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    Anchor Block

    As stated, it just lowers the problem, but wont get rid of it!
  2. after reading this topic it jumped to mind and i thought it was a nice idea to share: Why not giving stations an Anchor Block to make it completly immobile, like pushing with a ship or force turrets no longer affect them? Would that be even possible, since everything can be moved including big asteroids and such it seems? Canonical it could be based on the same principles as the Inertia Dampener, not sure if size should affect it since we speak about totals, either it can move or not, no in-between... On a 2nd thought it could be a possibility to prevent ships of players going offline to be pushed throught gates of non-PvP-Sectors (like stated here) if they could anchor them before leaving?
  3. Flew alongside these and can confirm, great work on the roundish shapes and details (the dreadnought featureing a whole City on top and such)... very nice work, more to come! And on the workshop ofc, let rain the thumb-up-buttons! 8)
  4. nice 2 see you & your work again, welcome back! ;)
  5. First one seems to be not possible from enigne-side, as stated by the Devs... Latter one is alrdy possible!
  6. There is, just build up an alliance to see all its members on your galaxy map!
  7. We were just wondering on our Server if this is an Client Issue, just Lag or a real Bug, and not half an hour later... WHAAM! Hotfix in the middle of the night!!! Thats dedication, thanks again Team!
  8. So Coal, Oil and Diamonds have their place now and all production-chains are available? Will it be buildable by players/alliances? Such caress anyways... [spoiler=happy Fox is happy] EDIT: Worth noting that Mobile Merchants can sell planetary goods aswell now?
  9. ??? "a little technical again, brace yourselves!" is well said, uhm... yeah, 'tis a pretty colorful picture there :o ...was all i understood i think, but that alone sounds good enought! Keep it up, excited what else the future will bring to the game!
  10. my guess would be that you made your 2nd ship from a shipyard, where you just need to check a box to get basic crew (including captain), while your 3rd ship was made in free space and thus needs to be crewed by you manually...
  11. over 70 templates sounds excessive IMO, but i know the level of detail you talk about here nothing bad in a little scrollbar or such, agreed with the former statements, good point, +1'd :D way to go until then is keeping "template" ship (could imagine like stickshippish with branches for the templates) nearby with easy-to-grab copys i guess? maybe one could outsource some from the menu like that... its not a beautiful solution ("Latin" can be quite beautiful for such cases it seems, i dont speak it, too, tho ^,.,^) for the issue itself, i know, but something i tend to use quite often, like nothing undoable neither...
  12. in that regard i would like to see some kind of bonus given for a weapon mounted on a "Fix-Rotation-Block"... like the only real useful way right now is if your ship is very small and nimble and its turnrate outclasses the turrets rotation speed... This would also give reason other than pure aestetics for mentioned selfmade VLS Tubes or spinal-mounted weaponry as suggested here... But there is always a fixed up or down relative to your ship, in biology you always count sides from the view of the subject you are watching... EDIT: Is that a bin bag on the wall you can see on Charless' Picture? lol...
  13. ??? as in, hold the right mousebutton to rotate the camera around your ship? You also can (i assume you talk about buildmode here) always change your focus to another point with the F-Key after selecting a given block. So a clear no, you are no way forced on any axis, just take a look at the workshop what wonderful stuff ppl can come up with (no way all flat and such)
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