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  1. blame steam workshop. now that that is the release system i dont use github for anything than source repo development on master
  2. the github is literally more up to date than steam what do you want lol
  3. no thanks, drop the drop chance on pulse cannons because i had to use those as pdc for like 4 days
  4. 1.6.3 contains a fix that should prevent the fighter factories math from exploding when people upgrade the heatsinks too much. steam user TigersFangs took the time to actually try and find a way to repeat it, and the addition of the liquid naonite cooling system button actually helped solve it.
  5. the next update for Weapon Engineering (after the DLC is released) has a complete overhaul to the upgrade balance system that should help with the server admins that had qq about players grinding themselves into god eaters. tl;dr version is tech level is the base of the magic now, and is increased with each upgrade. assuming all the default setting if you upgrade a turret using 5 others that are equal tech and rarity, it will be a 1.2% (1 for tech level, 0.2 for rarity bonus) upgrade. using lower tech or lower rarity will be lower. using higher tech or rarity could be higher depending on the combo you scrap. this means once players reach max tech level guns, the most they can get is 1.2%. except, i now bump the tech level past maximum, so each upgrade after will be less effective than the previous as the tech level pushes past maximum. to combat this, players will need to grind an assload of turrets past maximum and use those to upgrade so this quickly becomes an exponential endeavour of the sheer number of turrets they have to sit there and grind if you upgrade a tech level 10 using tech level 20s, the final result will be 15. then 17. then 20 probably then 21 then 22 then 23. if you upgrade a 52 with 52's, it will end up 53. then 54. etc etc, and this is our end game diminish. i haven't quite decided how but i also want to bump the rarity up. maybe if all the scrap tech level >= and all rarities >, bump the rarity up 1. but this also will be a factor to curve the end game to prevent abuse of using purples to upgrade a grey to stupid levels. someone using the engineering systems can eventually grind guns better than what will drop, but it should be curved pretty heavy preventing the endgame imbalance. p.s. its all configurable for the server admin.
  6. 1.5.0 is now in steam workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2017677089 * install and go. the config.lua thing is no longer a concern. if you WANT to make a custom config, it goes in moddata\DccWeaponEngineering\Config.lua * updated to the new modding api * Reinforced Mounting - reduce the slot cost of a turret by grinding up 5 other orange or better turrets. * right click will send turrets up and down the ui to the next available slots. * if you have NOT YET EDITED a turret, and it has auto-targeting, there is now a button that will say "fix auto nerf" which will update the turret's damage to be the actual damage it would have been had it not generated with auto-targeting. this must be the first edit to a turret. * fix for railguns showing the "lenses" button instead of "barrel" since they are projectiles. * larger ui, more inventory items in it. * switched to the InventorySelection which allows you to filter and sort the inventory. * convert Anti-Fighter turrets into Flak Cannon turrets. (https://streamable.com/0i4fd https://streamable.com/zohs5) requires at least 3 other anti-fighter turrets to be scrapped. they will be higher dps than they were originally, but that dps is also spread across a square kilometer of space so they still do like not much damage in general.
  7. new button: convert anti-fighter turret to flak cannon convert 1 anti-fighter turret into a flak cannon for the cost of 5 other anti-fighter turrets. the range, fire rate, and explosion radius scales with the quality of the turrets involved. video of just blasting flak https://streamable.com/0i4fd video of it actually working against torpedos https://streamable.com/zohs5 background: if you don't know what a flak barrier is, watch battlestar galactica. the principals behind it is to create an area of denial to prevent fighters from getting close and stopping incoming munitions without having to try like point-defense guns must. there is also an intimidation factor at play i am sure. these guns launch shells that explode at range. if the explosion themselves don't hit the fighter or missile then its likely the flak being fragmented everywhere is likely to hit something and shred it as it attempts to pass through the barrier. in avorion the anti-fighter turrets are actually "pretty close" - these guns fire the explosive shell, but they are really accurate and slow firing. when you convert an anti-fighter turret to a flak cannon we are dropping the range to a base of 0.75km, lowering the accuracy to literally near zero, while amping up the fire rate. it then also gets renamed to be a flak cannon. the better guns you convert the better results you get. double and triple turrets are going to pump out way more shells than single turrets so the probability of stopping a torpedo increases with fewer placed turrets neeed. the quality of the turret you are modding and the ones you scrap increase the range, fire rate, and explosion radius above their base. additionally, after converting a cannon to flak you can continue to modify it normally with the other features of this mod. you can "reconvert" a flak cannon. this will reset it. you might want to do this if you converted one using all blues, and then later on want to easy upgrade all its base stats using all reds. you will lose any custom upgrades you did so i would not do custom upgrades until you are in late game.
  8. testing the inventory widget which allows filtering and sorting. it is... interesting. had to do a few work arounds, it doesn't really work "right" and if they fix it in the future i'll likely need to undo some of my hacking.
  9. next release will include right click to throw shit up and down the ui quickly. https://streamable.com/8wztd
  10. This version will load and seems to be working alright so far on 0.32.2 with the updated modding system. It is however lacking some fixes to error checking, so make sure your Config.lua exists and is correct because currently its unable to yell at you about it. https://github.com/darkconsole/avorion-turret-editor/archive/ce54583210a827aaba7f34979714d7651c8d3a0a.zip
  11. i utterly loath steam workshop so likely no. but i will consider your sound idea to see if it is even possible, i need to update this mod for the new modding system soon anyway. my hunch is that the sounds are likely not something i can mess with though, i assume they are probably bound to the type of turret.
  12. these errors mean you're using it on a version of the game it doesn't support, or installation/upgrade of the mod was done incorrectly. fwiw, working here, and im waiting to do anything bit until the new built in mod management thing drops.
  13. main posted updated with 1.3.0 for 0.21+ * Fix upgrading mining laser efficiency with the 0.21 mining changes that introduce a new type of mining laser. * Enabling Coaxial on a turret will now scale its damage the same amount as the game originally would have generated it. IF YOU HAVE USED THE WEAPONS BAY TO TURN SOMETHING COAXIAL, TURN IT BACK TO NORMAL BEFORE INSTALLING THIS UPDATE TO GET THE DAMAGE SCALED PROPERLY. ELSE THE DAMAGE IT IS NOW IS WHAT IT IS. * New ability: edit turret size with new server side config option.
  14. you will not be able to upgrade mining/scav effenciency (phase filters) on version 0.21 with the mining update until i update this this week.
  15. i found the damage scaling in the weapon generator. coaxial turrets are suppose to be 3x stronger. next update will include this.
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