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  1. Factories reserve a portion of their cargo hold for each ingredient/product they need/produce, to ensure that they can't block their own cargo space with, say, only products. Have you checked that your factories aren't running into that limit? You can see that maximum per good on the Sell/Buy tabs of your factory, when you interact as if you wanted to buy or sell stuff. It would be particularly helpful if you could provide us with a screenshot of those tabs of the factory. Also, where did you get your "station free cargo" output? I'd need the exact line of code and where you put it.
  2. We cannot reproduce the issue and hence cannot fix it. Can you provide the exact station plan xml and what kind of factory it is? Is this limited to a specific factory? Does the issue occur if you stay in the same sector and idle or is it for a factory that's in another sector than you? Edit: what cargo is on the station, (before and after the issue occurs), can you provide a screenshot maybe?
  3. DLC: Into The Rift In this hardcore add-on you'll explore the mysterious and dangerous Rift dimension. Thanks to new technology, it is now possible to send smaller amounts of mass (i.e. a few ships) into the Rifts. Scientists are now intensively researching these Rifts - and they need your help. Travel into the Rifts and uncover their secrets. Face their dangers, complete research expeditions, and earn powerful new rewards. You can get it right here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1905970/Avorion__Into_The_Rift/
  4. DLC: Into The Rift In this hardcore add-on you'll explore the mysterious and dangerous Rift dimension. Thanks to new technology, it is now possible to send smaller amounts of mass (i.e. a few ships) into the Rifts. Scientists are now intensively researching these Rifts - and they need your help. Travel into the Rifts and uncover their secrets. Face their dangers, complete research expeditions, and earn powerful new rewards. Into The Rift You can now find Rift Research Centers close to rifts, which will give you specific Rift Missions Prepare your ship accordingly to master the dangerous new environments and uncover the secrets surrounding the origins of the Rifts Complete Rift Expeditions for the Rift Research Center, and receive new, powerful hybrid subsystems in return - or simply keep everything you find in the Rifts Discover a new dimension unlike anything you've seen before in the galaxy Remember, the deeper you venture into the Rifts, the more lucrative and dangerous they become Explore the Secrets of the Rifts Collect research data and sell it, or trade it for new powerful subsystems Mine new, higher-yielding Rift rocks and refine them for huge returns Explore wrecks untouched for centuries and find lost treasures New Story Campaign Meet new characters and work with them to explore the secrets of the Rifts and finally end the war against the Xsotan plague. The future of the entire galaxy is at stake! New Captain Classes A Scientist will help you collect valuable research data in Rifts that you can either sell or trade for powerful subsystems A Xsotan Hunter will attract large Xsotan specimens in Rifts that you can take down for epic loot New Dangers & Enemies Master the extremely hostile environment in the Rifts Fight never-before-seen Xsotan, new bosses, and centuries-old defenses - or take advantage of them New Legendary Subsystems Over a dozen new hybrid legendary subsystems for every play style New Legendary Turrets Many new Legendary Turrets that will give you the edge you need to succeed in the Rifts Play with Friends Rifts are unforgiving and dangerous. Be sure to bring a few friends and explore them together to improve your chances of success Full co-op support for Rift missions Gameplay Fighter productions now continue for ships that are sent on commands Cloning and Academy training now continue for ships that are sent on commands New Item: Coop-Reconstruction Kit, that lets you revive another player in the sector (as long as they didn't respawn yet) New Item: Marker Buoy, that can be deployed in a sector to mark places Added more legendary turrets for players to discover Added more parts to the ship & station generator (only affects newly discovered factions) Improved looks of bridges of procedural ships (only affects newly discovered factions) Reworked the Xsotan Swarm Event in the center of the galaxy Event is still global, but the boss will spawn in a single location, if the swarm is being fought in multiple sectors Once the boss spawns there is a notification for all players where it spawned The Wormhole Guardian respawning is no longer dependent on the outcome of the Swarm Event Improved shapes of asteroid fields (only affects newly discovered sectors) Turrets are now restored when repairing ships Force Turrets have been completely overhauled and can now grab objects and hold on to them (only affects new force turrets) Players can now reconstruct alliance ships from anywhere at their Reconstruction Site Added a new Xsotan Loot Aggregator that drops tons of loot Added a new Xsotan short-range enemy that deals lots of damage in close range Added a new Xsotan long-range enemy that always has a high range Xsotan now have different categories with more specific weaponry, depending on distance to center (or rift difficulty) Visuals & SFX Added background visuals for sectors adjacent to rifts Added graphical highlights to mark important objects Added sound effects to many laser FX Ship Building Added an alternate design for Armor Blocks Added 2 alternate designs for normal Hull Blocks Added a new Scaffold block Added a new Vivid Hull block, that has brighter & shinier colors Added a new light block that can be colored Added 3 flashing lights blocks that can be colored, that flash in different intervals Added 3 new blocks with bright stripes Global Paint, Global Paint Reversed, Local Paint Added 3 new blocks with dark stripes Global Paint, Global Paint Reversed, Local Paint Added armored Turret Base blocks Added Rift Stone blocks (creative only) Added Glow Stone blocks (creative only) Object Detector "We changed the way the object detector upgrade works, since we found it completely unusable inside rifts, where you can find tons and tons of interesting objects. The detector is now a ping, which highlights objects for a certain amount of time, and highlights more objects. Additionally, its range was drastically increased, especially for lower rarities. It also no longer highlights objects based on rarity (ie. claimable wreckages could only be found by Exotic or higher rarity Object Detectors), but all detectors highlight all objects." Highlighting of Object Detector is now a ping, no longer a constant highlight Object Detector range has been drastically increased Object Detector now highlights all objects, instead of different objects based on its rarity Object Detector shows a notification when entering a sector, if there are valuable objects to discover AI Factions AI Factions now send a welcoming mail with a short introduction, depending on their traits AI Factions now send a more specific declaration of war that more reflects their state form AI Factions now chatter to player when they feel strongly about something that changed relations, for improved immersion and to give feedback on what they strongly like/dislike AI Factions now have more distinct traits that correspond more to their state form (only affects new AI factions) UI Remade the looks of the Main Menu Added QoL option to mark all items below/above a certain rarity as trash Added QoL option to sort all mission-related items in inventory to the top Reasearch Station: Added a QoL option to auto-research trash Added an exclamation mark to mission-related items Added Hotkeys for top-right actions like "Exit to Drone", "Trading Window", etc. that can be configured in Controls Window Improved the Hangar Production UI to more transparently show queued productions and invested resources Reports of missing turrets or fighters now include the name of the ship Added a Death Screen with options to either respawn at last Repair Dock or Reconstruction Site Added a "Burst DPS" Stat to tooltips of turrets that can overheat "Burst DPS" is short-term DPS (damage x fire