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  1. Aye, with the old command system you could have a ship mine the asteroids in a given sector and then automatically refine ores (if needed) once it's hold got full, instead of needing to find a whole bunch of good sectors in a single spot AND take 3x longer than it used to be. That and/or also enchaining commands in the strategy mode/view so people that are sector in can specifically direct miners to multiple desired asteroids in a row instead of having to wait for each and every asteroid is completely mined before being able to order them to the next one. (should also mention that the auto-pilot/strategy mode AI likes to move on early when titanium 'roids and other large chunks break off, which means that half or more of an asteroid can be completely ignored/forgotten, resulting in a very early order completion)
  2. Absolutely yes, this way people can build without needing to mirror a ship or place the hull/armor last.
  3. Absolutely yes. If torpedoes are able to be bought en masse with a specific warhead and body then they should be able to be produced on board. That said, doing such might be difficult to balance with the current torpedo system due to it not being materiel (iron/titanium) based. There is also the problem of how little torpedoes' range, speed, and acceleration (which may mean maneuverability would need to be increased as well) is improved as the game progresses compared to turreted weapons gaining much greater range, and types of weapons that have an inherently better range per tech level, in addition to their ability to spawn with ammo type modifiers that increase damage even further as tech level increases. This effectively causes torpedoes to be less and less useful as toward the center of the galaxy.
  4. I really feel like initial dampening should be stronger, and also have an intermediate game materiel that they can be built from instead of just Iron or Avorion. And it's not exactly fun or easy to have to rotate and fly the other way just to slow down at a reasonable pace with a medium or small sized ship of (nearly) pure Titanium. Attempting to improve more Internal dampeners occupies significantly more of a large portion of a ship's internals because of how it means more generator battery volume is required, and then the increased mass form the power blocks reduces the effective inertial dampening. This then perpetuates a vicious cycle of exponentially greater volume needs for any level of acceptable braking level. As such, there is no effective way to upgrade or improve inertial dampening to a tolerable level other than having an end game ship for the only material that can reduce the volume needed just exacerbates this issue, and even then it doesn't improve the it's volume efficiency nearly enough to justify requiring the user to have progress that far. As such a moderate to significant increase in the overall strength of inertial dampeners (possibly for a given volume and mass) and allowing them to be built from Xanion would be greatly appreciated. An alternative method would be to have a global player only modifier that can improve such do a specific quantity (just like the collision damage multiplier).
  5. Absolutely yes, especially if it can prioritize certain ore types over others. Thankfully, Rinart73 has made just a pretty good version of it and a little over 2k people that use it. But if it's that popular it should definitely be in the base game for sure, and people shouldn't sacrifice steam achievements for it. Same goes for Rinart73's auto-research mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1983292357
  6. So simple, yet so frustrating why the heck it's not in game. Wears out fingers and keys far faster without it.
  7. 100% on the money. Honestly, just doubling the default loot range would help with this so much.
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