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  1. Would be helpful to include links for this part.
  2. Hey there Devious, can you please try the attached and see if it fixes your issues? Apologies for the bugs. customfactionsLSUpdated.zip
  3. I've just tested the mod as is with the beta works perfectly. No relation hits. You must have done something incorrectly or have a conflict.
  4. It works for me and others, so no idea why it isn't for you sorry.
  5. Can you detail what you are wanting to do exactly? If you do a print statement inside onplayerentered and run the game you should see your print with the ' key for console.
  6. Actually it's pretty simple. Let's look at an example: function getEnergy(seed, rarity) if rarity == Rarity(RarityType.Legendary) then return 1 else return 0 end end In this example getEnergy will force the system module to require 1 W of energy if legendary, 0 if anything else. So you can see that return--> (your variable) will be the required energy consumption.
  7. please Open Factions Method to change/modify all vanilla factions. I cannot seem to find where the naming for the vanilla factions are in the game files, so I am guessing this is currently not open via modding. While I love Avorion, the garbled randomsauce of the faction names is terrible, as is the randomness of most of the npc ships. I have been able to create my own factions with custom ships, but I would like to be able to define and do the same with all the factions. Thank you.
  8. Hi Devious Good idea can add it to the list
  9. Ever wanted to have the role of an explorer and get paid for it? Look no further. With this mod, you will have the ability to scan sectors, collect the data and be able to sell that data. There are two ways to get this ability: #1: found a new ship. once you do you will see a radar dish icon at the top right. Click this button and choose Start Sector Scan. The longer you sit and let it scan the better the rarity of data chip you will receive. When ready click Stop Sector Scan. You will get a "Sector Data Chip". these will be in the same place as your system upgrades. You can sell these anywhere you can sell system upgrades. #2: if you already have a ship and do not want to found a new one to get this ability simply open chat and type: /run Entity():addScript("lib/scansector.lua") Enjoy exploring and reap the rewards! Notes(spoiler for time variables): sectorscan.zip
  10. Hello, check here: http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,2559.0.html
  11. I am currently working on custom dialogues with npc portraits mod. This will expand and bring life to the npcs. This is work in progress and will be released upon completion. dialogue choices will have real impact upon factions. This can lead to friendship or all out war. If you develop a friendship, perhaps you will be rewarded? examples:
  12. That one is the best ever Mobiyus! I love the little trees and details! great job :)
  13. Very nice designs good job!
  14. -Starflight 1 & 2 -Star Control 2 -Wing Commander Privateer -Freelancer -Project Nomad -Avorion (of course)
  15. can you allow us the xmls of your nice ships please?
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