rate) "DPS" is (and always has been) long-term DPS, which takes overheating and cooling into account HP Bars now flash when taking damage Building UI is now disabled in situations where you can't build anyway Several more Galaxy Map settings are now saved Balancing Turret Factory: Fixed several issues with stats scaling in Turret Factory: Added a button to "reroll" turret seed Repairing at Repair Docks at Reconstruction Site is now free Towing ships at Reconstruction Site is now free Reduced founding costs of all stations by ~20% Stations now require a minimum population of 30 crew members + housing to function These crewmen only have to be on board, they don't need to be part of the required crew Stations that don't fulfill the requirements are retrofitted automatically on first load of a savegame with a quarters block and required vanilla crewmen Stations receive 30 crewmen and a housing block (if necessary) for free when founding them Dev Note: "We found it very immersion breaking that so-called microstations function just as well as a big station. If you built your station just slightly bigger than a miniature ship, this change won't affect you at all. Also, all stations will be retrofitted on first load of a savegame, so you won't have to go and fix all your stations, the game will do that automatically for you." Electric Damage now deals x2 damage when it hits a glowing block (Generator, Engine, Shield Generator, Battery, etc.) Bugfixes Fixed an issue in Turret Factory where transporting it to another sector would change its blueprints If you used this, you might be happy about the button to reroll seeds Fixed an issue where turret designs were deleted when a ship was damaged Fixed an issue where yields of ships that were deleted or transferred to an alliance couldn't be collected Fixed an issue where ships with only non-functional blocks couldn't be scaled up Fixed an issue where a selected entry in the Steam server browser Fixed an issue where rotating a directional thruster didn't change its particle animation Fixed an issue where escorting ships didn't follow a player through gates Fixed an issue where "Don't show this again" checkbox for turret bases wasn't remembered over a game restart Fixed an issue where blueprints could create negative costs when creating fighters Fixed an issue where scaling down a design in Saved Designs window could create negative costs Fixed an issue where ship could jump to another sector if galaxy map was open during loading screen Fixed an issue where canceled trades between players left UI errors Fixed an issue where undocking via Autopilot caused rubberbanding while station menu was open Fixed an issue where jump chains could be canceled if Galaxy Map was open during loading screen Fixed an issue where valid designs were greyed out in Saved Designs window Fixed an issue where some Xsotan enemies could drop Avorion Scrap Metal Fixed several issues with the Procure Command Fixed an issue where Supply Command combo boxes were reset while open when players own many stations Fixed an issue where "Transfer Vessel" wouldn't fail when the client was destroyed Fixed an exploit where Ships could mine/salvage without a captain Fixed several issues where players could get stuck during the tutorial Fixed an issue where crew could be transferred to a fighter Fixed an issue in Bounty Hunt Mission where target could turn friendly Fixed some issues with visuals in the inventory menu Fixed an issue where ancient gates had shuttle traffic Fixed an issue where hyperspace marker wouldn't disappear when jumping into another sector Fixed an issue where hyperspace jump calculation sometimes wouldn't start if another calculation was already going Fixed an issue where automatic turrets could fire even if set to disabled Fixed an issue where enabled/disabled state of automatic turrets wasn't remembered over a game restart Fixed an issue where boarded ships kept old AI behaviors & buffs Fixed an issue where connecting with custom ports didn't work in "Connect via IP" Fixed an issue where ships could lose their class for a short time after returning from a command Fixed several performance issues when starting fighters Fixed an issue where sectors that were scouted with alliance ships weren't properly displayed Fixed several issues with wrong captain descriptions Fixed an issue where salvage command UI would show a yield of partial subsystems Fixed an issue where the "Free Slaves" mission could fail too quickly Fixed an exploit with Resource Depots Fixed an issue where mission log in "Hide Evidence" wasn't updated correctly Fixed an issue where Fidget didn't get stunned properly by electric damage Fixed an issue where IHDTX remained invincible when an asteroid was destroyed only by the player Fixed several crashes
  5. Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors. This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK): Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'Beta Branch - Newest Changes & Experimental Features'. Gameplay "Some of the changes and bugfixes in this update were already introduced on the default branch, but are listed here as well for the sake of completion." Added possibility to repeat the dialog with a wreckage in "A lost friend" Player now starts with 3 Turrets named exactly the same as hint suggests into tutorial to avoid confusion Mining/Salvaging carriers now need proper working fighter/squad/pilot configurations to get full yields on Mining/Salvaging Operations Mining/Salvaging ships now return to the sector they were sent away from upon return Balancing "We're adjusting the Procurement Contract a little to base it more on reality when procuring large amounts of goods. Right now it's possible to very quickly procure huge amounts of goods, that would never be available in some regions. We'll keep an eye on the numbers and will be adjusting when they don't feel right." Procure command now takes more time when very large amounts of a single good are bought Once a certain threshold of value (per single good) is reached, it takes +45min per time the threshold is overstepped Threshold ¢1.500.000 at the outer edge, ¢30.000.000 at the core Threshold is still always at least 100 of a single good (in case you enjoy procuring Mining Robots or Accelerators) UI Xsotan artifacts II and V now say "arbitrary" instead of "armed or unarmed" Shortened German translation of label in scout command UI for better alignment When under attack, the map now shows the name of the attacked station or ship Bugfixes "As always, bug fixes marked with [UBR] are from User Bug Reports, that were submitted through our bug reporter! Thanks for your help and keep it up! :)" [UBR] Fixed a crash in dedicated server tool UI [UBR] Fixed an issue where Building Knowledge wasn't properly dropped in multiplayer [UBR] Fixed an issue where trader in black market mission got destroyed too fast to safe them Fixed some script crashes in scout command Fixed in-sector orders sometimes not longer being persistent over restart Fixed an issue where strategy mode buttons weren't working properly [UBR] Smuggler Hideouts now handle missions and captains the same way as the Smuggler's Markets do [UBR] Fixed an issue with Commodore captains and the “careful” trait [UBR] Fixed an issue where operation exodus would give an invalid code fragment The cavaliers mission “Protect the Transport” can now handle dialog partners being killed during dialog [UBR] Fixed an issue in AI mission where player couldn't find AI again after they were destroyed by it [UBR] Fixed several issues in investigate missing freighters mission The mission can no longer send player to the other side of the barrier Player now needs to dock to the station to receive potatoes Fixed an issue with crew strikes Fixed an issue in torpedo introduction mission if player had already started it in an old version [UBR] Fixed a script crash in player profile [UBR] Fixed a crash in Strategy Mode [UBR] Added offset in captain's certificate to account for difference in shown vs actual level [UBR] Orderchain is now cleared on relog if an invalid order is contained [UBR] Saved Designs auto save now checks if folder is write-accessible before trying to save to it, giving an error message if not [UBR] Only 1/3 of resources delivered during a