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  1. The game itself is very small, but save files actually do get quite large in the order of multiple gigabytes. So there is a chance that on smaller SSDs the free space runs out. Especially since the save files are currently limited to the appdata folder, which is located on the C: drive for windows.
  2. I feel that this is a very tricky thing in regards to the gameplay. There are a lot of story missions that are located in a specific ring around the center of the galaxy. Resizing the galaxy could then result in very small areas, which might hinder the spawning of story related things and might throw the balance off. But I would also admit that there are parts of the balancing which could use a bit of adjustment at the moment.
  3. Great suggestion, I like it :) Also, very good work with the images, they are looking great!
  4. We know that there will very likely be faction packs which you can then upload to and download from the Workshop to replace the random ships for some factions.
  5. Don't worry, it will come to the stable branch as well. It is just currently in testing to get rid of the most annoying bugs. Then you should have a better experience when it is released on the stable branch.
  6. No problem :) In case you can't find a certain post of yours then you should be able to find it from your profile, as long as it is not deleted.
  7. Here is a guide on Steam on how to use ships from the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=941842725 This feature is currently only available on the beta branch, so you should switch to that if you haven't before :)
  8. You should send them the file as an attachment with an email as posted in the announcement:
  9. Koonschi hat ja bereits im letzten Info-Post erwähnt, dass die Updates nach diesem wieder häufiger und regelmäßiger kommen werden. Vielleicht haben wir ja Glück, dass das update vor dem langen Wochenende in die Beta geht, dann ist da auf jeden Fall viel Zeit das zu testen :) Leider ist es oft nicht wirklich einfacher Sachen halb fertig zu veröffentlichen. Vor allem gibt es dann auch viele die sich beschweren, dass die Updates immer das Spiel kaputt machen, auch wenn es explizit als Beta oder Experimentell deklariert wurde.
  10. Well, first of all the week only ends tomorrow. And he also said that this will be the case if everything goes well. So it should not be very surprising, by the size of the update, if there have been some bugs that will delay it for a few days.
  11. Yes, you can do that. But I suggest you create a post in the General Discussion forum. You should also add a disclaimer that everyone is using the tool at their own risk and that they should back up their saves before using the tool. Welcome to the forums :)
  12. I have removed the links, but I will leave the thread up as the answer to the question might be relevant to some.
  13. You will have to edit the fifth line of the server.ini file of the galaxy you are playing in. The galaxy files are located in the %appdata%\Avorion directory. The value should be between 0 and 1.
  14. This topic has been moved to Gameplay Discussion. [iurl]http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php?topic=3431.0[/iurl]
  15. If you don't do so already, I'd suggest you follow koonschi on twitteror check up there from time to time. He has posted some updates on the progress in the last days again. It seems that coop piloting is now a real thing and some out of sector updates are working as well.
  16. If you could link the video at the position where we can see what you mean, then it is easier to answer your question :)
  17. There have been a lot of suggestions in this direction. Here is the answer from Koonschi (click on the quote description for a link to the topic):
  18. Right click on a sector in the galaxy map. Its a few entries down from the hyperspace calculations.
  19. Currently the display is only visible in menus like the building mode, to give space for displaying group information. The total amount of a resource is displayed in the ticker on the right hand side if you collect more of it. I don't know if the changes might be reverted at some point of if there will be something like a setting. That's a decision the dev has to make. I can' t tell right now if the screenshots of the new update already suggest some changes. For now you will have to look at it in the building menu. Welcome to the forums :)
  20. I figured that maybe not everyone is following Koonschi on twitter, so here are some more recent screenshots from the development of the alliances update: April 12th April 15th April 20th
  21. The AppData folder is a hidden folder in your user directory. One way to get to this is to hit the windows key and 'r' at the same time and enter "%appdata%" without the quotes. You can also set the "Show hidden folders" option in the explorer-options. Then the folder is visible in your user directory.
  22. Title seems fairly obvious, but here is my question: What podcasts do you listen to? I am personally trying to catch up with the following podcasts: The Dollop American History Podcast Comedy Dave Antony, Gareth Reynolds Hello Internet Varying Topics CGP Grey Brady Haran (Numberphile)
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