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  1. Hello guys, after all this times (7 years already) I wanna to tell you - Yeah you did it!. The Avorion is like Freelancer + X-Beyond the Frontier (X2, X3, X: Foundations) and Empryion in one flask. All this years i've played Avorion time-to-time, and check-out overhaul progress, how game is growing up and rise in functionality. Impressive job guys! And thanks you for all this years of hard job! Your game is really become a brilliant of the Space Themed genre games. Keep it up! ;) Best regards. Fenrisus.
  2. Good news everyone! =)
  3. Yeah, maybe you right. For me, for example, more simple system is useful too. Each turret costs some parts (1-2 different types) and - tadaaam! you can build a custom form for you turret ::) Customizing turret - should be awesome feature. But really, need make it simple & useful (i wanna turrets, visually more massive, then for a small ships when i put it into my large super-puper ship ::) )
  4. My Choice is: 3. The hybrid version, where you can find/buy turrets, but you have to explicitly research them to get the plans and reproduce them. But, if that possible - my choice is number 4! 4. The hybrid version, where you can find/buy turrets, each turret have a modules (as a Ship), and you can build it self! So drop, should be a turret or their part. You can research turret parts and build you own turret from that parts. (Maybe a some new designer, as for ships but for turrets for example). Example of turret parts: Control Unit, Cooling System, Beam/Cannon/Missle part EnergyBay(for lasers-cannons)/CargoBay (for missles) Turret Tracking system (faster turret rotation to target?) Turret Armor Plating (For improve turret hp) ----------------------------------- So number 3 is better way, (at current moment). My idea - only for concept, if needed moar customization features. My Generally suggestion - number 3 with large amount of procedure generated blueprints or something as in my concept idea. ::)
  5. Game works fine. My userprofile contains cyrilic(CP-1251) letters. Creating new, Load, Save - works fine. (Actually for 0.4)
  6. So, Problem has been founded. I am a bit confused too, but here the solution. If anyone get a some error, check this: If you see here 2 videocards, so, next step should be: go to Nvidia Control Panel---->Manage 3D Settings---->Program Settings, and adding the executable of the Avorion app, then selecting the preferred graphics adapter. (manually select Avorion.exe, for me that is : "C:\Games\Avorion\bin\Avorion.exe") That helps me alot and game is working like a charm now. Well, same as that problem - for all notebooks users. Basically, many last models, have a more than only one graphic card. (One integrated and one discr.) By default, OS want use Intel HD Graphics for example, but not a GeForce. And you need configure that for each game/application self. Note: I think that information, about launch issues on notebooks with 2 graphic cards, should be added to some faq...
  7. GeForce 610M... Driver ver. 320.49 whql (latest, not beta). So, here loaded modules from crush dump (exept win modules):
  8. Tired startup application on Windows 7, Avorion v0.4.1 x32bit ver. Console send me output error: =========================
  9. I am have a little question. After kill one station, i am found this: So, what is it? Microschem 0_o? Sim-card ;D
  10. Yeah, that it is. All of that will be very useful for create mods! Update: ++ My little suggestion - Current Galaxy folder as Lua Function. Little intro, why it needed: As you know, mods - not a only static data enchancements, sometimes - dynamic can be used too, for store user data. There should be something like game.getCurrentLoadedWorld() - and that return current(selected from saved) Galaxy folder location. For example, i am create some mod, where i am write some data to .txt file, like that: local userDatafile = "awesomemod.txt" function load_mod_data(file) --load data from file local t = {} ; for m in io.lines(file) do local a, b, c = m:match '(%S+)%s+(%S+)%s+(%S+)' ; table.insert(t, { data1 = a, data2 =b, data3 = c}) ; end ; return t ; end ; function save_mod_data(file, text) --save data to file. local f = io.open(file,"w") ; f:write(text) ; f:close() ; end ; . . . data = load_mod_data(userDatafile) . . If we difine a some single file.txt in lua scipts location - they will works like a charm, but only for one galaxy... But what if we have a few galaxies? Soo, API needs a somethig for it, like a function for provide a current loaded world folder for lua scripts. That is strongly req. for operate user data from mods scripts.
  11. "If you're interested in modding and scripting, you could tell me what you would have in mind, and I would be happy to provide a corresponding API for that." For example, is very useful for create difference types of Mods or something else - Storages. -- for scripting -- doSetPilotStorage(pilotID, storage, value) --set the storage value getPilotStorage(pilotID, storage) -- return value of storage --[[ that functions will be very useful in many scripts as some trigger. Like (just for example): --some script, with setting trigger, when player has been attacked by `alien ship` local key = 2500 local jammer = getPilotStorage(pilot, key) function callbackPlayerJump() if(jammer ~= 0) then sendPlayerMessage("You cannot leave this sector!"..Allien_Ship.. "Jamming you warp engines!") return false - we no jump =( end return true - we jump! end ]] They should be both - int32 and str values. And here - many ways how to use it. So, generally lua API is unknown, yeah right, i am saw some functions from ex. lua scripts but i think we need more functions (here only system functions, and few like - configure damages, SY building, and a bit like that...). And maybe some callbacks like - callbackOnMineAsteroid() - if player mine asteroid ("server sided") - for example - set Time, and after that with math.random we spawn pirate ship =) So, basically game mechanics things should be more "open" and configurable for creating mods (callbacks, actions, etc.) than in current versions.
  12. That is my Dreadnought class ship "FNS Ankylon"
  13. The Great Harbour ship of Bentus. But.... It has been destroyed... :'( ps. playing in SoH from 2002 year.
  14. EvE Online (sometimes), Morrowind, Shores of Hazeron, Minecraft. :)
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