resource shortage are added to the stock of the station now to avoid exploit by instantly rebuying for a better price [UBR] Fixed an issue where captains had a size of four instead of two crew members [UBR] Fixed an issue where some bosses won’t spawn if a player switches to ship instead of jumping in themselves [UBR] Fixed an issue where dialogs were interrupted after loading screen leading to missions being stuck [UBR] Factions can no longer have none coaxial weapons with coaxial in their name [UBR] Fixed an issue where turrets' autofire states were reset after scaling the ship [UBR] Fixed autopiloted ships trying to boost to target position and immediately stopping again [UBR] Trade and procure commands now show error if ship has no cargo bay and doesn't allow to press start [UBR] Fixed an out of memory crash [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships would stand still while mining/salvaging while their defensive turrets were firing [UBR] Fixed an issue where a pirate in the bounty hunt mission wasn't properly registered as a friend during a dialog [UBR] Fixed an issue where Scout command didn't uncover some sectors Fixed an issue where final exodus beacon's indicator was visible in building UI [UBR] Fixed an issue where sell command UI was filled wrongly when reinspecting configuration of a sent-away ship [UBR] Fixed an issue where auto turrets were reset when scaling the ship [UBR] Fixed an issue where "Damage" property was wrongly compared in tooltips [UBR] Fixed an issue where building stats configuration would stay open when closing Build Mode [UBR] Fixed an issue where some UI grid selections didn't scroll back up when cleared
  6. Hey everyone! The 2.0 Beta has so far been very exciting and we're very happy with the performance of the update! We've spent a lot of time on 2.0 and its polish, and we're super proud of what we've achieved with 2.0 and its improvements to the game. We all genuinely love the changes and improvements it introduces. However, some aspects of the update have been received with mixed feelings by some members of the community, and I think it's time to give you all some background info about why we did what we did. I'd like to shed some more light on the decision that was probably one of the hardest I've ever had to make. I'm not justifying here, nor looking for pity, I'm only explaining. Note: You might need to know that we're a tiny team with 5 devs (including me) working on a massive project here that grew over 8 years. 1. Engine Structure The engine of Avorion uses a bottom-up approach (sectors are generated first, everything else comes from them). There are advantages (easy procedural generation, abstraction, perfectly parallel multi-core support, CPU & memory management) and disadvantages (harder communication between sectors, having to load a sector in memory before accessing it (which can take up to 30 seconds), and missing inter-sector coordination) with that. There are some exceptions where we could, luckily, use a top-down approach, such as faction areas. Due to this structure of the engine, the game has trouble with sector-to-sector communication, and especially non-player-sector-to-client communication. This is not something we can change. Keep in mind that I started Avorion as a hobby project 8 years ago, and the original engine design was never meant to support a game that lets you command ships in other sectors. Making a system work that was never meant for this engine takes very very much time, that could be better spent elsewhere. If you're a modder of Avorion then you probably know what I'm talking about. There are lengthy wiki articles about Avorion's complicated engine structure. 2. Glitches Like mentioned above, we have to work around that with everything we do over the galaxy map, and it costs us development time. It also doesn't feel as good as we think it should. You can feel us having to work around that in every single old style command (lags, ships not responding, sectors going to sleep, etc), and the order chain. Ships have to somehow communicate that they need a sector loaded in memory, which is usually only done when a player is online. What about ships of offline players in sectors with online players, what happens when they jump away into a sector that's not loaded? Those are the fun exception cases we have had to deal with on a daily basis. Maintaining this system costs us tons and tons of dev time, it makes features expensive and also costs us money that could, again, be better invested elsewhere. 3. Performance The old system requires sectors to be kept in memory for ships to do their work there. It also means simulating those sectors. There is a reason why we're limiting the number of sectors on multiplayer servers. We're regularly getting complaints and out-of-memory crashes from players who are playing Avorion on 10 year old laptops where they're sending their ships away to mine. Yes, this could be solved by better hardware, but in order to keep the fanbase growing, we'd rather have the game run well on those machines, too. 4. Gameplay, Immersion and Ease of Use A) In the old system you had to find a nice sector or two, find a refinery, equip a ship and get a captain, then click a few times while holding Shift, and your mining loop was set up. I agree that it's a nice mechanic to set up and feels immersive. If you do it right and make a big enough loop with alternating asteroid fields you'll trigger the asteroid respawn, making it a perfectly safe fire-and-forget for infinite income (which is not something we think should be available as early in the game as it is right now, but more on that later). B) In the new system, you have to find a nice area, equip a ship and get a captain, then click a few times and your mining operation is set up. You get a report from your captain telling you that an area is awful/great for mining, and how many resources they think they'll bring in. With a high-enough tier mining captain it's still close to fire-and-forget (mid to late game, for up to 8h), but no more immediately available infinite income. You also have to put more thought into your ship, its armament and strength and the area it's deployed in. We put a lot of thought into this system. Personally, I prefer B (I mean, yeah, duh, that's why we put it in), for several reasons. It's easier to use, more straightforward and more transparent. It's a clear "Mine" command that communicates what equipment it'll need, how long it takes, what your income will be and tells you more about potential dangers. I also think that this communication with the captain makes it more immersive. Easier to use: Did you know that 75% of players in Avorion only have a single ship? We want to make fleets more attractive to everyone since that's a very important part of the game, and the new map commands are one of the steps we're taking towards that. And considering being a fleet commander: The new commands make you interact with your ships and captains on a more regular basis, instead of them just being income drones that you don't care about. We also added many commands that are meant to make many aspects of the game more accessible as well. Scouting an entire area, sending your ship off on an adventure to have your captain report the exciting and ridiculous things that (may or may not) have happened, quick ways to trade, gather or get rid of goods, single-click traveling, factory supply, refining, resupply, etc. that were not as easy to set up before. For the ambush chances, we wanted a system where you'll have to put some thought into your ships and where there's a certain feeling of danger. It was also important to us to add a system where you have a certain control over your ships being attacked or not. The armament of your ship, the area where they're doing their thing, safe mode and escorts all influence the ambush chances. Finally, even if we hadn't added the new command system, we would still have added a system where every 1 - 2 hours one of your stations or mining ships would get attacked, to get that certain feeling of lurking danger. I'd also like to communicate our vision for the game here, since I've seen quite some misconceptions come up again and again. For infinite income: We DO want players to have infinite (or at least low