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  1. FC-32 The clones demanded a ship that is able to move swiftly while able to take some punishment, resulting creating FC-32 assault frigate, thanks to their armored hulls and shields, and its maneuverability allows to displace to one place to another and quickly turn entirety of it to change its course. This frigate are to use to take on assault on defense or flank behind the enemy's lines. Credits: 184,029 Iron: 662 Trinium: 18,878 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2530495682
  2. ///// Audio Log AC-439-AO (07/23/4048): "Everything is gone to hell, our system's fried from getting caught by that "thing" in the Slip Space and then we're all alone, we are getting our comms back contacting our guys of our missing fleet but we can't keep in touch with the guys from the forward station for some reason, it's all static-y and barely came up a single phrases that we had to decipher. The FTL backup drives are still fine and we're able to move around about, so far we never seen any life yet especially these planet we currently stay at, our surface scan shown to these planet are empty, sure there's many aliens building are abandoned but the strangest thing from our scans picked up huge energy spike coming from the building not coming the power grid but the rest of the city, if not, most of the planet's surface covered by those things probably some asteroid rocks that cover the entire planet but it doesn't make any sense why the people are magically disappear like. Not only that, those little jutted rock things is... "moving" as if it has a mind of their own, it's best not to mess with those rocks by sending the scouts down. Recently we saw an asteroids we saw that has same energy signatures similar from the planet we just scanned, there's something bizarre in that asteroids they're in a formation as if it were arrange and ready for a pick up by a convoy of freighters, and more weird thing is that these chunk of rocks has some metallic objects sticking out from it with some red stripes in it. Sadly, those things were alive as the asteroids seems to reorient themselves and somewhat pointing right at us, we better not to disturb those especially we're alone in a dead of space, who knows these could vaporize us the moment it touch our ship's hull or worse, and as for now, we are leaving from this fever dream of a weirdness, it isn't safe here. Hopefully, we can meet each other and getting the hell out from this galaxy." -End of audio log AB-32B This frigate are used many roles ranging to combat to exploration, since they are frigate, their mobility and size allows to engage large enemy ships while assisting friendlies in the fight. It has a decent amount of system capacitators to boost its performance and a decent jumping range. Credits: 261,559 Iron: 1,261 Trinium: 26,588 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2505185986
  3. Deployment successful assessing the situation... // Warning: Hostile attacking Warning: Ship integrity is critical, repairs immediately Warning: FTL jump drives has been initiated please standby... Jump complete... ///// System Assessment: Hull Integrity: 23%, critical System Integrity: Damaged Slip Drives: Destroyed Inter-spatial Storage Module: Sub-optimal Quantum Communication Unit: Damaged O-Tech Quantum Slip Drives: Destroyed Zero-Point Engine Drives: Destroyed CIE Unit: Optimal Reactor Unit: Damaged, possible catastrophe breach, Repairs needed effective immediately Hangars system: Sub-optimal ///// Audio Message: "A1 GH-131-AB: This is GH-131 of ABN-40 fleet we have been attacked by an anomalous entities it is extremely hostile, they're too many of them we're been surrounded in all direction on attack vector, they keep coming from the unknown portal and asteroids. Our group has been split up and got ambushed by them. We have been recently escaped from them through conventional FTL drives and we are now requesting for any available ships to our sector, our engines have been critically damaged from our recent jumping and our reactor has been damaged and we are currently maintaining through repairs, we are no longer able to move and possible exposure from hostiles, send help." Distress beacon has been sent... Beacon deployment successful... MLUS-120B A large freighter ship used for mining, salvaging and carrying cargo, allow to carry the task in the deep space thanks to its hangar and decent durability able to fend for themselves against pirates and other hostiles. It can become either an effective combat ship or a miner/salvager ship or both due to system capacitators though being as a utility ship it is best not to confront upfront as it is designed mainly for cargo transport. Credits: 6,590,621 Iron: 50,400 Trinium: 655,508 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2500141560
