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  1. Hey, has anyone updated this to the current game version by chance? I've played with this mod before in the past but can't get it to work on the current build. Do I need to change the scripts? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. You and I are in the same boat! :P I downloaded the fix and followed the instructions and it looks the same as yours. Did you manage to find the fix for this??
  3. Don't watch this! You don't know what it is! ... . ..
  4. Just a normal video about ships... Yep! Ship building! That's what this is!
  5. Just bought the game a few days ago. Still getting used to the building mechanics but I'll get better and faster with time I'm sure. I'll add in the details and re-color everything after I finish the body. _____ A new ship I'm working on. Almost done just needs a few more details and adjustments and then on to coloring.
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