up without action, the valve community moderators will step in and deal with it. (Read over the rules and determine if the post is rulebreaking before reporting. Don't report posts that are just "annoying" to you.) If the person is just getting under your skin though without violating the rules, then cease responding to them. They'll only latch onto you if you let them, and it can only bother you if you acknowledge them. I know that's hard to do sometimes, but if you can keep yourself out of their game, the problem will eventually resolve itself. Just as an aside, I have a pretty strong guess who you're talking about. A piece of advice that I often hand out is "Respond once, clarify once, walk away once.". Forum annoyances just love carrying on confrontation as long as they possibly can, and will often go to the ends of the world to do so. Don't give them that opportunity.
  11. Yeah that's another issue. Standings between alliances and players does not drop automatically, so players can attack other player's assets all they wish to without worry of the AI of the players fighting back.. That's something that needs to be addressed as well. When my assets started disappearing, i knew it wasn't because of a crew issue, nor pirates/xsotan. It was most certainly a player, and i kept an eye on my relations of players the several days i logged back in to find my assets gone, and there were no negative changes to any alliances or players. I've quit the server as well. After several days of losing all my assets and rebuilding, only to log back in and find all my assets were once again destroyed, i'm down to 17m credits, like 60k avorion, no fighter blueprints, and a gold mine (which might not even exist anymore), I'm not feeling up to trying to rebuild again, at least not until that exploit is fixed.
  12. He's been exploiting an alliance bug to circumvent safezones destroying assets for the last month at least, leaving us all scratching our heads trying to figure out what new bug was released that was causing them to be destroyed. He's that "OmegaweaponMK" guy, a screenshot for convenience sake. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/882006893756472305/070369346DD6532C66C6164C34968725AABD8BB3/ Name and shaming is a terrible practice, but I don't know if you got my PM or not... Neither you nor Koonschi replied.
  13. Won't need to worry much about that anymore. Uncovering the exploit our little shadow-ninja's been using to destroying assets in 9:36 seems to have set him into overdrive. He removed a good 80% of the assets in the sector before i logged in and caught him. I've sent you a PM. Stations do not decay below 10%, even without crew. I don't know if this is also true for ships, but I imagine so.
  14. Yeah.. The server has been having issues quite a long while now. I managed to log in yesterday earlier in the day, and a frequent player mentioned it had been offline for 4 days before coming back finally. I logged off because I had to go somewhere, and a few hours later I came back, and was not able to log in. It has been down ever since. There's been a similar issue with a server my friend hosts, where the server seems to go offline after a time of having players on it. He's had to restart the server many times in the past month. Hopefully whatever is causing the servers to crash can be figured out by the devs from the public test server.
  15. It's true that it's also possible they play games on one account, and post on another. I don't really like approaching these kinds of things because of that. There's too many possibilities and not enough ways to really be sure unless an individual explains it directly. I suppose in the end, it's a moot question.
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