  4. ///// Personnel audio log AH-937-HH (07/21/4048): "W-Where's everybody? The moment we got out from the slip space everyone is gone, we're alone now in this ship graveyard. Unfortunately, we can't go back because of our slip drives somehow disabled but the engineers will try fix it as soon as possible. As for now we will try to find the others and find what happened back there earlier... our scanners picked up several- multiple energy signals coming from all side and its coming in hot! Gonna brace it and hope we make it out alive." -End of audio log AG-98 A large battlecruiser and a power house of Off-World fleet, they are durable for both hulls and shields allowing to take huge punishments from enemies. They are versatile in role as they can used as a combat freighter, a miner or a salvager, a boarding ship, a carrier, and even act as a defensive platform. This battlecruisers able to take down a group of enemies and become more deadly if it improve their systems due to their large system capacitators and able to move at several light-years. Credits: 18,784,114 Iron: 24,794 Trinium: 1,923,264 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2497543853
  5. Deployment successful assessing the situation... // Date of deployment: 03/25/4049 Sector clear and no technical abnormality has been scanned... Warning: Slip Drives has been disabled, recommended to activate conventional FTL drives Current Location: AV1-22 Universal Sector (AV1-22/AG Galaxy: 237, -407) Objectives: Find the lost A1/ABN-40 C8 fleet and their whereabouts Should encounter the remaining survivors, continue with their main objectives Assess the severity of anomaly and report to the AML-43 Forward Outpost Capture and analyze the entities ///// Exploration log GJ-102-AL (04/28/4029): "We're here now, and now the Slip Drives can't do a squat while we're inside of it, we're basically stuck here in the Red Zone for God knows when we'll able to land back to the Forward Outpost, comforting I guess. At first, we were hesitant when we assigned ourselves as if we were asking for death but the poor guys of ABN-40 are still inside of Red Zone may be still alive probably hiding somewhere after the attacks by those things, and we can't let them die, us clones never leaves another clones behind. This universe's galaxy is empty and dead, all what we can see is nothing more than a bunch of asteroid fields and ship derelicts from different sectors, we were hoping to encounter even for a sliver of civilizations so that we may understand what is happening but there's none, I hope I'm wrong, I don't know if all of those natives were wipe out by them many years prior before our arrival then this is much worse then we initially thought." -End log ///// Exploration log GJ-102-AL (05/03/4029): "It's been so long since ever since we arrive here in this "ghost galaxy," it's boring but I can't shake the feeling that something terrible coming right at us at any moment but I digress, HK-092-AO, our astro-scanner specialist, I told him if there's something interesting but he said there's nothing out of ordinary other than playing a game on himself sitting looking on a monitors, can't blame him though that's a scanner's job he must've been bored and try to amuse himself to kill some time. To think about, it's really strange that the ABN-40 got ambushed so easily the moment of their arrival, we expect ourselves that they'll do the same thing on us but we're in a empty void of space, whatever it is, the CIE Unit works like a charm. Some of Innovator and Subjugator guys even speculates that the fleet got dragged out by it is because it has something to do immense energy during Slip Space transition and intersects with their mysterious disruption causing a catastrophic event causing them to spread throughout this galaxy, that's what they said, fortunately, the Innovators from AML-43 did install the latest CIE Unit on our ships that matches the frequencies of that disruption may be the reason why we stay in groups though it won't last long our navigators having a hard time to analyze their next route and as much as the system engineers is also having to fix all of electronics 24/7. As for right now, there's nothing interesting happened, we kept making relays and leave it like bread crumbs as we go so that the Channel keep in touch with us though we barely hearing from them but still its reassuring that we're not alone in this seemingly dead world." -End log HPR-56E A smaller counterpart of the original HPR-66N, they function the same as the bigger iteration though it only limited up to medium class ships to produce, since they are small, it's performance are not as great as the HPR-66N though slightly more maneuverable, their size is fit enough to the bigger variant which it is able to build it and support more ship production and allowing to form a smaller fleet away from the main fleet. Credits: 2,324,589 Iron: 18,722 Trinium: 203,675 Xanion: 19,405 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2493639320
