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  1. a cluster of 2 to 16 systems with jump gates, in a rift with one one access point, might provide this system without having to resort to manually designing such scenarios completely.
  2. i suggest to create a hirarchy of the block types, and have the block with precedence in that hierarchy, be the only one to use the stacked volume. this still allows for extensive clipping to align edges in designs, and for players to fully fill a given internal space with ease, and would keep all existing designs functionally valid, if not as powerful as they where.
  3. avorion nebula: ship acts as if it has 2x mass, kinetic weapons do 2x damage plasma nebula: shields disabled, energy weapons half damage dust nebula: shields take damage based on speed, ship speed limited if they go down.
  4. guessing there is a setting somewhere that was being buggy... i had to reinstall steam after the last windows update broke it, avorion being in main steam library got removed while doing so, and now after reinstalling, its behaving as you describe. as it was, any ship i had tried to edit, be it 8 blocks in a ring around the root block, or a 20k block workshop ship, was getting deleted when the root block was deleted. if it happens again il upload a video since i know its a bug now. i just assumed it was normal as its the same behaviour i experienced 2 years ago.
  5. a 1 in 500 chance he calls himself sans and rather than fight, just drops the chip and several thousand tons of fruit and vegetable before jumping out.
  6. wandering comet- asteroid field, but for water, ice and the industrial gasses. ancient titan salvage- scrapyard that is basically a single giant structure scattered with automated turrets. scattered with steel, and components. though both of these would likely need a sell all cargo function to avoid clogging ships with goods
  7. i would rather avoid power inflation like that myself. adding 10% to dps and hp every new galaxy doesnt actually add anything. its one of the many reasons why MMORPG games end up as grindy assinine quagmires.
  8. exploitable. pay once, slavage the whole yard in 2 hours, never return. my personal hope is that when the economy/trading is updated the functionality for resourcers to auto-buy licences when they run out will be added.
  9. using layered diamonds/hexagons of different colour could work, and link back to the layout of the systems upgrade screen layout. this would give a rough 'at a glance' guide to the ship size similarly to homeworld icons, while different colour could differentiate bias in the ships for offence, defence, support, carrier, artillery. for example red, blue, green, yellow, grey as the central colour respectively.
  10. when building/redesigning a something, the situation occurs where you need to delete a block, but it happens to be the root block of the ship. deleting this block at the moment, deletes the entire ship. and it can be quite surprising which block is the root block. to workaround this at the moment, we need to; 1)select all blocks, 2)deselect the current root block, 3)save this selection without the current root as a template, 4)apply that template to make the game use a different root block. which can happen multiple times in a row. accidentally deleting and undo-ing a large ship is also a good way provoke the "rebuilding geometry" thing in my experience, meaning the player needs to restart the game. being able to manually change the root would solve the need for the workaround.
  11. having carriers sit idle for 10 minutes after a battle, or worse, during a battle, waiting for their fighters to crawl across a sector isnt needed when the carrier can do many times the fighters speed. i request that the jump out behaviour for carriers be changed so they automatically fly to their fighters to pick them up when told to jump out of a sector.
  12. #1 this is an issue i hope to see fixed with a future expansion of diplomacy in game. frankly militariastic factions should react to "border tension" as an ongoing issue, and should be building up to match player forces based on interaction with you. #2 i honestly think all the minerals in the game should be trade-able commodities. and be processed through the economy into components. eg, teh difference between an avorion and naonite laser being, did you make its components from that material. #3 would need to be careful or factions would be farmed more than they are now. newly generated factions should be more formidable than those they replace. honestly i think pirates that gain enough resources should expand as dedicated raider factions, fielding larger raids, and having border varients that also kidnap crew, not just kill them. #4 xenocide is already part of the game. but there are no ramifications for it, and its utterly casual as npc factions dont yet have any facility to respond to even moderatly powerful players, and i agree that needs to be fixed when possible. i see no problem with the xsotan deciding to harvest a faction, or more cleanly an area centered of that factions territory. imo this should be part of what they do.
  13. and by raids, i mean they bring in a fleet modified based on your current held resources, hit your lowest omicron sector assassinate a given tonnage of your fleet and leave, instead of the casual saunter in, flap about then wait for death thing they do now. not only would this be a more engaging way to apply sector limits, it would also help with players easily over powering the game by constantly bleeding player resources. and limiting mine/station spam. it is also a thing that could be done via rng as a stopgap until fleshed out faction industry, diplomacy and economy can be implemented. basically persecutors multiplied by the players own resources. as pointed out by luner hunter, this would work better if this form of enforcment was done from closer to the barrier, and would also be lore friendly in regards to xsotan behavior if they where the group to do the enforcing.
  14. currently, you get to the centre of the galaxy, and thats pretty much it for the playthrough. you get the best guns, build a multi-million hp ship and turn the game into a right click simulator, where the bosses are just are just prime cattle and there is little encouragement to continue designing ships. i would like there to be a way around this, with out the poisonous and self defeating way mmorpgs keep tacking on a new dungeon and powerful cash shop item every 3 months. i suggest that once you defeat the centre guardian, you are allowed to take a ship with a volume/mass limit to a new galaxy with enough resources to bypass the initial slow buildup to your first mine, and only a limited inventory. maybe have your home sector/stations actually be the players(so that you can lose everything) but can avoid the slow start. basically the newgame+ that some other rpgs use where you go back to the begining but actually have all your abilities, but on top of that a difficulty multiplier is added each time you do this to increase the challenge of the game when you do. causing; factions to be more hostile. more likely challenging you to get out of their sectors if your ship is more powerful than they trust you with. more likelihood of boss fights being tailored against your ship(s). take a carrier and they are loaded with flak, take a battleship they are loaded with cannon, come in covered in rails and they have carrier missile cruisers to keep away from you. etc etc. having factions chase you to different sectors if you retreat, like cylons in galactica. have them more likely to launch counter attacks against your sectors/stations/mines other ships as distraction when you raid them. would have posted separately, but these things would work together. and some of these things already have foundations in the game, such as persecutors jumping after you to the next sector. these systems would also add replay-ability to the base game for hardcore and insane.
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