effort) income at some point! How would you ever build stations and actual fleets without that? The thing is that we don't want that infinite income as early in the game as it can be achieved in the old system. So, some passive income in the early game: Yes. Infinite passive income in the early game: No. Considering late game: For infinite trickle-in-money: We designed stations for that exact purpose. For massive amounts of resources: Send out a mining fleet with a Tier III mining captain leading them (they'll be gone for 8h, even if the other captains aren't miners), and a warship that protects them and enjoy the millions of income every half hour 🙂 I'll talk about another point here that has been brought up. People have been mentioning the lower income of the mining operations, as compared to the old commands, and they thought that we nerfed passive income to somehow punish them (I'm not sure why we would ever want to do something like that or what you'd be punished for, exactly?). The actual income of the mining operations was based on observations we made while mining ourselves. We timed our manual mining to get some good numbers for the simulation of the mine command. So that mine command income simulation is actually based on how much a player would approximately mine with that ship that you're sending out, and not based on the AI simulation while you're not in the sector. And that's where one of the issues arose from: There was actually a bug in the simulation which has since been fixed (basically in the no-player-in-the-sector simulation ships were always boosting, always hitting with all turrets, no matter how far they were etc.). AI miners would outperform manual mining by up to 5x (!!) while you're not in the sector. This means some of the (completely risk-free!) tactics we've seen players do in 1.3.8 would basically turn the game into creative mode in just two hours. AI miners would make more resources than a player mining manually. Apart from it being a bug, that feels plain wrong to us. The best way to play would be obviously to send out your mini-mining ship, risk free, for massive income. Every other way is not as valid. That means that there is no meaningful gameplay choice here, which to us is a sign of a game mechanic that's unhealthy for the game. 5. Choosing our Battles We're a tiny team working on Avorion and that means we have to choose our battles. Avorion's got so many playstyles and features where we loved having it in the game and where we're only scratching the surface. This is something that ultimately leads to the game feeling like it's incomplete or still Early Access even. With Avorion 2.0 we want the game to feel better as a whole, more finished. We spent months on the update, improving not only quality of life, but adding so many more important features, missions and other content. We overhauled the entire UI. We want to tie up some of these, let's call them "unfinished loose ends" where things feel unpolished and unfinished. There was a lot to do, and we did all this in a free update, because we think that it will 100% benefit both the game and the current and future community. Keep in mind that we simply can't expand and deepen all the playstyles and mechanics as much as we want. Especially given some of the limitations we're having with the engine. So why not keep it as an option? Because if we do that, we get double the work because we have to maintain two systems, and there is no way we can reasonably do that. There is nothing "lazy" about that, it's us prioritizing what we simply can and cannot achieve. 7. Final Note: Modding We're extremely grateful for the amazing modding community that has assembled around the game. If your playstyle doesn't fit our vision of the game, then there is no harm... no, let me be more explicit: then we want to encourage you to make a mod to fit it to your playstyle. Considering the old commands: We knew that this decision would be controversial and we explicitly removed them in a way that they can be easily readded through a mod. I personally still think that a true sandbox game thrives through its (modding) community. So, are we letting the community do something that would be our job? No. Our job is to fulfill our vision of the game, in a way that is doable for us. And it is our job to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the game the way they want to enjoy it. Which is why a few years ago, we spent months of work making the game as modding friendly as we possibly can. And we're still continuing with that! (We'll get to that Scripting API requests thread very soon, don't worry!) So there you have it! This is the full, transparent and whole truth about the map commands rework. We have to choose our battles, to make sure that we can continue to deliver high quality updates in reasonable amounts of time. I hope you can understand that. Now stop reading the ramblings of a dev and go have fun with Avorion 2.0! 🙂 Sincerely, Konstantin (and the rest of the Boxelware Team)
  7. Gameplay "More general QoL for everyone! Ships now stop when they don't have a salvaging license in a scrapyard, gems now have a purpose, and we've added a 'stealthy' swiftness so that you can tell your ships more safely to fly somewhere with minimal attack problems." Salvage AI now stops when its salvaging license runs out Gems are now bought by Habitats and Casinos Added a "stealthy" swiftness for travel command with very low attack probability but high travel time Commodores of escorting ships now properly reduce attack chance for Travel Command AI ships can now use armed auto turrets to defend themselves while mining/salvaging 'Dock to station', 'peaceful patrol' and 'refine ores' AI states now set the ship to 'passive' instead of 'idle' to avoid spinning Asteroids are now guaranteed in scrapyard sectors to avoid mining ships appearing and doing nothing Captains can now no longer be Intimidating and Harmless at the same time Balancing "We're buffing the normal delivery missions to make them more worthwhile, and there will be more missions available in general. We're also changing the mine/salvage operation safe mode, and you won't be able to use absolute minimum effort ships in areas where they're obviously outclassed. It's been pointed out to us that sending a 2 slot iron ship to mine for 4h in (1:1) without it being in any danger doesn't feel balanced and we agree. They'll need to be at least a little bit on par with ships in the area or you'll have to use an escort to protect them." Doubled base rewards for delivery missions Delivery mission bonus reward now scales with location in the galaxy Doubled base rewards for resource shortage missions (now 4x the good's price) Resource shortage mission bonus reward now scales with location in the galaxy Increased number of available bulletin board missions Increased likelihood of Tier III captain mission Mine Operation's safe mode now reduces attack chance by 90% instead of setting it to flat 0% Salvage Operation's safe mode now reduces attack chance by 90% instead of setting it to flat 0% Energy drain of energy to shield converter is now static for each rarity Increased prices of energy to shield converter upgrades to be more on par with other upgrades Increased fluctuation of the amount of goods available through trade contracts UI "Some more UI QoL improvements, enjoy!" Added an alternative view for ship weapon overview that doesn't fill out the selection by slot, but by turret Added better error messages as to why a captain can't sell something (esp. which good is problematic) Readded display of total crew salary Escorting ships now additionally show the description of their escorted ships Added a config option to enable/disable encyclopedia pop ups Improved Translations Bugfixes "As always, bug fixes marked with [UBR] are from User Bug Reports, that were submitted through our bug reporter! Thanks for your help and keep it up! :)" [UBR] Fixed some wrong translations [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighter AI was not properly detecting wreckages Fixed an issue where unowned objects were shown as purple instead of grey [UBR] Fixed an issue where seeker shots of autopiloted ships targeted the wrong objects on the client [UBR] Fixed an issue where autopiloted ships aimed badly on the client [UBR] Fixed an issue where mines didn't buy things as intended [UBR] Fixed several issues where jumping into some specific sectors could cause the game to crash [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships on operations (and NPC ships) always used all weapons on the ship for everything [UBR] Fixed an issue where auto turrets were shooting ships that were assigned as friends [UBR] Fixed an issue where permanently installed upgrades could get lost when the ship was too massively damaged [UBR] Fixed an issue where upgrades could get lost on reconstruction Fixed a few script crashes [UBR] Fixed an issue where the boost of ships would continue over loading screen, draining too much energy on hyperspace jump Fixed a performance issue in UI of Mine and Salvage Operation Fixed an issue where missions weren't tracked correctly [UBR] Fixed an issue where academy was reset when a ship went on an operation [UBR] Fixed an issue where cloning pods were reset when a ship went on an operation
