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  1. cool thanks koonschi :) any idea on an eta for fix yet ?
  2. Not sure if these 2 are related or not but only seem to have encountered them since latest beta version. 1. Not found any Mad Science labs/outposts at all (searched well over 100 sectors in right range), since I destroyed my 3rd one. 2. Been getting probably 2 out of 5 yellow blip sectors that are totally empty, not even a single asteroid or wreck.
  3. Ah right, thanks. Is it a certain distance from the core or just somewhere on the border ? Guess I'll just start mapping the border and hope to come across more science labs.
  4. Well that's another couple of hours searching and nothing, starting to think it's bugged as every now and then I go to a yellow blip and there is absolutely nothing there. I'm now using the disttocore mod (so I know i'm in the right range), I've got Legendary object detector, Exotic scanner and Exotic radars and still only find wrecks, beacons asteroids no more science labs, getting frustrating now. I've found about 6 sectors with the rings of asteroids with a big one in middle - that's the portal bit obce you have 8 artifacts isn't it ?
  5. Mcleod

    [Mod] /disttocore

    Cool thank you, set up these files and mod is working fine :) Now I know I've been looking in right area for science labs - just can't find any lol
  6. I've managed to randomly come across and kill 3 of the mad science outposts and am now hunting for a 4th. Issue is that I understand its between 150 and 240 distance, I've been jumping around yellow blips in that range and getting nothing. I've been using the calculation √(x²+y²) to get my distance right, no luck. I've even gone to x=0 y=150-240 (every yellow blip on the vertical line) and still not found any. Is there something I'm missing, do I need a particular module equipped ? Must have checked about 300 yellow blips - its driving me nuts, not to mention making me bored to play the game as it's the last artifact I need lol.
  7. Mcleod

    [Mod] /disttocore

    Bit of a noobie question here. Can I use this if I'm just playing a normal single player game or do I have to actually set up a server ? Also is there a guide for using mods like these ?
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