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  1. I've even had goods vanish right in my face, it's very frustrating. I understand cleaning up sectors that have been left for a while, but losing half the loot because a fight keeps dragging on is a bummer. I like that container idea, maybe it would act like a beacon, or a stash with a glow coinciding with the top item rarity inside?
  2. On top of these things, I'd hoped that the assembly blocks could be a more integral part of the production of goods, allowing even mobile ships to retool a portion of their assembly power towards crafting products. This would also allow for arbitrary stations that could split their production between several goods, so you can start small without a huge investment, but later on also consolidate several different productions into one facility to reduce the CPU strain of a dozen stations doing overly-specialized tasks
  3. Some of those checkboxes, like "smart hull blocks" could have a dropdown list, so you can show/hide all of that category with one click, or tick them individually
  4. Summary: Brokers would be salaried individuals without a ship that can be dispatched to your current sector to keep tabs there in your absence. Brokers could be contacted from anywhere in the galaxy for various functions: Give a detailed report of supply and demand in their sector, equipment in stock, as well as total volumes available and needed in that sector. Purchase goods and equipment there on your behalf, and hold these goods on layover for retrieval by you or a captain. Dispatch them to another sector already explored by you, it must have at least 1 station, and there is a taxi and warehouse (re)establishment fee charged by distance traveled. Submit a wishlist and budget for automatically buying desired items and equipment when they become available. Player can pay for warehouse space to increase the cargo and equipment storage size for that particular broker. (Limits a player from utterly sucking the life out of multiple sectors indefinitely unless they have the ships to move that cargo out) I'm not sure how this would work in multiplayer, what performance impacts it would have, nor what kind of physical presence (if any) brokers would have in their posted sectors. Might cause some problems if an invisible entity keeps swiping goods and equipment, or if they are an entity, a great deal of frustration if someone goes about killing them off or raiding their warehouses. If the automatic buying and storage sounds like too much, these could be simply relegated to providing market information only, and still be a huge convenience for traders that wish to keep tabs on good sectors for procurement and deliveries.
  5. It would be very helpful if we could remotely order captains to do things like: change or equip modules, permanently or temporarily, going to an equipment dock to remove permanent installations. replace existing turrets with a specified one from inventory, or remove a specified turret equip specified turrets on pre-defined hardpoint areas adjust power toggles and priorities clone and train crew ship repairs The assets screen should also keep you notified of ship alerts, like insufficient crew and broken blocks, as well as their shield/hull status
  6. Have a separate tab for the Assembly block function. Here it can have more functionality with mods to do things besides just producing fighters. (For example, manufacturing commodities and torpedoes) Fighter blueprints could be stored in inventory and chosen for a construction job here as well, with configurations and queues for how many to produce, and what squad to place them in.
  7. Friendlies shouldn't even be shooting if there's another ship in the way. Reducing friendly damage is just stepping around the core issue. The other issue is that weapons are even capable of being that powerful
  8. Automatic pathing would be great as well on the map screen, since you have to manually input 20 or so waypoints to get a ship to take a gate network any reasonably long distance
  9. The lack of shapes for functional blocks has always puzzled me, I really can't think of any problems that it would cause, especially since the block menu compacts these variants so well now
  10. Sectors highlighted in blue sell and/or produce the commodity you search for. Sectors highlighted in red buy the commodity you search for. Both would show up on the map simultaneously. The cargo and station goods interface would have buttons to view the map and highlight sectors associated with that commodity. Stations that are known to require a certain material to produce their product would be highlighted as buyers. (Currently this requires checking the wiki constantly, or writing notes for what a sector needs) Trade Posts that are known to buy and sell a particular commodity could also be highlighted. Having an appropriate trade system installed would give additional information - The last recorded price deviation and quantity of goods available/needed of a highlighted sector would be shown on mouse-over
  11. As far as tesla turrets are concerned, just add a new faction called the Cult of the Grounded that make their ships out of stone and attack players that over-utilize them 😆 (I'm not being serious)
  12. Can we just agree that fighters need to be re-balanced before final release? They're slow They're costly They're easily killed
  13. Essentially, for a given module or weapon, help make it more clear that the attributes of it are above or below the norm for that tier/material/TL For weapons, it will better highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each stat, measured against the median. The per-stat ranking would follow something like this Awful Bad Moderate Good Great Maybe a percentage showing the deviation to avoid any color blindness confusion. I make this suggestion because rarity and material seem to mean absolutely nothing discernible. I see gray tier weapons with better stats than exceptionals.
  14. The looks, attributes, and capabilities of a turret are very important when you're working on a specific ship where the weapons are very much a core part of its design. The current system we have now is so RNG heavy and procedurally generated that it makes it difficult if not impossible to make a coherent design. Many people are fine with this and even prefer it, but I like to have the option of total customization without some random seed mucking it up. - Turrets would be designed like a separate ship or an extension of yours, built out of blocks. - 3 parts: Base, Housing, and Cannon. A 2 part variant would also be available and have a static Base and a Cannon that can move around freely. - Pivot and emitter points would be assigned as part of turret design. Turrets could be shared on the workshop. - Every turret you create would add a new entry into your ship management screen with several empty module slots. - In the ship turret management screen, you will place modules that will determine turret type and other parameters. - These modules can be purchased and duplicated from turret factories, you can in effect change a turret without dismounting the current one. The turret you design will be a core part of your ship, not just something you slap on, but the modules that dictate how the turret works can be moved around as needed. So, you create a new turret on your ship, or slap one on from your saved designs or the workshop. A new entry is added to your ship management panel, you can name the turrets, customize sound, colors, effects. There will be several color-coded slots that require certain modules to function, with extra slots for further tweaking. Type, fire rate, accuracy, range, and several other type-specific modules. Damage would be calculated based on what modules you use. Now you can make ships from your favorite TV show, video game, or book, or something straight from your imagination, and have weapons that match your vision.
  15. There's a nifty little feature in From the Depths that temporarily shrinks all blocks to half size, making it possible to modify interior space, mostly for changing block types and getting an overview of everything the ship has at a glance.
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