  8. Gameplay AI can now use multi-harvest turrets to both mine or salvage Balancing "Buffing energy to shield converters a little more to make them more competitive. We're also reducing pirate HP to speed up combat encounters a little and make things a little easier, since especially in the core they could quickly overwhelm. Their firepower will remain untouched, this only concerns their HP, and also only for pirates." Energy to shield converters now stack with other shield bonuses Improved shields given by energy-to-shield converter to give better shield +% than previous shield boosters Reduced pirate HP/shields by 20 - 25% since the game has become more challenging with the limitations on ship size This also speeds up combat with pirates in general Adjusted building knowledge drop (and mission) to be more on par with actual material spawn UI "We made some major improvements to the fighter UI and the galaxy map! Plus some more generall UI goodness." Fighters Added small HP bars for fighters when showing the entire squad Added small markers for fighters Added HP bars for deployed fighter squads Galaxy Map Alliance ships are now no longer shown in galaxy map ship list when alliance infos are hidden The currently tracked mission can now be shown on the galaxy map Galaxy map now remembers its configurations for each save Wormholes are now selectable in strategy mode Ships can now be sent through wormholes in strategy mode Added more localization strings (almost done with all languages, yay!) Force turrets are now also compared by force when sorting by damage in inventory Bugfixes "As always, bug fixes marked with [UBR] are from User Bug Reports, that were submitted through our bug reporter! Thanks for your help and keep it up! :)" [UBR] Fixed an issue where players' ships and stations were attacked by bounty hunters when it should have been other factions (when at war) or pirates [UBR] Fixed some localization issues [UBR] Fixed an issue where the trader attacked by pirates still died too quickly [UBR] Fixed an issue where energy to shield converter subsystem showed the wrong stats for permanent installation [UBR] Fixed an issue where energy to auto turret subsystem showed the wrong stats for permanent installation [UBR] Fixed an issue where the news window didn't update properly [UBR] Added fail safes to tutorial to progress according to underlying mission so that destruction phase always works [UBR] Fixed an issue where title/class of ship wasn't properly restored when returning from background simulation [UBR] Fixed an issue where pirates attacked each other in 'Eliminating Rivals' Reading this I realize the irony of the bug with the mission's name [UBR] Fixed an issue where factories could use shuttles to overdeliver more goods than they had in stock [UBR] Fixed an issue where salvage command displayed an error about weapons being used when in fact it wasn't relevant [UBR] Fixed an issue where introduction missions could spawn on the other side of the barrier [UBR] Fixed an issue where the reticle of beacons was visible in build mode Fixed several server-side crashes Fixed an issue where turret factory ingredient mission didn't get properly tracked on restart [UBR] Fixed a few issues in display of texts of captains' perks and orders [UBR] Fixed coaxial turrets triggering the hint for unfortunate turret placement [UBR] Fixed stations triggering the hint for unfortunate turret placement [UBR] Fixed an issue where mothershipless fighters' models weren't cached, leading to performance issues [UBR] Fixed a crash when getting destroyed or jumping with the weapons overview window open [UBR] Fixed a crash when jumping via auto pilot with the strategy mode open [UBR] Fixed an issue where invalid characters could be added to ship name text box [UBR] Fixed an issue where ship names could overflow the UI [UBR] Fixed an issue where some projectiles were displaced after being fired [UBR] Fixed an issue where enablers of different input contexts would block other keys ie. Ctrl-W in StrategyMode blocked pressing W (while Ctrl held) in build mode, even though there was no Ctrl-W combination in build mode input context [UBR] Fixed an issue where wrong stats were displayed in ship tab [UBR] Fixed an issue where stations were limited in sockets by building knowledge [UBR] Fixed an issue where turret designs weren't restored correctly when repairing [UBR] Fixed an issue where turret designs flickered on undo/redo [UBR] Fixed an issue in "A lost friend" where sometimes captains didn't have a primary class [UBR] Fixed an issue in "A lost friend" where it wasn't available at Casinos and Habitats [UBR] Fixed an issue in "A lost friend" where it would never yield a Daredevil [UBR] Fixed an issue in "A lost friend" where the marker for a wreckage wasn't rendered at the correct position [UBR] Fixed an issue with icons not being cleared in fleet overview [UBR] Fixed a crash when jumping with the ship window open [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships behaved strangely after salvaging or mining is finished [UBR] Fixed an issue where Harvest and Repair AI no longer used existing turret groups with enabled autofire [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighters could mine hidden treasure asteroids even though the mothership didn't have the equipment nor captain to detect them [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships couldn't mine hidden treasure asteroids even though the mothership had the captain to detect them [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships didn't mine nor salvage when they only had fighters and no mining/salvaging turrets
  9. Gameplay "A few AI adjustments (mostly fighters) and some minor goodies." Added a buyable beacon that can be deployed with a customizable message Ship AI is no longer limited by range of PDCs when they have other weapons they could use Self-pulling into a dock via tractor beam now pulls slightly longer to avoid edge-cases where it's just barely not possible to dock Improved fighter AI when returning to mothership Player fighters without mothership (and thus without pilot) now fly in circles NPC fighters without mothership (and thus without pilot) now explode Dropped building knowledge is now reserved for 1h instead of 2min Balancing "We're adjusting fighters slightly again because this time we overdid it a little. Those changes should tone them down slightly from their current status as indestructible killing machines. We're also giving the different shield upgrades a more distinct use." Increased resources necessary for production of fighters on ship slightly Increased range of Anti-Fighter cannnons by 1km Once all guaranteed dodges of a fighter are used, they get a 0.25s cooldown until the next random dodge can be done Guaranteed dodges recharge over a period of 60s instead of 120s Fighters now get (3 + 2 x [PilotLevel]) guaranteed dodges up from (3 + 1 x [PilotLevel]) Strong escort ships and escorting commodores now reduce base attack chance (which couldn't be reduced before) Slightly reduced yields from mining & salvaging safe mode The trader that is attacked by pirates no longer dies in 2 seconds It's now 120s, except when you're helping them with the dying Increased amount of shields provided by energy to shield