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  1. and by raids, i mean they bring in a fleet modified based on your current held resources, hit your lowest omicron sector assassinate a given tonnage of your fleet and leave, instead of the casual saunter in, flap about then wait for death thing they do now. not only would this be a more engaging way to apply sector limits, it would also help with players easily over powering the game by constantly bleeding player resources. and limiting mine/station spam. it is also a thing that could be done via rng as a stopgap until fleshed out faction industry, diplomacy and economy can be implemented. basically persecutors multiplied by the players own resources.
  2. currently, you get to the centre of the galaxy, and thats pretty much it for the playthrough. you get the best guns, build a multi-million hp ship and turn the game into a right click simulator, where the bosses are just are just prime cattle and there is little encouragement to continue designing ships. i would like there to be a way around this, with out the poisonous and self defeating way mmorpgs keep tacking on a new dungeon and powerful cash shop item every 3 months. i suggest that once you defeat the centre guardian, you are allowed to take a ship with a volume/mass limit to a new galaxy with enough resources to bypass the initial slow buildup to your first mine, and only a limited inventory. maybe have your home sector/stations actually be the players(so that you can lose everything) but can avoid the slow start. basically the newgame+ that some other rpgs use where you go back to the begining but actually have all your abilities, but on top of that a difficulty multiplier is added each time you do this to increase the challenge of the game when you do. causing; factions to be more hostile. more likely challenging you to get out of their sectors if your ship is more powerful than they trust you with. more likelihood of boss fights being tailored against your ship(s). take a carrier and they are loaded with flak, take a battleship they are loaded with cannon, come in covered in rails and they have carrier missile cruisers to keep away from you. etc etc. having factions chase you to different sectors if you retreat, like cylons in galactica. have them more likely to launch counter attacks against your sectors/stations/mines other ships as distraction when you raid them. would have posted separately, but these things would work together. and some of these things already have foundations in the game, such as persecutors jumping after you to the next sector. these systems would also add replay-ability to the base game for hardcore and insane.
  3. replacing only lost blocks without dumping money into passively repaired parts would be nice for just wanting to lurk around.
  4. the devs are literally building an rtsrpg hybrid. unfortuatly, the rpg elements are turning the gameplay into a rightclick simulator. and same as any mmorpg, by persuing this game design, they are forcing themselves to keep adding new "end game" bosses for players to first fight then farm and get bored of, due to these bosses being reduced to dps sponges for ever more powerful players. something i dont want to see happen as it results in players leaving due to boredom of only having to hold a mouse button to win. most of what im talking about looks like it is already part of the game in different forms. the dps bonuses already exist, and can frequently by bound applied to npc ships, as well as modifiers already applied in the difficulty settings. i admit, i have no idea what their vision is, and im utterly lost for where you get the idea of a succinct ideal without sacrifices, as the game in its current form has had to compromise on the rare drops and loot based play of rpgs, and had to compromise on game balance to keep non-rpg players engaged. the npcs should not be a set of ever bigger progress bars you click on to finish. that is not fun for either type of player. non rpg players lose engagement and leave waiting for more engaging environments to play in, rpg players leave waiting for some new BBEG to farm. and that is something that does not have to happen.
  5. there is a "Coming Soon™" with that. the dev team is pretty small, and we are just after an update and ongoing bug fixes.
  6. i didnt put this in ideas as its not a specific item, but a general idea without specifics, about gameplay and satisfying different player groups. there are at least two distinct player types in avorion. rpg players who want their feeling of excitment from looting rare/powerful drops and gaining exponential power and those who want a fair balance for multi-player and pvp. the issue, something that destroys mmorpgs, is that these two things are complete anathema to the other. if you provide the power boons that rpg players thrive, then you destroy the basic functionality for the people that want fair competitive play in multiplayer or simply a more level experience where decisions matter more than gear. an example oof this is MP players that have modded out the inherent buffs on npc ships. but this can be addressed in this game using mostly already existing foundations. that being the difficulty options and the existing bonuses to stats some items get. by tying the rate and magnitude these bonuses occur to the difficulty, and then to the material and rarity, the easy difficulty could be setup to feature the largest and most frequent rate these things occur, but be completely disabled on expert and above. with the difficulty option acting as a sort of game mode selection, players would be able to choose how the game will work in a way they will enjoy.
  7. i would like for research labs to boost the tech level of applicable stations in their sector, with each upgrade increasing that level boost. each upgrade could demand a given volume of computer core be built into the station to unlock it. this would fix the issue of never being able to find high level factories to use high level blueprints. as well as provide a workaround to the contradiction of "why does the BBEG let me build a base in its kitchen?"
  8. suggestion for the future when expansion of the economy system is in place. adding grades of of the base materials as refined materials could provide a good way to encourage use of shipyards, and integrate shipyards into faction economies. these would only be available by founding, modifying or editing a ship within range of a shipyard, similarly to modifing installed systems, or by ordering a ship from a shipyard. but in order to do this a player would need to have a selection of materials for making the alloy's these materials are produced with. up to xanion level. allowing the same tech level function seen in other factories to also apply to shipyards in the real world its unlikly we will ever stop using steels due to many having more useful properties than 'better' metals, and there are several versions of titanium. this could be represented as modifications to repair speed, repair cost, maintenance and many other attributes that could be used to balance rimward and coreward factions and players, and making these stations a real part of the games eventual economy and balance. and could allow for expansion of the station types with foundries that buy from resource depots and mines to make the materials. an example result of this a faction/player with a fleet of avorion ships may have ships that have a lot of power and hp, but these ships would have lower passive repair rates and cost a lot more in upkeep than those made of titanium and iron. this would also add depth to the game beyond "dash for the core". especially on harder difficulties where players like myself want to challenge a game with working balance rather than getting bored holding right click until all the things in the sector are dead from being in range of a doomwedge.
  9. would add a % of range to mounted weapons for every kilometer their range falls short of a given maximum. for example a basic TC would add 1% for every km short of 20km, boosting a 5km weapon to 5.75km an exotic TC would add 3% for every km under 30km, boosting a 5 km weapon to 8.75km the permanent install modifier could be that it then also works on PDTs. it could also have a modifier for when installed on a station. like + x% to modifier or + x% to max range.
  10. ship docking is going to be a thing in an upcoming update. this could give you your mothership.
  11. you can set up a "studio" box in creative, using 8 ships with big thin glow panels to make a box to do your building work in.
  12. i tried several times to click links people posted to other discussions in the forum, but all of them drop me at the welcome/top page. i thought it might have been some overzealous security in my main browser, but all by browsers do the same. anyone else getting this?
  13. likely depend on the country you are in and if you are in an at risk group. i suspect older working people and healthcare providers will be fast tracked.
  14. this weapons function and description in game matches that of how "Ion Cannons" would work. even sharing the electrical and plasma damage type. im not really fussed about the teslas due to the historical reference, but i do think using ion cannon would be an improvement to lightning gun.
  15. sometimes the ships and stations shown on the main menu are pretty cool, and could serve as a good foundation do build from. so i would like a button on the main menu that will save the template of these demo ships to my own template folder so i can work on them.
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