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  1. Well, my thinking behind this was, if you want to start really getting into building you would gear yourself towards it. A combat ship shouldn't be mining, but it should be making cash and weapons off of enemies, using the cash to build itself. A miner may be able to hire escorts because it's 85% cargo, so it can mine a large amount and make a decent amount of cash, or even just keep expanding itself. Same with a trader, hire escorts. So even without supporting infrastructure you'd be able to do your playstyle, but you wouldnt' be a combat ship holding 80,000 trinium I'm fine with the way the game is set up, and it would require a ridiculous amount of change to bring that around. Every time you removed a block on a ship with full cargo space, whoops! Lost your materials, and you can't replace the block you just removed because the material is floating there in space. Or if your hold was full of gold and you needed more space because a freighter carrying neutron accelerators just got ganked in front of you and you want his cargo, no dice, you have to go dump the gold somewhere and go mine something so you can build the cargo bay and then come back and hope it's still there. Gee, what fun! There are plenty of other games that feature this, and it makes logistics intensely boring and the game slower as a result. EVE, Space Engineers, etc. It all revolves around having established places to constantly return to, and in this game that would be exceptionally restrictive since you're required to explore and push the boundaries. (Most people who make factories and mines do so closer to the core anyway, which would be far, FAR beyond when you would first need your storage station.)
  2. I'm a little uncertain from the directions here. At the start you say that you need two factories to make a complex. Does that mean you need them present and existing in space in the sector you're working in? It's not clear from the pictures if the complex manager window is creating the factories or not, and if it isn't, does it remove the existing factory from space to attach it to the complex?
  3. This mod was working for me a ways back, but in the last two weeks or so it has stopped functioning and indeed doesn't allow any research to be conducted at all. The upgrade modules themselves still work, but any attempt to do research on anything, artifact-related or vanilla, simply causes nothing to happen. I've tried visiting several different research stations and they all have this issue, and replacing the modified researchstation.lua with the vanilla version allows researches to be carried out again. I kept watching this thread to see if someone else was having a similar problem as I had more serious issues even getting the game to load, so I hope it's not just me and something on my end. This is the error log that gets generated by it.
  4. Thanks a ton for this, I've been having no end to troubles loading my saves and this got me loaded and in on the first try. I feel like it's early for me to say it's a total success as I would randomly get in before, but this removed the items specified and I'm playing so I'm happy with it. Thanks again!
  5. I had a traveling merchant fly into and herp derp this guy wants to sell resources in the middle of this. I also had one show up in several other boss fights, including the AI and the Brotherhood. Rather than an "er" message, a custom message like, "Hey everybody! I'm here to...screw this, I'm out of here" followed by an optional bonus mission/objective of protecting the merchant until his drive recharges and getting some cash/faction reputation would be more fun/realistic. Additionally, they're far too passive while being shot up by aliens and pirates.
  6. This may be a suggestion that not many appreciate, as it bears some special utility for me. I'm color blind, and on the map, the regular unexplored sectors and the hidden unexplored sectors seem to be the same to me despite the hints screen saying they're different colors. Sometimes I like to just explore inhabited sectors when I'm looking for a specific factory or facility, for example, and don't want to go through all the hidden ones. So my suggestion is to allow toggling on/off both types of sectors from being visible when they get pinged by your radar, as well as the option to "remember" them on a single instance of opening your map. Having them fade out is neat and "authentic" to real radar, but when you stack the radar system upgrades it becomes somewhat of a hassle as the refresh time goes up a lot. I'd also like to suggest a flag to set on sectors from the map, that's basically "explore me"; it would disappear as soon as you had entered the sector at least once.
  7. Ah, good. So after April Fools, this patch will be removed so I can play the game again? That would be a barrel of laughs!
  8. I'm crashing every single time I try to load now, anywhere from 10 seconds to 40 seconds in. Logs are attached below, the clientlogs consistently end with: "2017-03-31 17-59-17| Error: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [1] ?? 8233192 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [2] ?? 6268512 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [3] ?? 8717696 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [4] ?? 4969594 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [5] ?? 8714330 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [6] ?? 8717869 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [7] ?? 4946058 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [8] ?? 4959698 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [9] ?? 4227440 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [10] ?? 4231473 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [11] ?? 4208494 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [12] Mix_SetPanning 17072207 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [13] ?? 4199416 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [14] ?? 4199659 2017-03-31 17-59-17| [15] BaseThreadInitThunk 1997101517 2017-03-31 17-59-17| " Clientlog files are 14MB so I can't upload them in their entirety to pastebin, I'm adding the first and last x number of lines. The number of entities in the sector it's trying to load me into is increasing every time I try to start. Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on an i5-2500k, 24GB RAM, GeForce 980 GTX. https://pastebin.com/LKUt7iuB Clientlog serverlog_2017-03-31_17-56-46.txt
  9. Is it possible that you blocked the exits to your hangars? If even a single piece of any other block is inside that extended area beyond the hangar entrance sides of the hangar block, they won't leave from there.
  10. Had this happen immediately after the patch as well. When I had last played, I had a combat ship escorting me through a sector. When I loaded in after the patch, the combat ship was gone, but the fleet screen said the ship still existed and the map showed it in the next sector over. When I jumped into that sector, the ship was nowhere to be found and was gone from the fleet list. I'm scared to jump into any other sectors with my mines or other ships, there was no indication of what happened or why.
  11. Awww yeah! http://store.steampowered.com/news/externalpost/steam_community_announcements/75839596824241188 "Number of crew members at crew boards scales with distance to galaxy center" Thanks!
  12. Several factors already scale based on your distance; tech level, mineral availability, ship scale. But it seems that the number of crew available to hire on stations doesn't increase, even as you enter areas where you're more likely to need a lot more crew. I personally find it frustrating to finally have enough minerals to make a big ship and then have to spend an hour or two desperately looking for five hundred more mechanics while my ship decays out from under me (or a similar situation with a new ship built from a 1x1x1 block), so I'd like to suggest scaling and increasing the number of specialized crewmen for hire as you head towards the center.
  13. With the latest patch, the various resource amounts were removed during normal play, only becoming visible when interacting with a station, building your ship, and I think one other time. The specific amount for a single resource is also shown when you pick up more of that resource, but that adds to the clutter of notifications. I would like to suggest adding an option to toggle visibility of the resource amounts at all times. I personally enjoyed seeing the numbers, as it felt like a way of keeping score, and I never felt that they were blocking anything I needed to see or were intrusive. In fact, there are a number of elements of the UI that I think would benefit from having this option.
  14. After testing in-game, [uBR] Fixed broken reach of factory-produced weapons (ScriptWeapons's reach modifier works as intended now) seems to only apply to newly crafted turrets. Old crafted turrets are stuck at the broken range, but the new ones have the correct range to reflect their stats. Unfortunately, there's nothing to distinguish them from each other on their stats mouseovers, so that takes some trial and error to get the correct ones placed.
  15. It was a gameplay decision from the very beginning to keep the menu-range at 10km. If you want to move this many asteroids through the Galaxy you bring patience and a really long Jump range. It breaks the 500,000Cr per Jump rule. So it won't happen. Okay, if it's from a gameplay balance perspective, how about this? Add a "sector broadcast" option to move every asteroid in your sector, but charge like, 25% or 50% more in the movement cost on each asteroid. That way you're still paying a cost for convenience, not just getting something for nothing. Thank you very much. You're quite welcome. Out of curiosity, would I be able to jump that many asteroids through a wormhole?
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