converter subsystem Shield boosters now give a flat bonus to shield instead of a percentage Reduced maximum amount of goods available for Trade Command in early game Reduced random spawn rate of bosses slightly, since people jump more often now Reduced prices of torpedoes by 56% UI "We're now communicating better what the different intricacies of the different operations are. And we've got a brand new scenario selection for Singleplayer games! Apart from that: More UI QoL and other good stuff!" Improved UI of operations Colored price percentages of sell command Added better communication about sell command prices, captains and trading subsystem Added a warning sign to sell command for dangerous or otherwise problematic goods Added better communication about procurement contract prices, captains and trading subsystem Scout operation now communicates which hidden mass sectors the captain will uncover Refine operation now communicates speedup through a nearby owned resource depot Added a new scenario selection UI for singleplayer games Added a slider to configure loot highlighting (starting at which rarity) Added filtering by ship & station in the fleet overview Context menu in ship weapons overview is now disabled when in drone Added a 'Travel Hub Blue' color for Travel Hub beams Added an encyclopedia line to Travel Hub entry on how to build the beams in player-owned Travel Hubs Added little markers to turret icons for the different slot types Improved text for leveling of captains Added a loading screen tip for turret placement, to avoid unfortunate placement of turrets on the front of the ship Added a hint for turning dead zone of turrets, to avoid unfortunate placement of turrets on the front of the ship Building mode orientation arrows are now no longer rendered if UI is hidden Added keybinds to move main plane in Strategy Mode Tag icons set in name of alliance are now shown on map Assigning a captain no longer triggers the passenger notifications Assigning from/to vanilla crewmembers will no longer trigger a notification Added loading screen tips about several intricacies of operations Energy Tab is now more compact and fits on screen for lower resolutions Misc Added debug output to find some bottlenecks Fighter engine trails are now longer when boosting on particle setting "High" Added a hotkey binding to select own ship (unbound by default) Bugfixes "No patch without some good old bug fixing! As usual, User Bug Reports that were submitted via our bug reporting tool are marked with [UBR]! Thanks to such a great community and keep it up!" [UBR] Fixed an issue where Xsotan artifacts didn't stack in inventory [UBR] Fixed an issue where several bosses didn't react to alliance ships as enemies [UBR] Fixed an issue where loot transporter wasn't set as a friend during dialogs in mission encounters Fixed an issue where faction languages could degenerate when saving [UBR] Fixed an issue where the adventurer could change names [UBR] Fixed an issue in a Family mission when there was no associate [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighters could become slightly too big (ie. monstrous) [UBR] Fixed an issue where it was possible to send a ship into background simulation even though it had a durability malus [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighter models could be too small [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships sometimes used repair turrets on enemies while attacking them [UBR] Fixed an issue where a resource depot's icon wasn't properly set even though it had missions available [UBR] Fixed an issue where block textures weren't rendered correctly in UI [UBR] Fixed an issue where tooltips of escort ships weren't translated correctly [UBR] Fixed some wrong tooltips in captain tooltip [UBR] Fixed an issue in crew tab where text could read 'due in 0 seconds' [UBR] Fixed an issue where "Pirate Raid" mission could get stuck when there were too many holo blocks on the ship [UBR] Fixed an issue where the Sell Command could show the wrong prices [UBR] Fixed an issue where the map could be opened while in build mode (or paused in general), causing problems and making the game hang [UBR] Fixed an issue where the highest price of a good in Sell Command never went into negative regions [UBR] Fixed several issues where missions didn't yield reputation when doing them in an alliance ship [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships could get stuck for a certain time during mining and salvaging [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships returning from background simulation would drop cargo when having cargo subsystems installed [UBR] Fixed loot not being synced when reservation values are changed [UBR] Fixed an issue in auto fire mode where turret didn't attack currently selected target [UBR] Fixed some issues in localizations [UBR] Fixed several issues in search and rescue mission: Spawned wreckage can no longer have captain logs with conflicting dialog [UBR] Dialog option to give information is no longer shown on any ship or station [UBR] Location bulletins are now immediately updated if correct sector was found Only correct sector is now marked as target location if correct sector was found Added description line to tell player what to do with the wreckage Wreckage of search and rescue is now constantly chattering to emphasize auto message system the dialog talks about [UBR] Fixed several issues where legendary turrets had wrong crew members [UBR] Fixed an issue in trade command where doing 2 consecutive flights caused double the profit even if it was just 1 more good being transported [UBR] Fixed an issue where players could have bad starting relations to their home sector faction [UBR] Fixed an issue where destruction of pirates or Xsotan didn't give reputation when other factions helped destroy them [UBR] Fixed broken display of stats in shipyard [UBR] Fixed an issue where player to player damage could still happen even when disabled [UBR] Fixed an issue where fire power of a ship didn't update properly when all turrets were removed [UBR] Fixed an issue where turrets could show up in System Upgrades inventory [UBR] Fixed an issue where not all captain commands were listed on lower resolutions [UBR] Fixed an issue where turret factories showed the wrong turrets sometimes
  10. Gameplay "Autopilot can now boost more, and NPC ships boost less! This should make combat feel a lot better." Autopilot can now use boost Expedition now yields a Daredevil, not an Explorer on level up Added a safety conversation line for Swoks when picking "I'll pay", to confirm that player actually wants to pay Balancing "Adjusted fighters and the upgrades necessary for them some more to make them more viable for a specialized ship style. We also took a long look at the Expedition and made some very much needed improvements." Increased damage of (new) fighters by 33% Fighter production time reduced for all materials lower than Avorion, depending on their tier (lower material: less time) Legendary Hydra fighter upgrade now gives +4 slots Uncommon+ Hydra fighter upgrades now give a boost to production speed Improved boosts at Travel Hub, reduced costs Fighters now boost until they are in weapon range Reduced prices of fighter production Relaxed the amount of damage to prevent a ship from going on operations to 5% of ship's value missing in blocks Super-rich hidden asteroids are now in every 5th from every 4th Relation gain for repairing for money at repair docks is now similar to shipyard Relation gain of all bulletin board missions increased Resource yields from expedition now have a more random variation instead of a fixed value Resource yields from expedition now scale with distance to center of the galaxy Reduced amount of items yielded by salvage command Shuttles can now transport up to +400% more volume between factories per flight (ie. 5x as much) Xsotan Artifact II now gives +6 auto turret slots Xsotan Artifact III now gives +6 auto turret slots Xsotan Artifact IV now gives +6 auto turret slots Xsotan Artifact VII now gives +7 Hyperspace Range (up from 5) Increased base time for trade command by 2 minutes Reduced too massive boosting of AI ships UI "Clarity improvements and overall polish to the UI, enjoy!" Improved visuals of strategy mode plane