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  1. This is often because the client has lost connection to the server. I've been tracking this issue for sometime now. If you look in your game logs - you will most probably find a connection lost error message was generated. The same disconnection issue can also cause the "gateless" jump, to fail. You will get no response when activating the "set jump co-oords" from the galaxy map. It basically means you can still fly around the sector in your ship, but there is no longer a connection to the galaxy, so you cannot jump. A bit like when you lose connection playing in an MMO. You can move around, but everything else in game, does not react to your existence.
  2. Sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere. Couldn't find it with search. Koonschi. You probably already have something like this in mind, when you create the "safe haven" for ship building. Removing the loss of hp over time, when in build mode. I sometimes spend quite some time, just experimenting with hull designs, and in all that time the hull is losing hp because I don't yet jave any crew. Not a major issue, but it's just a pain, when you have to also run from pirates ect. Thank you for your time and effort.
  3. Actually. I think it's just the camera, angle goes off, and the ship re-orientates to the slightly offset camera Z rotation, when releasing the Ctrl key. Not so much a bug. More a need for "free view" improvement. Maybe using Numeric Keypad like X2/3. Or having more cameras in the future. (More of a suggestion now than bug report. O.o)
  4. I'll see what I can do. I've been sending gigs of data back to Koonschi, over the last month, including dump files. Hopefully, I'll catch the problem again and can email it to him. :)
  5. Hi. Used COPY on a group of blocks. Used PASTE and tried to place the group at a desired location and couldn't. (LMB) Used ALT, to try and specify where the paste should happen. (LMB) Couldn't paste still, (got a red block "Can't place here" indicator). When I MMB clicked over the visibly EMPTY area near my ship, where I wanted to place the copy, I found multiple "invisible" blocks, that could be deleted like any other. All I could see was the block edge Hi-lite, when clicked on. The invisible blocks could also be deleted in any order, without needing to be "attached" to another block. Didn't get a screenshot, but will try to reproduce again and send one.
  6. Yes. Thank you for the confirmation. Travelers stashes are also missing.
  7. Hi. Since Beta 0.10.5, r7633, I have not come across a single Secret Stash object in game. This has been the case with three different Galaxy Maps. May just be the way the RND generator has seeded, but I am extremely suspicious, as I can normally spot stashes, with little difficulty.
  8. As above. If you use the Ctrl key to view around your ship - the ships Z axis is affected and the ship resets its orientattion after the Ctrl key is released.
  9. Just to confirm what's been said. I found a gate in Offline mode / Single Player, that also went to the centre. I have frozen that particular game for further study, if needs be. Beta 0.10.5, r7633 If you don't want gates in the restricted area - you may be better off using an invisible "background" colour for the whole area, and test for it, on a pointer and pixel basis. Then you could just not have gates generated where the COLOUR is present. That's if the ring is always in the same place of course.
  10. Not yet, anyway. I wonder what "safe place to build", promised by Koonschi means? O.o
  11. Hi Others have mentioned this as well. When you leave Build Mode, your ship rotates to face the last Build Mode camera position. It needs the X,Y,Z ship axis, camera position and the Mouse co-ords, to be saved before entering build mode, and to then be restored when leaving, so the ship doesn't change direction and hit something. Would save having to find a spacious area for building, so you don't hit an asteroid or station. :)
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