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  1. Hi there, Welcome to the Avorion Forum. If you have found a bug, could you please follow the "how to post a bug report" post that you find in the bug sections of this forum? The more information you can give us, the better we can identify and then fix the bug!
  2. Two monitor support with actually using both monitors is possible, but a nightmare to implement. Because not everyone has two equal monitors, one might smaller or worse, have a different resolution. Definitely possible, but near impossible to do correctly^^ As for the moving your mouse out of the screen to get to your other monitor: Use the borderless window option. It allows the cursor to move freely between the monitors!
  3. Thank you for reporting, we'll look into it.
  4. Ah, I see now. Somehow I didn't have that behavior before and now it's there everytime :o Well, I'll get on fixing it right away :)
  5. It would be really hard to do engine-wise. The generation process of a sector uses *a lot* of resources. Therefore the loading screens sadly are a necessity. We'd love to do some kind of jump animation, but we didn't have the time yet. It should be a cool animation after all ;)
  6. I'm honestly not sure what you can do to get your ship back. It might well be that you had bad luck, and the ship is lost. Thankfully the game doesn't crash too often anymore. You could try and use teleport, but I don't know if that works after you deleted the player data.
  7. Did you have fluctuations in the crew? With every change it would update, and that would cause a focus change. But other than that I can't think of a reason, why it would do what you describe.
  8. This has been fixed already, patch will be out soon!
  9. In a way we already have that in the game, as all ships need life support. Life support consumes energy, albeit not too much in order to not be too annoying :) We talked a lot about a more "real" gamemode, where engines need fuel, crew eats food and such. Would that be more to your liking?
  10. If that happens you can terminate it with Task Manager or by closing Steam after a while. That is due to a shader process not getting shut down correctly and won't corrupt your data :)
  11. Ok, we'll look into it. Though we do track from where we got the crash report, so that if your account sents multiple they are bundled. So we don't get flooded too much :)
  12. Something is definitely wrong. We're already looking for the issue. Do you happen to know when it started?
  13. Thank you for reporting. You're not doing it wrong, it seems that our fix to prevent endless loops also prevents any loop :| We'll fix it soon!
  14. That would indeed go nicely with the mechanic that is already in place. I'll put it on our wish list :D
  15. Thank you for your report! We already know of this issue but haven't gotten around to fix it yet. We will soon, though :)
  16. That's actually not a bug, but a byproduct of our engine. And because it's fun we left it in ;D
  17. I'm pretty sure the issue isn't the strategy mode but something else. Could you post your client and server logs, so that we can take a look?
  18. We got folder view in vanilla fighter factory, if I'm not mistaken? You can always make a new folder in build mode and then navigate to that in the fighter factory UI.
  19. Your GPU should indeed be perfectly able to play the game and I'm not sure what causes this. Have you made sure to add both Avorion and AvorionServer to your exception list for the antivirus / firewall? Do you have the possiblity to set Avorion as a game? Avorion is using OpenGL that many drivers don't detect as game and try to conserve energy by not running at full capacity. I'll still look for more options for you, but it'd be awesome if you could try these things first :)
  20. If you switch your steering with F2 is that more to your liking? You can then regulate your speed with 'x', 'c' and 'v' where 'v' is all or nothing, and 'x' and 'c' allow for more detailed speeds.
  21. Do you have any logs (server logs especially) that show what happened? I got that issue once as well but was never able to reliably reproduce it.
  22. You probably had an old mining command running in the background. We've updated the visibility of the icons, and it should be more clear now :)
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