Ships unable to escort/support show up in escort list now, with tooltips why they can't help Improved UI of expedition operation to show how much can be earned with the operation Renamed "Crew Shuttles" to "Boarding Shuttles" Added entries about captains to encyclopedia Added an icon to bulletin board to quickly identify a mission Improved usability of galaxy map tag icon Added error message in captain assessment of supply operation to point out that no route was found Adjusted some strings in tutorial to ensure they always fit on-screen Added description line with instruction to read mail in pirate raid mission Bugfixes "As always, bug fixes marked with [UBR] are from User Bug Reports, that were submitted through our bug reporter! Thanks for your help and keep it up! :)" Fixed a crash in fighter factory Fixed several crashes in bounty hunt mission [UBR] Fixed a crash when dragging a blueprint out of a squad [UBR] Fixed an issue where players could get the Titanium knowledge mail while tutorial was active [UBR] Fixed a visual issue with the icons of sectors uncovered by the scout operation [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighters just disappeared when starting [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighter icons in squad UI were empty [UBR] Fixed an issue where switching to alliance ships over the map wasn't possible [UBR] Fixed an issue where expedition operation could yield too advanced ores and scrap metal [UBR] Fixed several issues with fighters being transferred between ships [UBR] Fixed several issues with tooltips on the galaxy map [UBR] Fixed wrong english string in supply operation [UBR] Fixed an issue when loading key bindings that used Ctrl, Shift or other modifier keys You might have to reset controls or reassign the controls for them to work again Fixed some issues where AI-controlled ships didn't calculate their braking distance properly [UBR] Fixed an issue where reconstruction kits didn't rename when the ship was renamed [UBR] Fixed an issue where some missions didn't continue when switching into ship when it's in the sector where the mission happens [UBR] Fixed an issue where the Coop Flying tab wasn't shown [UBR] Fixed an issue where turret orders weren't saved and restored properly when a ship went into background simulation and returned [UBR] Fixed a crash in mining / salvaging AI when selected target has no resources to mine/salvage [UBR] Fixed an issue where heal rates of fighters in fighter factory were too high Fixed some issues with autopilot and order chains [UBR] Fixed an issue where lower building knowledge wasn't dropped if the player had higher knowledge in their inventory [UBR] Jump Range boost is now only depleted on actual hyperspace jump, not just changing sectors Fixed pirate title not being translated in dialogs [UBR] Fixed an issue where the trading operation could generate goods that were not paid for [UBR] Fixed swoks and his goons having a personal feud with literally anything neutral [UBR] Fixed an issue where esort ship weapons sometimes dealt no damage [UBR] Fixed an issue where payday of a crew was reset when sent on an operation [UBR] Fixed an exploit where crew payday was reset when crew of the ship was empty [UBR] Fixed an issue where projectiles didn't properly collide with objects very close to the turret [UBR] Fixed an issue where cursor had the wrong icon on the galaxy map when selecting a ship on an operation [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships on trading operation had a 50% lower chance of being attacked when only a single flight was necessary [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships could hang when destination sector was suddenly out of reach Fixed several issues with translation [UBR] Fixed an issue where the sector didn't have the correct name on the galaxy map after renaming it [UBR] Fixed an issue where gates to a sector didn't have the correct name after renaming it [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships were using the wrong turrets for some jobs [UBR] Fixed several issues where auto pilot would get stuck while salvaging or mining [UBR] Fixed a bug where installing an upgrade into the next system slot (which was blocked due to building knowledge) would destroy the upgrade Fixed a crash in scavenger highlighting when highlighting wreckages with no resources but cargo [UBR] Renaming beacon now has the faction of the ship from which it is spawned [UBR] Fixed an issue where perma destruction and precise AI aim weren't reset after going back down from harder difficulties [UBR] Fixed an issue where autopilot tried to stop the ship while interacting/building
  11. Changes 21-07-30 Fixed an issue with the building knowledge mission being added too often Fixed several issues with the Bounty Hunt mission Fixed an issue in Refine AI Changes 21-07-29 Added a tooltip to why ambient shuttles might be grayed out Added a display for current crew in crew hiring UI Players now get Titanium knowledge via mail on all difficulties Added a config option to enable the ship always turning Added tooltips to miner/scavenger captains for more clarity of Mine/Salvage operation duration boost Added more guidance for how to get Building Knowledge Fixed an issue where sliders weren't updating properly when moved by mouse wheel Fixed broken rendering of glow while UI scaling is enabled Improved German Translation Fixed several issues in missions and other scripts (Pirate Raid Mission, Pirate Encounters, Search And Rescue and more)
  12. Hey everyone! These are the preliminary patch notes for update 2.0! There is much, much more that has happened and as always the devil is in the details! We're only listing the most important changes here for now. We'd like to encourage you to check out the update yourselves and see for yourselves how things have improved! General Gameplay "So much has happened! It's far too much to list in these notes for now, so we'll only list the biggest changes! We had plenty of balancing changes as well, and we'll keep an eye on things to make sure that things stay smooth!" Added a "Free Play" Scenario Added repair with credits only at Repair Docks Fixed an error in the name-translator of other ships and stations Names of NPC ships & stations should now be more pronounceable Added more diverse civil Ships Added ambient shuttles that populate the sector Added more named weapons Added a secret boss fight Added a new procedural bounty hunting mission Added lights to some containers Added a shortcut to the Exodus story mission Added Towing instead of Reconstruction Tokens Added a device to rename sectors Removed cargo shuttles, factories can now trade amount each other in-sector through the civilian shuttles Added a pirate loot transporter Added a few easter eggs Torpedoes can now drop as loot Added strength indicators for enemies Added a Travel Hub to do longer jumps Made flight AI of ships in combat more reckless and engaging Added several new sound effects for weapon & other loot pickup Improved the introduction mission for the Strategy Mode Improved the introduction mission for Trading Added a mission to track progress of the Xsotan Swarm Event Added some trading goods that can be dropped during R-Mining & R-Salvaging Improved names of turrets and upgrades Added pirate carriers Added tons of cool other stuff Balancing "Just like the other changes, a lot has happened here and we're listing on the most important ones! You should check out the other topics for some balancing changes that were made there." Improved rewards of nearly all missions Reduced number of claimable asteroids, increased their value Upgrades start to drop once they're starting to be useful (ie. no shield-upgrades in Iron & Titanium regions, etc.) Massively increased capacity of battery blocks Added one imbalance to test our community & bug reporters Reduced amount of processing power required for Subsystem Sockets 4 and up UI Redesign "We all know it was necessary, and things look so much better now! We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do!" Improved the looks of the UI You don't know how much I'd love to go on about this, but you should instead just check it out yourselves 🙂 Added several color-blind modes Colorblind people: Please provide feedback if things are