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  1. So, I use fighters a good bit and one thing I would LOVE is a way to easily check at a glance whats where and whats what. My suggestion is pretty simple. Make the fighter icon changeable or color coded! A simple way to tell at a glance whats what and where and I hope it would be something simple to do since you can change the color of the UI. Opinions?
  2. HAving some weird issue with our server. Enemies spawning is causing server to crash.
  3. Thank you so much for the quick reply! Guess we are going to just start on a new save so get rid of the corruption. Thanks again!
  4. The server I play on (APEX casual gaming) we are having some strange things happening. For starters, out Lightning and Tesla turrets are no longer dealing damage. (Not sure if this is just a update delay with the server or something else.) Second issue, Fighters are disappearing from peoples ship inventories along with Blueprints and some cargo. Granted, it is the Beta branch but we're just hoping to see if others are having these problems or if this may be something we can solve. OR, perhaps third, this is something bug related that we are helping to shed light onto.
  5. Awesome! Just plain awesome! Sweet patch.
  6. Personally I always wondered why only upgrade modules were the only way to add turrets to a vessel. With the addition of PD and Anti fighter turrets as well as larger turrets there is (in my humble opinion) a shortage of turret slots without either A: a shit ton of grinding. B:Mods I was wondering if it was possible to gain turret slots based off of ship size much like upgrade slots? Sharing the same "processing power" type of attribute. Though instead of it being "processing power" it could be something different. Such as "Turret Support Capability" Though you could still use the upgrade slots within your ship to enhance the turret count more it would allow for ships to have decent anti torpedo and fighter countermeasures without being JUST a PD/Anti fighter vessel. That is unless the aim WAS to force ship specialization. Just an idea though, as I don't know if its even possible.
  7. A.Wolfrick


    I have this happen sometimes as well. Railgun shots don't register to one or two enemies but if you widdle the numbers down to just a single entity the railguns damage registers again. Can comfirm the wormhole guardian has fits of ignoring railgun damage completely.
  8. Welcome to Black Core Dynamics, Sub company of Fifth Echelon Hyperspace Forge. Here at Black Core we strive to deliver ships with purpose and spirit. Ships built for the grizzling adventurer, the stead fast explorer, the ruthless pirate of the admiral with a dream. We hope you will join us in the future of ship building and help bring about a new golden age of ship construction. From all of us here at Black Core Dynamics we wish you the best, and we hoep we'll server you as loyal customers. Here I will be documenting, or at least trying to, my many attempts at building something that looks less like a brick and more like a pancake ships that my imagination has forced me at gunpoint to build due to my loneliness inspired me to build. I deeply enjoy the look of star wars ship but overall I enjoy their "dagger" design. With Black Core I will be exploring different shapes, styles, sizes and learning about them. If enough people have the interest I may also break down what I've learned. That being said, I am ALWAYS open to criticism about improving the builds, shapes or overall deigns. The Renegade Mk 1 The first ship I sat down and built, its rough, a little bit strange but I deeply enjoyed the strange yet elegant shape of the hull. The Mark 1 is the first most basic model I have yet to construct and serves as a ship in which I try to cater to almost any starting play style with something both cheap but durable. A link to the Renegade: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1312754404 (Notes: It has some lacking in movement and speed but these will be addressed when the Mk 2 is build, The mark 2 Might* be a second vessel or a complete rebuild.
  9. Thank you sir, you officially have a number one fan. I am.. so blown away by this. Thank you! A million times thank you! I LOVE THIS!
  10. Fruits have a place and a time on food. Tomatoes are essential.
  11. Now hear me out, what if instead of just adding a module its turned into a block instead? A posting by the name of Alanthier mentioned the idea in the beta post. Adding it as a block would also allow for the use of tractor beam type weapons to keep those disgusting annoying stick ships from spinning like tops. Idiots? Opinions?
  12. I imagine cloak will require a ton of energy for the size of ship. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns off when you fire your weapons though as a cloaked ship knocking you out without warning or sight is a little OP. However, being a sneaky sneaky sound really fun.
  13. Fruits have a place and a time on food. Pineapple however. Should be kept away from pizza. I'm sorry. :-X
  14. Stellaris Space Engineers Avorion Star made Don't have a fifth but those 4 games I can play around the clock and NEVER get bored.
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