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  1. It might be worth a try. But make a backup of the galaxies before you update. You can't load beta galaxies on old versions like the current stable one.
  2. Hi and welcome to the forums :) I hope you have a great time, but I'd like to ask you to post in English or at least provide a English translation with your posts. That way everyone will understand what you are posting and will be able to reply. Thanks in advance!
  3. Please post your client logs and if you can get them, also the server logs from your friend. Instructions are in the sticky post in this forum. Also, please add your system specs on your laptop.
  4. If you have destroyed one of them before, then they will show up like a usual enemy ship. But I think that before you have destroyed one, they are basically displayed like asteroids. I don't know if they are recognized by the object finder, so you might have to look for them with your eyes.
  5. If you want to cheat it (in singleplayer or as admin): Enter the following into the console('), after you have replaced the 5 in teleporterkey5 with the number of the missing artifact /run Player(callingPlayer):getInventory():add(SystemUpgradeTemplate("data/scripts/systems/teleporterkey5.lua", Rarity(RarityType.Legendary), Seed(124)))
  6. Can you please post your system specs and the log files? You find instructions for getting the logs here. If you have a dedicated graphics card, then you should try the steps outlined in the FAQ. You can find a link to that in my signature.
  7. It only comes in Iron and Avorion, as it says in the patch notes. I guess that is to have a mid-game use for iron.
  8. I think koonschi said that something along these lines is planned for the future.
  9. I think you can increase acceleration with 'C' and decrease it with 'V'. Maybe its the other way round. I have to admit that I don't really use that mode so this might be wrong.
  10. Moved to the general bugs section, as it was not introduced in the beta version.
  11. I am also not aware that this would be the case. Do you have a recent source from koonschi, where he states that he is working on something like this?
  12. I guess you would use the toggle button for this in the future. Deactivate it in high speed scenarios and enable it if you want to come to a complete stop. From the notes:
  13. ├Łeah, the search function can make life really hard at times :) I guess, as issues like these are not really game breaking and as high priority as some other stuff, he is pushing these back. Maybe he also has some changes to the system planned, which would make those fixes unnecessary. But that is just pure speculation from my side.
  14. You have to explicitly switch to the beta branch. For singleplayer you can find it in the games properties on steam. There is a 'Beta' tab from which you can select the beta version from a dropdown menu. There has been no update to the regular version yet.
  15. Merged topics. Please try to search for similar topics next time. This one was just on the second page ;)
  16. You should be able to change some of the UI colors in the settings. Though I have to admit that I don't know whether the indicators for enemies are recolorable there.
  17. Merged topics. Also, please don't use all-caps in titles :)
  18. I don't know about anything related to Cheatengine, especially not if steam does checks for it. I also can't say anything about VAC. That said you don't need any cheat tools if you are playing on your own server. You can freely edit the save files, but make sure that you have a backup before doing so. Also, if you are the admin on your server you can use commands like /give kamoose 1500000 iron /give kamoose 1500000 money Regarding the issues, you should probably post the log files. You can find instructions in the sticky topic on this forum.
  19. Some comments from the devs on translations: http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,1295.msg6023.html#msg6023 http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,1336.msg6274.html#msg6274 I think something along these lines is planned for the future.
  20. Not really. There is a lot of inspiration out there by now. Maybe you'll find something you want to adapt. As for actual images: They will be resized to fit the forum now, so you don't have to think about that. Also, share the xmls in the way you like, if you want to do that. Attaching them to the post is fine, as well as something like dropbox/google drive, etc. Just try for yourself and see what you like :)
  21. Moved this to the gameplay discussion section. It might get some more traction here, where it's not between all the servers :)
  22. koonschi said that he is completely focused on the game. This means that there won't be any changes to the forum in the near future. I don't think you know what it takes to make a game, there are like 2 programmers for this game, that isn't that much, and they are not making a forum, its using open source software that already exists. Just ignore it and report stuff like that. We don't need to feed the troll.
  23. Or just aim at the object without using shift and press middle mouse button. That has the same effect.
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