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  1. First of all: Welcome to the forum. :) You are not using the beta branch version 0.29 or are you? - you really shouldn't use this outdated version ;) We tested exactly this yesterday in multiplayer and it worked. (Version 1.0 r22068) My alliance buddy got one, told me which faction and I watched on the galaxy map a few marks appear. Note that there is no note what sectors you got - they just suddenly appear like marks of already visited systems. I give you, that they ironically miss the territory color surrounding, but they got their gate links. Also it is really hard to tell what is new when you don't observe the galaxy map the moment they appear (so many dots everywhere ^^). Please double check by doing before / after screenshot of the faction teritory to make sure that it really did not work. Also please do not respond to old Patch notes. Instead... hm... It is a feature you assumed to work but it is not - in theory this needs to be a ingame bug report, but normally only if you can reproduce it. So if you are unsure and need some clarification you are welcome to create a thread in Bugs (or maybe Troubleshooting or Gameplay Discussion) You may do this without any hesitation, we are all happy to help and this way your problem get a logical start and end.
  2. can confirm the update fixed it. Avorion server Beta 0.16.7 r11165 4b472bf34ee5 nice!
  3. My server, too. Running on Windows. After the update(s) 100% with 0 players online. Server Version: Beta 0.16.6 r11134 6d77ebe1e8bc after a fresh restart, and now "idling": 0 players online, in 0 sectors 0 players in memory, 6 registered 0 factions in memory, 195 registered 0 sectors in memory, 1256 sectors in total Memory used by scripts: 2.92MB Sectors Updated: 0 avg. server load: 100% avg. update: 77 ms max. update: 79 ms min. update: 75 ms
  4. fighter squads only have 3 actions ignoring their type. first its okay for every type to just attack the selected target. but after the target is killed they just idle around the carrier. While "defending" works fine for attackers, nothing happen for salvagers and miners. neither attacking nearby enemies nor salvaging nearby wrecks. so I miss the function for them to do a few things automatically, when set in defend mode or add a extra automatic mode. maybe only in 2km range or sth like that. salvaging carriers with captains can control them better than the player itself. its like resetting the auto aim turrets after leaving a ship for a captain. so he must control everything himself. re enter again does not load the group setting. should be fixed, too.
  5. yes we need sth like a indicator red/grey/green for docking ports. (used by other ship/free for use/selected by player) of course this need editing the AI and gui. AI and player must know where to dock. maybe sth like a docking queue linking to port no. thx for the mod link. I'll test it soon
  6. Eld0r

    Entire crew lost

    I had the same problem with auto crew. When checked I saw the unspecified crew vanish one at a time. I had not enough money for paying my crew at this moment. maybe that was a problem. moral was 90%. I rebuilded my ship and checked quarter size. that should be okay. But I had a missing ... commander(?) rank above lieutenant and missing lieutenants, too. So I disabled the feature and hired one. I use only trained crew after this bug. test: (?) I would write a bug report, but I got problems reproducing this error. maybe its the combination of having not enough money, missing commander AND lieutenant and activated auto crew...
  7. I thought steam cmd just download the files. But we got already all files needed for server from standard steam. So whats the remaining difference? There are more threads about this Problem (sort by topic #): Topic: Server is having a lot of problems... (Phoenixstar117) Topic: [CMD] Window warning for Servers (Abraxsus) Topic: Remote is not receiving UDP packets - Switching to TCP only (Linkfish) (THIS) Topic: Dedicated Server problem (Weye) Topic: Steamgameserver_init call failed :᠎) EDIT 2020 - FINALLY FIXED The problem stayed until I refreshed my whole Windows (keeping options and programs) because of some weirdness with other programs. The weirdness happened again after I reinstalled the latest Killer driver package including the control panel. After this I uninstalled all drivers of my Killer E2200 with the Killer Uninstaller tool. AND use uninstall device including delete all drivers by Windows Device Manager AND then choose to use the latest generic Killer INF drivers file manually in Windows Device Manager. After all of this I can now use steam networking. Device: Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, Driver Version:, Driver Date: 2018·09·20
  8. Si Of course including directional thrusters. So these thrusters aligned on roll axis (for acceleration forward/backward) aren't able to accelerate the ship forward. They apply only breaking acceleration. Or get they bonus for breaking? All thrusters add rotation force depending on there position while engines do not. Engines just accelerate. This is the difference.
  9. Hier kann gerne über die bisherigen Änderungen diskutiert werden und auch Vorschläge für weitere Verbesserungen werde ich begrüßen. Z.B.: Vereinheitlichen der Befehle für Schiffe in <Auftrag>,<Objekt> Eindeutschen des Explosivgeschoss verschießendem Bolter in Granatwerfer :o Im optimal Fall sollten natürlich irgendwann die als Fehler gekennzeichneten Änderungen in das Spiel übernommen werden. Wir werden deutsche Sprachbarrieren umfahren. ;D
  10. Angefangen hat es in der vorherigen Version. Es war der "Abauen" Befehl für andere Schiffe. Dieser wurde bereits im letzten Update gefixt, aber meine Übersetzung hat sich schon vorher etwas aufgebläht. Diese korrigiert noch andere Fehler und beinhaltet auch Übersetzungen, die ich für sinnvoller erachte. (z.B. Geschützrotation-Fixierer -> Geschütz-Drehsperre) Hier nun mein bisheriges Ergebnis. Verwendung Umbenennen in "deutsch.po" und kopieren nach: ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Avorion\data\localization\ Das ist eine rar Datei, umbenannt in zip. (Für das Forum) rar spart durch das intelligente Wörterbuch unglaublich platz bei doppelten Informationen. Beinhaltet die original Datei und meine Übersetzung. Umbenennen nicht nötig, wenn der Header erkannt wird. (z.B. bei WinRAR selbst) Änderungen (Die durch Abhängigkeiten ersetzen Texte werden nicht genannt. Wie z.B. alle Meldungen und Tutorial Nachrichten, die Düsen benutzen) 1. Fehler korrigiert 2. Gekürzt / Grammatik 3. Geschmacksache Auf deutsch, weil deutsch. ;D deutsch.r7857.V2.rar5.zip
  11. Thrusters can generate thrust in all directions except forward. Did they get a bonus for brake thrust instead? Suggestion - enable thrusters for thrust in all directions (including acceleration forward) - add rotation for engines, so they are useful for breaking/drifting (maybe keep the simplified force attack point without rotation like actually implemented)
  12. My Windows Dedicated Server show the exact same issue. Ist ist really just steamcmd? text
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