  6. Deploying distress beacon:... Distress beacon has been failed to sent. Emergency Slip Drive activated, standby....// Entering Slip Space... Warning: Quantum Slip suffers internal damage... // unknown projectiles, critical energy loss is imminent, halting transition Exiting Slip Space... Begin diagnostics... ///// Fleet Group and System Assessment Flagship: HPR-66N ABN-40A Hull Integrity: Damaged, 43%, Protocol diagnostic is advised System Integrity: Nominal Logistics Module: Online Inter-spatial Storage Module: Damaged, Decompression imminent, Protocol diagnostic is critical Fabrication Systems: 40% Capacity Quantum Communication Unit: Damaged O-Tech Quantum Slip Drives: Damaged, Protocol diagnostic is critical Zero-Point Engine Drives: Optimal CIE Unit: Damaged Replicator Facility: 25% Capacity Fleet Status: Two (2) Battle Cruisers ABN-40A GD 40-A: 14% ABN-40A GD 40-B: Missing Four (4) Artillery Cruisers ABN-40A FC 101-A: Missing ABN-40A FC 101-B: Missing ABN-40A FC 101-C: Missing ABN-40A FC 101-D: Destroyed Two (2) Utility Capital Class Vessel ABN-40A MS 50-A: Missing ABN-40A MS 50-B: 60% Eight (8) Heavy Frigates ABN-40A GEI A60-A: Destroyed ABN-40A GEI A60-B: Destroyed ABN-40A GEI A60-C: 45% ABN-40A GEI A60-D: 38% ABN-40A GEI A60-E: Missing ABN-40A GEI A60-F: 50% ABN-40A GEI A60-G: Destroyed ABN-40A GEI A60-H: Destroyed Four (4) Capital Carriers ABN-40 ACT H8-A: Destroyed ABN-40 ACT H8-A: Missing ABN-40 ACT H8-A: Missing ABN-40 ACT H8-A: 83% ///// Engineer's personal audio log NM-420-AT (08/03/4048): "Can't believe it happened so quick the moment we went to this hellhole of a galaxy. M-most of our fleet are missing and hopefully they made it out alive but for others... are not so fortunate, getting attacked by a swarm of alien ships, we tried to get away with our slip drives but this place somehow we're unable to get back to our base so we're... stuck here with those things. So where to start? I am NM-420-AT a system engineer, I was created inside of 62-ND Replication Facility, and for many years, I stationed at AML-43 Forward Outpost in Sanford A-10 Dwarf Universe, I'm here to monitor the entire ship's system along with other clones to keep it clean and full capacity. Of course I'm in the HPR-66N, a real piece of artwork, massive space for thousands of clones to live in here and to create more of us, big storage unit, and a large dry dock enough to fit a large capital ship and to make one as well, they are a lot of these with different variants in different Sectoral Clusters and Universal Sectors, but I never been in there before in my entire life only seen some of them. HPR-66N The chaos began when we're entering in the slip space something went wrong that is somehow "it" dragged us out all of us that is impossible to some eldritch beings able to drag someone when they're in light space or in our case, slip space, we were travelled in groups and now some of us were missing and others got destroyed. What makes these things are so aggressive, no one knows and no one care enough to explain, but we do know they're just as any anomalous beings like separated from the aliens in our real space, as for now, we somehow able to shake them off and remain hidden within the nebula hopefully it will mask our energy signatures from them and hope most of them were survived this ordeal. We're building up the numbers from replicators now and as for now our mission is to find that source of disruption and put an end to this... there's no turning back now but to move forward. We are currently fixing this ship back to shape and as soon as we finished it then we have to move out." -End of personal audio log HPR-66N This is a backbone of every Off-World armada, they are primarily function as a mobile base and ship production, despite it's size they are maneuverable able to re-orient itself quickly, it housed a large system capacitators allowing to put more upgrades to push for maximum performance. The function is able to produce Off-World ships ranging to small frigates to a capital class ships and supported with spacious crew quarters, large replicator units and a training simulation