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  1. Personally, other than Avorion Kerbal Space Program- It's been a while since i've played this game, but i'm looking to get back into it. Space Engineers- When i first got into Avorion, it reminded me alot of Space Engineers. I am currently studying aerospace engineering and to all aerospace engineers reading this, if you haven't played KSP yet, I highly recommend it to you.
  2. That's insane! This is gonna help so much. Actually, I had no idea this was possible haha. Makes me love the game even more.
  3. These tips are lifesavers, thank you so much! Every day it seems like there's more and more to this game.
  4. These videos helped me alot!
  5. This was very useful as I find that the thruster effects looking kinda spastic at times. You see this happening when the ship has a million thrusters on it, but alas, this game is still amazing.
  6. I've always wonder this while I dream about the massive ships I can build in this amazing game.
  7. I managed to find an asteroid that had like 100k titanium but sadly, my turrets weren't sophisticated enough to get all of it. I actually found it in one of my recordings while I was playing the game.
  8. Well I actually found something called The AI and I wasn't quite sure what it was. I actually found it in one of my videos and it was very strange. I haven't posted the video of it yet, but it will be on my channel
  9. Heyooo this is Astroniite and it's actually my first forum post here but this seems like the one stop shop for the Avorion community. I loveeee this game so much. In fact, I love it so much I actually decided to start my first Let's Play channel with Avorion haha. If you wanna check out my misadventures you can subscribe with this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCt_Jen2Vl-cXFkkmsRE9nQ?sub_confirmation=1 It'd help out soooo so much because I just started my channel. Thanks!
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