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  1. At the moment you need to go to the main menu to switch if time stops or not. So if you generally want the time to run, and something happens, you have to stop and either care about that or make the switch.
  2. Currently all you can do in the fleet screen is recalling your ship from orders, show it on the galaxy map, take stuff and look at the captain's stats. It would be a lot more useful, if (with a button in most cases) you could: - See ships stats (or add some basics in a mouse over like for the caption: current hull and shield HP with %, current sector order - open the ship menu - enter to the ship - give sector orders - an icon for "under attack" - an icon for "docked to a station" - if docked, create menu for actions like hiring and trade - basically you don't have to jump inot a ship to so stuff. - a "take all" button Also it would be nice if there were custom group tabs, where you could put your ships in order e.g. what they are doing or what size they have. A tab for your battle ships, one for the minser,s one for the traders...
  3. From what I can see on my comp Avorion and the Avorion server each use 1 CPU core and together about 3GB of RAM (may get bigger in later game stages, I am still relativly early.) The build screen definitely sucks CPU. That said, while 8GB seem to be a little small, it should work if you have nothing else running. Did you put your APU to use the maximum amount of RAM in the bios? It might still be set to 512MB. How are your frame rates? But with just that data nothing can be said. Open your Task Manager, go to processes, sort by CPU and look what you find (or screenshot).
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