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  1. Ty. Still Want to hear about price. I just hope that he will not make it more than 20$.
  2. I have no access to last version so I don't see em. D; Sad. Woulda buy the game on steam if it would be like 10$
  3. I'll just drop here some weapons/weapontypes/weapon variations/ etc. from other games/ideas/etc. Just wanted to see some variety myself for a long time in this game. And yet latest thing I found in game are still the lasers and projectile launchers. I am not familiar with latest version due to lack of access to it. Here are ones in the game already (AFAIK): 1. Energy projectile launcher. Launches ball/sphere/line/etc. of energy that does thermo/electro damage. 2. Laser beam generator. Generates a beam of energy/whetever that deals damage to the enemies. Here are some: 1. Kinetic projectile launcher. Literally bullets. The caliber,material and velocity matters. Bigger? Faster? Stronger? more dmg 1.1 Rail gun. Your basic bullet launcher. 1.2 Mass driver. One shot. Alot of penetration. Not so big damage. 2. Pulse beam generator. High damaging beam that is generated but only for a few moments (Overload/ energy usage/overheat/ whatever) 3. Missile Heat seaking, aimed, or dumb ones - free of choice. 3.1 Swarm variant. -Shoot only at red dots, cadet. -You mean that wall of red dots? 3.2 Dumb rocket. Fast speed, low damage, small size. Why to get it? Because it's EXTREMELY cheap. 3.3 Homing. -Do a Barrel roll! -NOT SO EASY 4. Rockets. Literally bigger variant of missile. Slower, less agile but far more damage. 5. Torpedo. For them carriers to be destroyed in one punch. Punch flies slowly tho. 6. TracKtor. Power of majick fields is now used in order to drag stuff from a high distance to you! 7. Grav. Fields beam/manipulator. Literally a punch in form of beam. It hits your ship kinetically, making one part go somewhere and other part somewhere else, tearing your ship apart. Effective in masses(More beams - stronger effect) 8. Mine field. Homing or not - you better not touch them. Kaboom. EMP/Explo/Thermal/Kinetic. Best is kinetic(Hey! Multiple DRILLS that drill thru armor are lethal to anything. Only way to get rid of em is to detach parts or DRONES!) 9. Drones Your ship components: Crew quarters, control room, cargo bay, energy generators, energy storage ,engines. Bulky, eh? Now let's shrink it to Engines, energy generator,capacitor and weapon. Here we have a drone - automatically manned ship with only one purpose - KILL. Fast and agile but fragile. 10.BOMB You call that canister a bomb? Ye! Why? Let me show you an example how the bomb works. Here i set it for explosion in 5 seconds so now you can say goodbye to every-BOOM. High AOE High Damage-distance falloff High price. Very high price. 10.1 EMP Shields? What's that? 10.2 Kinetic Did we just hit an asteroid? 10.3 Thermal. We just became a star, baby. Continious damage to a big area. 10.4 Explosive. Medium damage to everything in area. Very good against huge targets. 11. Crew pods Why destroy the ship if you can take it? Q. to Developer - do you plan anything of that(or something that is not here) to be added as a weapon?
  4. HI. Glad to see that you still make the game and it goes on. Glad to see that kickstarter went well! I see that Steam Greenlight went well also. I have questions for you that might interest others: 1) Will be there Steam Early Access to the game? 2) How much will it cost to buy this game? 3) Do you plant to release updates after you release the game?(If yes - will they be free or in DLC form?(Like fixes are free, more content - pay)) Wanted to try the game to make a "Kinda review" on it to tell you what gone worse or went good(Still it's my opinion), but Can't buy it on steam and don't have money on kickstarter so I hope it will go to SEA soon/get released soon.
  5. DoomAngelBlade


    May be video card related . ISome objects emit "Lines" aroujdn them - Blud for me. Trough whole system. They appear and disapper depending on your angle/position towards them. If needed more details about my pc specs - i'll do that tomorrow cuz i go 2 sleep
  6. DoomAngelBlade


    Fast responce. Reparing something costs 1.3 of it's real costs. Easier to throw it away and buy a new one. Logic? Staying near explosion makes generates u a fps spike. I get fps 74>5 for 1-2 secs if I stay near explosion. Explosion happens when u r near something that is destroyed(wrecks for example)
  7. 1)Stations use not enough materials. Solution: Add full life cycle requirements for stations. E.G: Each station uses fuel/energy cells, food(potatoes,meat or etc.), water, oxygen per cycle. 2)Fixed Turret slot block/mount turret block. Allows to put turrets on these kind of blocks. Why it should be done? Because why the hell turret should be on solar panels? Explanation: Right now you can put your weapon anywhere: Solar panel, crew quarters, armor(stone), blank, engine(Not the "Flame exit") Why? The weapon is not just a tube that does pew. Weapon CONSUMES something and sends it at high speed at the enemy to damage it. So it requires: -1 Fix point - Place where the resources for it to be operational are delivered. -2 Resource delivery system - if you don't put a bullet in a gun - it won't shoot, right? -3 Storage system(Optional) - If you loaded your gun and shoot - you won't be able to do that again without reloading again. Clip/mag is for that. Same here. These stuff can't be just done on the glass(come on!) Stats the "cube" should have: -1 Loading speed projectives/s / energy/s -2 Capacity(optional) -3 Fixed point/turnable point. Fixed point makes it non-turnable so it will fire only in one direction. Might give some bonuses for weapons tho. 3) Shipyard thing: Assemble weapon. You have a gun. Why you can't copy it? I found a cool mining laser.. One. Want more. Allows to create a copy of a weapon into your inventory for: Material(iron, titanium or etc.. I can't remember the orange tier name) Steel/plastic/computer/power unit/etc. 4)Brake engine/turn around engine for brake/turning. Thursters consume way too much,produce not enough, and I want a good brake. Why I can't put that? Checked out other topic about that. You still should be able to put them to use them as thursters... Please! Also I thought about weapons and stuffs. Are you planning anything like weapon components? So you can disasseble/assemble weapons and their components... Like laser turret consists of emitter, focuser, accumulator,transformator and etc. Add more focuser - higher range but longer delay. Add separate emitter - separate beam added that can be turned in one with focusers and such. Or projectile... Loader, Sender(Piston\detonation), mass driver,mass driver, mass driver, tube, tube... Adding tube increases accuracy but slows down rotation speed.. or adding mass drivers adds damage(diminishing return - more - worse it effects.)
  8. DoomAngelBlade


    I hate em! 1) Repair cost>initial cost. My ship in total costs 2,500 iron and 12.000 credits. I got some thrusters destroyed. Repairs cost 2.500 iron and 10 000 credits at repair dock. (Maybe affected by difficulty but that shouldn't be ) Solution: Repair cost = part cost or lower. Don;t know how it's counted tho. 2)(May be not a bug) amnt>size If you put 5 10x10x1 thursters - they will do way more effectively than 10x10x5 thurster. Same for panels. You just put 10 thin and cover it with armor.\ 3)When loot is deleted - sound of picking it ALL can be heard. So If there was a battle and you wasn't fast enough to pick it up all... AND YOU WEAR EARPHONES... Rest in peace.
  9. I can't play it. I'm lagging hardly in singleplayer
  10. To be honest... I'm lagging hard in singleplayer
  11. What will it do? Is that like a storage for factions or something?
  12. Portals! I'm actually visiting this website every day
  13. Welp. It's up to creator of da game. IF he updates it - then I'll be busy looking for glitches in da game so these holes can be fixed easy! And if there will be none - I'll be busy blowing up some stuff then.
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