facilities to man ships. Massive cargo bays are intended to deliver goods or store resources for ship fabrication. The ship are not unarmed but capable enough to handle any enemies even when they are alone thanks to their durable hull and shield so much so, are a perfect cover for smaller ships while they are fixing inside of it, while guarded by numerous fighters docked inside by spacious hangar. It has a large hyperspace core able to traverse at large distance but at the cost of slower charge. Since their designs are utilitarian, it can be retrofit its modules and system so easily while they are well-protected to adapt situation. Credits: 37,324,938 Iron: 185,070 Trinium: 3,131,225 Xanion: 113,320 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2492301588&searchtext=
  7. This is my first post of my first sets of ships acting as a faction that I'm about to show you. I'm planning to make a combination of story that relative to the Avorion settings and a sort of "SCP-ish" format per each ship I wanted to share with you. My English isn't that great and doesn't know about much of formatting style but I find it exciting to make a story that were Xsotans are more dangerous in story than the game and trying to give off some spooky atmosphere. And also I created a moving shipyard (though not a mod, I wish there's a mod for that) that is able to creating more ships as they go since I inspired from Homeworld and make my gameplay a more of a RTS rather than being a solo RPG approach. My ships' designs are somewhat small and rectangular because they are compact and their hulls are mainly armor and I'm not yet creative enough to make a complex shapes like any builder, I wanted to scaled them up but it'll ruin for my taste and I like the small but deadly vibes to it but I'm satisfied enough that I built various and different ships. So here is my very long writing and I'll post more along with the ships for some time later. OFF-WORLD Also known as Off-World Anomalous Research and Combat organization is not only an organization but as a race as well, they are a race of faceless humanoid clones made up of granite having their progenitor's look similar to human's, they are virtually immortal and slightly durable due to stone physiology. They are intelligent and space-faring race who constantly seeking "anomalous object" then pended them depending the severity or lethality of said objects and retrieve them back to their base, they do this so that they could find a way to neutralize or contain for research and if possible, use it for their own benefit to gain advantage whenever they needed, in truth, there's no leader or any form of leadership despite they have the original on their side, their no-nonsense and gritty attitude combined with selflessness and strong sense of duty and morality, a trait coming from their progenitor, effectively their chain of command are very flexible and adaptive though they are act as if were obedient machines often complied by other races no matter what ranks, they are somewhat socially inept often they took the words literally and took it to the heart because of the result of isolation for so long before they met the alien races in the first place, so it may result some awkward moments of reasoning and diplomacies. Their technologies are advanced and tactical came from the researched objects they kept it from their many facilities, but one thing what makes them unique is their FTL technology called "Quantum Slip Drives" able to traverse at a incomprehensible distance just as far as to entire Universe which is 46 billion light years (their unit of measurement is Aleph), making that the space is much more infinite than it initially thought, making them able to expand their influence rapidly though they are not interested in conquering worlds, only anomalies, and they spread thin and far but what makes up for it is able to produce fresh clones while travelling within their fleet resulting creating an armada as they go on. ///// AV1-22-AA1 Debriefing (03/17/4049): Fleet Group ABN-40N C8 has been missing and has not been return upon entering within the Red Zone of AV1-22 Universe Sector, Marcella Mega-Cluster, you are assigned to locate the lost fleet and provide support ABN-40N C8, and if possible, continue the investigation along with their objective. Be advised, use Counter-Interference Emission in high capacity to prevent the same disappearance of ABN-40N C8 and contact to the main Channel to update the situation if possible. See Incident Report AV1-22-AA1 for further details. ///// Fleet assignment and Equipment : Fleet group: A1/FER-35 D1 (Ship Retrieval and Rescue Vessel) Flagship: HPR-56E FER-35 Fleet composition: One (1) Utility Medium Class Vessel Three (3) Escort Medium Class Frigates One (1) Light Carrier One (1) Light Assault Class Frigate Anomaly Location: X: 120 Y: -131 AV1-22 Universal Sector (23.3 Alephs) System Diagnostic: Logistics Module: Online Inter-spatial Storage Module: Online, 100% Optimal Fabrication Systems: Online Quantum Communication Unit: Online O-Tech Quantum Slip Drives: Optimal Zero-Point Engine Drives: Optimal CIE Unit: Maximum Capacity Deployment Location: ME68 Neumann Sectoral Cluster Destination: Sanford A-10 Dwarf Universe Sector (19.3 Alephs) ///// Incident Report AV1-22-AA1 document: During the disappearance of Fleet Group ABN-40N C8, some speculates that the Red Zone doesn't follow the spatial geometry within that sector prior of deployment that may result the fleet to disperse randomly. Division B2 have been develop to counteract the faulty and stay remain in groups for the next preparations. See previous debriefing document and its latest incidents for furthermore details. ///// AV1-22-AA1 Debriefing (07/21/4048): C-Class Red-type Spatial Anomaly has been detected in AV1-22 Universe sector not far from Marcella Sectoral Mega-Cluster experiencing energy fluctuations causing an abnormal disturbance to Off-World assets and civilians electronics that last ten to twenty seconds and increases it's intensity and range ever since. Investigate that anomaly and assess the situation, expect to encounter hostiles and it's natives within the sector, should you encounter from them, return to the main base if the situation is critical. ///// Fleet assignment and Equipment: Fleet group: A1/ABN-40 C8 (Anomaly Investigation Response Vessel) Flagship: HPR-66N ABN-40A Fleet composition: Two (2) Battle Cruisers Four (4) Artillery Cruisers Two (2) Utility Capital Class Vessel Eight (8) Heavy Frigates Four (4) Capital Carriers Anomaly Location: X: 120 Y: -131 AV1-22 Universal Sector (4 Alephs) System Diagnostic: Logistics Module: Online Inter-spatial Storage Module: Online, 100% Optimal Fabrication Systems: Online Quantum Communication Unit: Online O-Tech Quantum Slip Drives: Optimal Zero-Point Engine Drives: Optimal CIE Unit: Optimal Deployment Location: Sanford A-10 Dwarf Universe Destination: AV1-22 Universe (main objective) Alert: A1/ABN-40 C8 has been missing in action for three months, repeating message is advice to contact the lost fleet, do not approach the assigned sector and hereby designated "Red Zone," and await for further instructions. Update: One of ABN-40 C8 ships have been send a distress beacon after the successful deployment and relay a brief audio message in repeating interval albeit distorted but it is able to clear up some static and decode some missing audio. Audio message to text transcript is now playing. ///// Audio message to text transcript A1 GH-131-AB: This is [static]131 of ABN-40 fle-..., we have been... [static] an anomalous- [explosion] extremely hostile [static] they're too many- [explosion] ... they keep coming from the - (portal?) ... -d asteroids. Our... (referring to the main fleet group) -lit up and got ambu-[static]... ... -uesting [static then audio ends]. Note: This audio message are coming from a utility class vessel, from this interference emits this aberrant frequencies that cause similar disruption to all electronics and had to isolated and study for better understanding of the frequencies and create a countermeasure for CIE Unit, be advised, the aforementioned unknown assailants assumes to be a Foreign-Variant Outer-Terrestrial Anomalies regarding to the inhabitants Red Zone is extremely hostile and the possible main source of the Spatial Anomaly. No further messages has been updated. Await for further instructions. Status: Fleet group A1/FER-35 D1 has now been stationed in Sanford A-10 Dwarf Universe and they are now currently deploying to the main objective (1.3 Alephs, ETA 13 minutes) Update: Fleet group A1/FER-35 D1 has now successfully deployed with no catastrophic failures, and is now en route to search A1/ABN-40 C8's disappearance. The communication is nominal but manageable, recommended to deploy Q14-Comms relays for constant updates.
  8. I want to add to your idea. Why not only for the armor texture but the rest of all material blocks with a unique skin or texture, I honestly don't like the textures of Avorion and Naonite because of those glowy lights in there lines, and the roughness of Ogonite and Iron, and the yellow mess of a Xanion. I like Trinium's texture though, they're my favorite btw because of sci fi look is, but the more kind of customizable skins is better rather than a texture pack mod.
