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  1. Incorporating an idea for this, is that the base tutorial is of different kinds, be it with the adventurer, the pirate, the businessman (tutorials)...so you are taught different ways to start but at the same time without the tutorial gives you to choose the first mission of each instructor....
  2. Hello everyone, fascinated with the game here, I would like to contribute an idea, at least to tell it and see if it is feasible….. “as you know the game to have the ship hangar you must have trinium, with this it occurred to me: in the possibility how can it be done to have the hangar ships in lower levels or another blocked block? I devise the following: *Lab block, it needs energy and crew to operate, the larger the area of B.laboratories, the more crew and energy are needed, with this you get research (as a resource) or as a situation you can unlock blocks of your choice, *The following branches to unlock: -Missing blocks depending on the ore -improvements for the blocks obtained (+Performance, +Hp,+ Armor+ Range +energy +shields +integrity etc) -Improvement of subsystems (possibility of improving the subsystems. Depending on the degree of the subsystem, the time needed can be reduced depending on the number of scientists and the level of laboratories of the ship in question. % of breaking in the attempt 20%, I leave that at your discretion) *all ships will have a laboratory. This will make you unlock, upgrade or upgrade faster, this action will scale down depending on the relevant labs and the number of scientists you have in them, out of all ships, subsystem upgrades can only be done one per ship unless find a subsystem that improves that situation and it is also affected by the number of scientists on the ship. *To be able to investigate, mineral or ore is needed, and money, specialized scientists or random people who can do the work, although each crew does their own thing, the scientist will generate research. At a lower level the block to unlock, cheaper, less time to unlock, at a higher level, more expensive and more time. *for this to happen, the blocks must be categorized by research levels, for example: -Iron blocks are categorized with 800 research units. Titanium blocks are categorized with 1600 research units…etc The non-specialized scientist generates 60 research units per hour, to unlock a block of the iron level I would need 14 scientists studying, a block for an hour, if I have 27 scientists I would be able to do it in approximately 30 min, if I had 52 in a couple of minutes in theory as the production block. This as an example of an academy scientist, would base 100 research units per hour in simulation to the existing game. (Normal crew or specialized crew) * an iron level lab block compared to an avorion level, will have lower research level as the rule for all blocks and their ores. laboratories facilities, (better material laboratories) *The investigation situation will be gradual and/or by quantity (if it is gradual, a time will be estimated for the investigation and the more scientists and laboratory blocks the faster the investigation should be, this is added with all the ships that have laboratory blocks ): -but each new unlock will require more mineral or ore according to the category, the money is kept by category. *the research icon may be in the menu of each ship if it has one or in the menu of the player. *only the laboratory will be enabled in iron level in story mode, the following blocks of other minerals must be investigated. *the block upgrade branch will have categories but certain upgrades will take some time, this can be attached to a research station where you can unlock blocks or it will be faster than multiple ships. For the branch of improvements, only the icon of each block of these will be shown, which can be investigated as an example: Armor: * %+hp if in iron it gives +50hp in avorion 350+hp (varies depending on the size) *%+light, will make the material lighter so that the ship improves speed and similar cares for the physics of the game *%+durability depending on the category. (Standard for all blocks) *%+ Standard processing for certain blocks) Specific blocks *%+energy *%+ completeness range *%+ speed *%+ hangar space *%+shield etc etc. When the investigation is happening in the branch of unlocking blocks, the animation will be that the unlocked blocks will be shown in the construction menu and also how long it has been since that situation. I like purple for investigators since the others are already busy. Without further ado, I remain attentive to the comments. PS: I don't know the language very well, so I used google translate to translate the idea so that it can reach you =).
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