clearer now, we'd like to know if there is still stuff to improve! Added a detailed sector overview Added several Galaxy Map improvements Added pinging on the Galaxy Map Added a setting to reveal your position to others Added a toggle between faction & relation colors on the map Added many hints about buttons and controls Improved camera controls in StrategyMode & GalaxyMap Improved UI of craft weaponry Auto-Targeting "No more 50% penalty but full control over which turrets should fire independently!" Removed the 50% damage penalty from automatic turrets Added new kinds of turret slots: Defensive (for PDCs) Auto Slots (for automatic turrets) Turrets can now be configured to be automatically firing Added new subsystems for automatic turrets, updated existing subsystems New Progression "The new progession is meant to challenge you on your way to the center of the galaxy. Players will be required to prove themselves in a new area before they can get their hands on the new building knowledge. But if you don't like that, you can just go for Avorion Classic!" Building blocks now requires Building Knowledge about their material, which you can find over the course of the game Either beat a strong pirate or boss encounter in the respective area, or Achieve good relations with a faction and buy the knowledge at one of their shipyards in the respective area Building Knowledge grants you the ability to build up to a certain material and subsystem socket number (read: Processing Power) Processing Power Made Processing Power of the ship more visual Improved clarity about what Processing Power does and what blocks increase it Added a "Classic Avorion" Scenario, which has full Building Knowledge unlocked from the start Crew Rework "Hiring crew was sometimes a rather tedious task, and the amount of crew necessary for some ships was a little overwhelming. With 2.0, we want to give you the options of either having a more bare-bones crew on the ship or investing in a fully functional crew that will boost your ship's performance to 200%!" Reduced the amount of crew necessary to keep the ship running at basic capacity Only half the crew is necessary now Adjusted salary accordingly Reduced the amount of workforce that is necessary to push a ship's performance to 100% Ship performance of engine and mechanics can now be boosted to up to 200% Boost in velocity is now reflected in velocity display on top of the HUD Ranks are now assigned automatically by your crewmembers Ranks are now among the crew and no longer separate professions Morale decays more quickly once there is an issue on the ship Morale will only start to impact workforce once it arrives at 0% Morale no longer leads to the crew leaving the ship, but instead going on strike Map Commands "More work for your captains - less for you! With the new map commands you can now easily send your ship on a longer mission to collect resources, trade, explore and more!" Changed the map commands to be easier to use and less finnicky Map commands require a captain, who will then take full control of the ship The ship won't be available during that time, unless recalled Added the following new commands: Mine Salvage Travel Sell Procure Trade Supply Expedition Scout Restock Refine Added (sometimes regular) yields that the captains of the ships will send to you Captains "We gave captains more character - and a class. And traits. And levels." Added new kinds of captains with various classes, perks and traits Captains can now level up Captains now give bonuses to the ship, depending on their class Multiple captains can be taken on the ship as passengers Added a new mission that ends with a high-tier captain Fighter Rework "We want the carrier-playstyle to be more of a specialization that's worth it - so we're making things easier but we'll also require you to specialize your ship more to, uh, carrier more." Added grouping of Squads Fighters are now remote controlled, pilots stay on the ship and won't get lost on destruction Fighters can now boost when they start flying longer distances Reduced fighter production costs by 50% Added one new bug for fighters Carriers need subsystems on board for more than 1 squad Added a new subsystem for fighter squads Added a fighter skin that can be applied to an entire squad Performance Improvements Improved rendering performance when fighters are deployed Improved networking performance of the mothership Autopilot "Every ship now has an autopilot that will take over when you give it an order, especially when you're sitting in it." Ships can now always be controlled as long as they're in the same sector as you Ships won't require a captain for basic commands any longer When commanding your own ship the Autopilot of the ship kicks in Central/Outer Faction Area "To give the factions on the map more feeling of actual civilizations, they'll now have a central and outer region in their area. More commerce in the inner regions, more outlawnessness (is that a word?) in the outer regions." Added a differentiation between inner and outer faction areas Inner Faction Area Secure, many factories, densely populated, lots of commerce and trade Outer Faction Area Less secure, more empty sectors with resources, less populated, somewhat more dangerous, less activity Improved characteristics of factions, depending on the faction Tutorial & Encyclopedia Improvements "We brought the tutorial more up to date and made it easier for new players to start out in this complex game." Streamlined Tutorial and brought it more up-to-date Improved integration of Encyclopedia into first few hours of the game Added many new Encyclopedia articles Player Profile "You can now keep track of your achieved milestones and possibilities of what's to come in the Player Profile!" Added a player profile to keep track of your progress Milestones in player profile show what you've achieved and what things are still to come Hyperspace Improvements "You know a feature isn't really top-quality when people Alt-Tab out of your game to do something else while waiting for hyperspace cooldown. So we made Hyperspace Travel more engaging and fun, and most importantly: Less annoying!" Hyperspace calculations can now be done over multiple jumps without reopening the galaxy map Hyperspace jumps require you to charge the jump drive before jumping, instead of after jumping This prevents players getting stuck without being aware that something like that could even happen Hyperspace jump cooldown is now max. 60s for all ships Reduced hyperspace jump range boosts through upgrades and blocks Hyperspace jump cooldown can be reduced by boosting towards the next jump point Miscellaneous "Hooray if you made it all the way down here! As a reward, have a few more things that were impactful enough to be worth mentioning in this wall of text." Added changing of root block Added a key to save designs from main menu Added a filter to saved designs window to filter by "Can I build this right now" Added a free camera in build mode Bugfixes "We actually fixed way, way more bugs than those, but those were the most important ones. So we're listing them here to shame them." Fixed an issue where multiple blocks could exist in the same space, leading to highly exploitable ship designs Fixed an issue where all factions of the map would be kept in memory all the time Fixed several issues with AI just turning, but not flying Fixed an issue where Swoks would not attack when shot at Fixed several issues where named weapons were a little underwhelming Fixed an issue where weapon hits would be desynced between client & server Fixed an issue with the Avorion window icon Fixed an issue with wrong proportion of factory storage Fixed an issue with factory production display Fixed an issue when ships won't fit through wormholes/gates Fixed an issue where ship wasn't properly deleted when deleting all blocks Fixed an issue where some ships couldn't be commanded after restoring a backup Fixed an issue where mod window didn't scale properly with UI scaling enabled Fixed some issues with target reticles not being drawn properly once too far away Fixed many more bugs that we might list here at a later time. Probably not, though, because who reads this stuff anyway? Fixed several UI issues
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