  9. I want a whole fleet that is able to jump far distance but the thing is that smaller ships or ships that don't have much of hyperspace range may left behind and need to catching up by either piloting or command them to the current location and it's a big hassle to get them to go anywhere especially some of them don't have the same range as the other. Here is my idea: A new block and/or upgrade that is able hyperspace an entire fleet with only just one ship to activate What it does it creates field relative of how large or volumes of hyperspace blocks, its really useful when it need to bring along ships out of danger or rallying to prepare for combat. But it comes at a cost though, depending of how many of ships within its range costs an energy consumption and recharge, (maybe depending of how large the ships as well) maybe can be mitigated if a ships has better hyperspace block or an upgrade. Talking about the upgrade, its the same thing as the hyperspace booster upgrade except it only increases the range of field and mitigates the energy consumption and recharge. Maybe in the multiplayer where one player able to "hitchhiking" their group of friends at long distance. It's simple idea of mine because of annoyance
  10. I come with an idea, what if there is option for the players to have customizable faction traits to give a bit of advantages and disadvantages throughout the whole playthrough both single player and multiplayer, limited starting points of faction traits to invest. Not only for faction but as well for the ships with the traits. Maybe including the mechanic of research progression as a form of tech tree with another resource to unlock it that can be research in the research station or . Feel free to give your trait ideas. So here is my very long list of ideas of traits (along with sub-traits) For the factions: Economies - 10% increased value of trading. Affluent - Started with higher amount of credits. Corporate - Increased number of NPC Traders and increased value of trading. Shady - Increased value of trading of Smuggler Hideout while getting less caught up by the patrol in the controlled sector. Materialistic - Increase huge value of trading but may decrease or less to earn reputation. Philanthropic - Lower value of trading but increase reputation of NPC factions and will increased number of traders depending the reputation of NPC factions. Trusted - Have a probability to have dangerous, illegal, and stolen goods not confiscate and freely roam within NPC factions depending of reputation. Opportunistic - Higher value of trading when in territory with greater Supply and Demand. Consumer Friendly - Goods consumed by the station's population yield more credits. Trustful Insurance - Station insurance cost less and also return some of resources when it destroyed. Industrialist - Faster production of goods. Hard Working - Increase faster production speed of goods depending the number of engineers (or mechanics?) and the volume of assembly blocks. Fabricator - Have a small chance to produce minuscule amount of free complicated goods (like Body Armor or Conductors) depending of what type of station. Planning - Decreases value of required goods and decreases further price the more the complex goods. Mining - Increases more mining goods (like ores, gold, platinum, copper, and so on). Processor - Founding an asteroid has small production of resources depending on the sectors is in (if its in Avorion-filled territory the station will make the resource of it). Manufacture - Faster building in the Shipyard and cost less the larger its volume. Rock Dealer - Earn more credits when selling the asteroids and cost less when founding. Extractor - Mining turrets yields more resources extracted while the asteroid is longer to be mined but when it's block destroyed yields more resources. Recycler - Turrets have more components scrapped depending of rarities. Militarist - Increases general weapon damage. Foreign Army - Started with late game turrets and higher rarities. Warmonger - All NPC factions have negative reputation towards the player but increases damage bonus when declaring war upon them. Xsotanphobic - Effective against Xsotan has a chance to drop upgrade and turrets and better rarity upon destruction but it will spawn more often and more dangerous. Scavenger - Increases efficiency of salvagers and have higher chance to loot upgrades and turrets with higher chance of getting rarer ones but decrease miner efficiency. Law Bringer - Lower the threat of pirate, effective against pirate and drops more equipment upon destruction. Invader - Effective against station and boarders are tougher and quicker to capture, can board below 50% health. Arms Dealer - Turrets cost less and has higher chance of more rarer turrets for the Equipment station Security - Player-owned territory has lower risk of pirate spawning, passively taxing NPCs earning credits. Weapon Assembly - Turret factories require less of components and with more quantity, better material type or rarities required less components to build. Weapon Specialist - Increases turret bonuses the higher the rarities. Science - Have a chance researching items into higher rarity. Erudite - Quicker research speed. Prepared - Started with turret blueprints from the late game or better rarity. Breakthrough - Have a chance of researching items to even greater rarity. Modifiable - Research two items will reroll an item with better traits. Efficient - Researching items can produce 2-5 of the same items with the same traits. Experimental - Chance of research all 5 items into legendary rarity with even better traits. May alarm hostile Xsotan fleet immediately. Anomalous Research - May spawn anomalous objects (such as abandoned ship, huge resource asteroids, containers). Antique - Equipment Docks have higher amount of rarer upgrades but increased price. Curiosity - Increase number of objects within the undiscovered hidden blips, has increased value of looting of crates. Singularity - Have small minuscule chance of researching into a Xsotan upgrades. May alarm incoming dangerous Xsotan fleet. Diplomacy - Increased reputation of NPC factions. Peaceful - All NPC factions have positive reputation towards the players but more pirate spawning. Amicable - Benefits with an allied factions with numerous passive bonuses. Allied Force - Increases allied NPC ships and provides a stronger ships. Trustworthy - Reduce the loss of reputation and increase reputation of factions with negative reputations. Coalition - Conflicted NPC factions will befriended if both reputation are at least good. Negotiator - Reduce the cost of paying tribute and decrease cooldown. Leadership - Slight increased of crew's work force Disciplined - Takes longer the crew to lose moral over time. Loyal - Crews take longer to pay salary and pay less. Professional - Higher levels of crew available at the stations. Charisma - Higher quantity of crew to hire. Drill - Sergeants up to generals increased work force. Battle Hardened - Assigned crew in the ship may level up after the battle ends. Prepared - Take less requirements work force for the sergeants and to generals. Advanced Academic - Academy blocks can train the crew faster and have a chance to level up to level 2 instead. Profession Mastery - Increased crew max level. As for the ships: Overclock - Increases processing power at the cost of energy. Hangar Ergonomics - Increase fighter capacity. Alloy Superconductor - Increased generator energy. Anti Shield Resonator - Weapons can bypass shields and including shield resonator upgrade. Void Coolants - Faster cooldown on weapons and slow to overheat. Warhead Plating - Increase torpedoes durability. Genetic Manipulator - Faster cloning while decreasing the energy requirement. Tri-Bolt Armor - Higher resistant to penetration attacks. Metal Nanotechnology - Reduce cost of resource and increase durability, armor blocks are lighter.
  11. I vote for this. I had a hard time aiming enemy ships that are thin or small or simply too far, or mine was simply too big that block my view but the issue is the hotkeys are already used that close to each fingers
  12. If it does, it'll be probably be taxing for the "server" even if it is single player when it is moving in fleet
  13. Can we have some love for the RTS mode? I like its mode. It's control are lack luster, it have to manually to order ships to attack a single ship rather attack to another when they're finished and the the move order are one-dimensional. My ideas are just few and simple: In RTS mode have its Homeworld-like controls, like the good old fashion hold and drag to move different heights, drag box to attack enemies, to mine asteroids and escort non-player owned ships. Ship formations (like Homeworld) in every form (ship formation editor maybe?), especially when they escort a ship that will huddled together that cause its AI to attack each other, they need to have at least some spacing as best as they can Allows to move freely in different sectors when changing through sectors to sectors without the need of switching different ships then switch to RTS mode. The map where you can see the lists of ships in the sectors are need to be improve. The Fleet needs more organized (like categorized into different types/classes of ships). Ships with radar upgrades will share information to each other so that your ships that are far away will still see the blip on the galaxy map. Group assignments be it hotkeys and/or have them in its own UI thing when hovering through the sector so that way it easily order them around.
  14. It's kind of empty after beating the game, if the dev look and add more end game content in the future and even after 1.0 been released I would like to give a suggestions of one of the options: 1. After beaten the Guardian, some ships will have now some of Avorion even farthest region of galaxy 2. Events like invaders coming in our galaxies or new galactic power of a factions will rise and conquer or maybe adding cosmic horror to give us sense of dread and unease (like its able to infect player ships or NPCs to add their own), after beat the Guardian 3. Alien artifacts (upgrades) not related to Xsotan, they're more of unique and specialized upgrades than it is for the quest's item and maybe alien turrets 4. New materials emerged from outside similar to No.2 and some ships will use some of them 5. End game quests and bosses
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