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  1. How do you load a workshop added ship in avorion? It's not in my saves. I've looked everywhere for a way to do this and I cannot find a way. Thanks!
  2. Running into the same problem with my server, urgent help needed please...
  3. I've been wanting to play legit now on my server but I can't with the credits and minerals I have. Is there a way to remove them with admin commands or something? Thanks!
  4. No, I am an admin and I cannot use the command. One thing though is that it says to throw one of the scripts into the cmd folder, which is not there and I think thats what the problem is, I created the cmd myself and thats where im at and it doesn't work.
  5. I have been through the files and tried installing the /sethome script but it didn't work. The creator says it should work so I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong or what not
  6. Rionopia has it's on Discord and Dedicated 24/7 server owned by Chris. ip - No Lag! Will be implementing mods in the future like factions and dropping minerals on death!
  7. Created a new server! Come join us at Once they either release the workshop or I figure out how to add mods there will be mods to ease the pain of the regular vanilla! Currently there are 6 regulars playing, 4 online now so come play with us!
  8. Hello. I currently use Citadel Servers for my server and would like to find someone who could manage and put on mods for my server. I will be willing to pay a small amount for the job but I'm in dire need to find someone who can navigate the client panel of citadel servers to do what I need to do. Send a comment please, thanks!
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