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  1. Add an icon or hotkey for users to remove all existing text in a single galaxy map note, player or alliance. Alternatively, let users use CTRL+A to select all text in the note box. Then I can press Delete key. Right now, I am overwriting exploring notes or other notes, I have to press and hold backspace and wait for single character at a time deletion.
  2. I prefer an option to auto-renew license for 1 hour at a time while personal / alliance ships are in the sector. Another option is for Captain to stop salvaging one minute before license expires and to signal they're idle. My license expired and in the time it took me to load the sector (at 20s) I received 142,000+ penalty which moved me from Excellent to Hostile for about 10 seconds of scavenging! This is broke. I am not doing scrapyards until this is fixed. This just wasted hours of working this faction to become Excellent relations.
  3. Ship Name = Rocinante Ship Class = Destroyer Ship Icon = Sword Single player game Player active on Rocinante. From galaxy map used travel command to move Rocinante from Sector B to sector A. Sector A contains two player ships, one personal and one alliance. Player switched to player ship (Ship Name = Nebulus) in Sector A while Rocinante traveling to Sector A. Rocinante arrived in sector A. Open Strategy view and it displays Rocinante class incorrectly as Ship. The player fleet tab shows class Destroyer correctly. Using galaxy map used travel command to move to Sector C. When Rocinante arrived at Sector C the player fleet tab showed Destroyer (correctly). Player switched to Rocinante and opened strategy view. Strategy view displays Destroyer class correctly. Exited to drone and validated icon is Sword (correct). Opened galaxy map and used travel command to return to sector A. Player switched to player ship (Ship Name = Nebulus) in Sector A while Rocinante traveling to Sector A. Open strategy view and when Rocinante arrived, the Strategy view displays class Ship (incorrectly). Player fleet tab shows class Destroyer (correctly). I repeated the steps above with a few times, same result each time. I move the Alliance ship out of sector A, repeated other steps, got same result. When doing the same steps above except I used right click on galaxy map to move maximum warp distance away to sector D. In sector D, and upon returning to sector A, the strategy view always shows Destroyer (correctly). If you need more info, let me know. This small change might be causing the class to somehow get permanently changed (which happens a lot to me, I'll be watching it more closely and documenting behavior).
  4. I put some details into another post because I noticed a change...but it's not sticking doing these small steps. This is a bug in itself so after this gets fixed, maybe it'll impact the class be changed permanently incorrectly.
  5. The icon and ship class are resetting to default (Ship = Class & Icon = Nothing) so often I cannot seem to figure out what causes it. The Class and Icon change on ships that have never done escort. I'll start checking before and after travel commands.
  6. You have to find the carbon extractor factory that is setup to process potatoes into carbon. When you build a carbon extractor station, you'll decide which carbon-based organic product you will input to output carbon. See https://avorion.fandom.com/wiki/Carbon_Extractor and potatoes are type 4.
  7. At least show us the limits on cargo space...then I wouldn't have to monitor the station behavior to figure it out.
  8. There has to be some kind of hidden limit. My coal mine cannot keep up with my steel factory but the scrap metal trader over produces. The scrap metal trader only fills up the steel factory to a particular point. Then leaves room for coal and steel. I would prefer that the game set a default value for % or quantity of items then allow players to adjust those. It seems to work how it's setup though so I'm okay.
  9. A 202.1 KB update was deployed via Steam today. Another game updated, it had a blue text to the right of the game name, it was labeled "Patch Notes." When a user clicks on that blue text, it opens a Steam window with text explaining what was in patch. Is that something you can use?
  10. I bought six versions after Steam Holiday Sale and a few friends purchased copies. All of us are post-2.0 buyers and we enjoy the game. Some minor issues and bugs so far, but nothing making the game unplayable or unenjoyable.
  11. Is there a location to inform us what is included in any updates? I couldn't find anything on Steam or this forum about the 600K update Steam installed for Avorion today. Any information would be helpful.
  12. I like this suggestion! Very detailed and thought out. Looks fun.
  13. Are you updating guides to 2.0? I found your channel doing YouTube search but most I've looked at are outdated. Thanks for the videos. Also, my 11 yr old enjoys game and he's been kicking around idea of creating his own YouTube tutorials. Maybe I can convince him to try out Avorion tutorials.
  14. Sounds interesting. Sounds like exploring that idea may be beneficial. I like the idea that 'space' has been limited and you need to break out to be free vs breaking 'in'.
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