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  1. 8) 8) 8) Thanks a lot Laserzwei! Your work as always is exemplary! Anyone else have some mods that work and or a strong desire to continue great mods like the commands package etc?
  2. Havent been around for a while and I would love to get back into the community and experimenting with all the new awesomeness. Is there a definitive mod release area that has a list of current working mods? I dont think so. Would be AMAZEBALLZ to see someone put together even just a list of working mods that they are using currently so us old folk can get back in the game posthaste
  3. just checking out the game after a long break and this is not working.... :'(
  4. Again anyone have any idea how to make this work properly on win7 x64?
  5. Windows 7 Everything is up to date all my redists and .net I would love to be able to use this tool a little. Anyone have any solution? Source was made available.
  6. Currently one of our resident modders is working hard on a turret mod that will allow you to change some of the colors of lasers. Unfortunately there is no way as of now to change the color of mining lasers, engine trails, smoke from fighters, and a few other things although this may become available later on as more bits are revealed to modders. All turrets currently have the same color beams (if its a beam weapon) as the material it is made from. (ie xanion lasers are yellow).
  7. I never heard you could fix something that works as intended. No really this mod only applies to stations. lololololol :) 8) 8) 8) :o :o :o 8) 8) 8) ??? ??? ??? You can, every single time you leave the sector your mining ship is in, select the sector your mining ship is in, as if you are going to jump to it, and it will load. Meaning it will mine when you are not there. As of right now that is the only way to benefit from having your ships in a different sector than the one you are currently in. My advice? You should take all your ships with you as you jump. Find a nice place to mine... Hold up there for a while. Repeat. Profit. PS.... There is TONNES AND TONS OF METRIC FUCKING TONxzzzS OF INFO IN THIS FORUM... Seek the knowledge and you shall be rewarded! <3
  8. Ps this thread should be sticky
  9. You should [probably put that request in 'mods' yeah a quick search would show you that I have m8
  10. One thing Ive found is that you can use Hologram blocks which are cheap and non collision to "expand" the range of pick up on your ship. I make a little web with them... it seems to work.
  11. I really like the first person view when I do space ship games.... So to simulate that in avorion: 1). Center your camera by holding ALT for a few seconds. 2). Release ALT and press it again being careful to only move your mouse vertically, pull or push your mouse so your ship is as far below the cross-hair as possible. 3). Use the mouse wheel to zoom in all the way. 4). Profit! 8) 8) 8) 8)
  12. yeah im not saying im a fan but what Fox said is accurate. Just aim for the part of the ship that is not moving... there is a center "hub" point that the ship spins around... its a bit tricky but yeah... satisfying. Also steam workshop should be fairly soon and that should allow uploading ship designs that can be used in place of faction generated ships.
  13. TBH this concept is sound... The very first thing I realized that was weird about this game was that materials didnt require cargo space.
  14. I think this would be an excellent idea The only thing (that I know of) that currently effects the calculation is your Generation thread # (this is a setting in your server.ini) So basically there is no block in game that can make your PC do it faster. What I would like to see though is a CALCULATION TIMER!!! So at least I knew that I would be waiting for 30 seconds or 5 minutes. But yeah basically there is a block to increase the speed of the calculation... its called a dodeca core try here too
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