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  1. Hei there, the stylegenerator is one of the few scripts that isn't openly available. This is because it's a big selling point of the game. Our entire procedural station and ship generation is based on it. As for a basic summary: We built a ton of part templates (e.g. engine structures, ship noses, solar panel arms) in Avorion's build mode and each of these templates gets connector points. In the generator a root block is generated and then the generator tries to attach these template parts. New template parts can only be attached to a connector point and with that and multiple iterations the generator builds a ship or station. This is actually why the old generator used to create loads of stick-shapes. We didn't have enough parts with multiple connector points and the generator selected end points way too often. I hope this helps 🙂
  2. That looks very weird. Have you replaced your German language file with something? If not, I would recommend deleting the broken language file and have Steam redownload it. Steam has a "verify installation" or something in the game properties that you can use for that.
  3. Sorry, no, there's no way to change the save location due to the limitations of our engine :|
  4. Nothing against you john9099x11, but I can't let this sit like this, let me explain: Whenever the Steam Client is connected to the internet you are online. Has nothing to do with whether the game itself is online or not. The Avorion Singleplayer doesn't require you to be online. So if you want to explore and have fun, use Mods or ingame creative modes. Or ingame chat commands. None of them can trigger VAC. Maybe back then Avorion didn't have good options for giving yourself resources, but now it definitively has. So for the future: No cheats are required to have fun 😉
  5. VAC is an automatic system that we Devs don't have any influence on. We don't have additional cheat detection running. VAC banned you because you used known cheat software while being online in Steam. There's nothing we can do on our side to prevent something like this or to help you lift the ban.
  6. Scripting API Added new parameter 'mailId' to these mail callbacks: onMailAdded onMailUpdated onMailRead onMailDeleted Added getDesigns() and setDesigns() functions to TurretBases component Added getShipTurretDesigns() function to Player and Alliance Added entity callback onReconstructed(craftId, playerIndex) Bugfixes "No patch without some good old bug fixing! As usual, User Bug Reports that were submitted via our bug reporting tool are marked with [UBR]! Thanks to such a great community and keep it up!" [UBR] Fixed missions getting stuck waiting for a mail if mail was read and deleted while the game was paused [UBR] Fixed turret designs not being restored when repairing at a Repair Dock [UBR] Fixed a crash when talking to the hermit Fixed potential crashes in shops Fixed mapcommands client crash when trying to play a sound [UBR] Fixed potential exploit in station insurances
  7. Yeah that can happen. The story behind it is that the rifts only started growing after the big event that also lead to Xsotan spawning everywhere. And while our factions function perfectly without having access to their home sector, they still like to remember their origins 🙂
  8. yup, you found one of our "we rather be nice than have anything go wrong" fallbacks 😄 the tutorial doesn't actually check whether your fighters collected that Trinium, just in case something doesn't work out.
  9. Hi there, thank you for reporting this! We're already working on this mission. We've found several issues with it and will patch it soon 🙂
  10. Do you happen to know which quest it was, that spawned the Adventurer? That would reduce the haystack's size quite noticeably 😄
  11. We’re incredibly happy to announce that Avorion is now finally ready to have another version increase! With update 2.0 we bring you a ton of Quality of Life improvements. We have streamlined several features and massively improved the UI! We’re absolutely thrilled about this update and hope that you are, too! Thank you for buying Avorion, supporting us and for helping us make this game better and better! Check out the trailer here: Youtube New Progression With this update we’re introducing a new experience that makes the game a ton more fun. The new progression keeps players on their toes, challenging them in a new way and encouraging them to try new things. Instead of being able to build everything right from the get go, the new system requires you to build with the materials at hand and limits the processing power and size a ship can have. To unlock the next material you have to acquire the building knowledge for it. This can be done by either fighting a boss or a difficult pirate encounter, or, if you’re not the fighting type, it can be bought at Shipyards. With this you can experience the game in a new way! Explore regions and their materials and learn how to use their advantages to build the perfect ship to overcome the next challenges. And if we weren’t able to convince you - you can simply go back to the old system and play the game in the new Classic mode, too! Captains, Commands and Crew Improvements Our old captains got some love with this update. They now have personalities, perks and quirks and are much more autonomous. Instead of having to click a ton to set up a good mining route, you can now simply make a contract with your captain. You tell them where to go and which ships to take as an escort, and they will handle everything around it. From finding the sectors with asteroids to refining the collected ores, and regularly sending you their yields, everything will be taken care of. Of course, we’ve done that not only for mining. The new commands include everything necessary to live a comfortable life in the galaxy, such as trading, scouting and even traveling long distances! With the introduction of the captains we’ve also reworked how the crew in general works. In short - you now need less crew, but can over-assign posts to achieve up to 200 % efficiency! And you no longer need to hire higher ranked crew members, as your crew automatically promotes crew members as soon as higher officers are needed. This should make finding enough crew for your awesome battleship much easier! Player Profile To keep better track of what you’ve achieved on your playthrough, we added a new Player Profile section. In this section you get an overview of all the things you can do in Avorion. We hope that you’ll have just as much fun unlocking the milestones as we do! Fighters We’ve rebalanced fighters and among several changes to their stats we’ve also improved their overall gameplay feel. With improvements to their AI, pilots now staying on the ship and not getting lost if the fighter is destroyed and fighter production having been reworked (both in cost and time), the carrier playstyle will feel much more viable now. Additionally squads now get one overall squad skin, so that all fighters within a squad have the same look. This also means that the game performance around fighters is much better! Hyperspace engine The hyperspace engine got lots of love as well. In short, your hyperspace engine will now charge before the jump and can even do several consecutive jumps without having to reopen the map every time! Additionally, hyperspace jumps need much less energy in total now and with the new animation and sound they feel a lot smoother. Autopilot And last but not least, the universally most wished feature is here! Every ship is now equipped with a powerful autopilot that can do menial in-sector tasks for you. Docking to a station, flying somewhere, mining or salvaging, repairing or attacking ships, … Give the order and lean back while your ship does all the work! This is only a small selection of what is actually contained in the new update. For full details check out the patchnotes for version 2.0!
  12. Hey everyone! These are the final patch notes for update 2.0! We left out the changes that only affected beta-versions, and are listing everything that is important for players that played 1.3.8 so far. There is much, much more that has happened and as always the devil is in the details! We're only listing the most important changes here. We'd like to encourage you to check out the update yourselves and see for yourselves how things have improved! Gameplay Highlights "So much has happened! So we'll only list the biggest changes! We had plenty of balancing changes as well, and we'll keep an eye on things to make sure that things stay smooth!" Added a "Free Play" Scenario Added repair with credits only at Repair Docks Fixed an error in the name-translator of other ships and stations Names of NPC ships & stations should now be more pronounceable Added more diverse civil Ships Added ambient shuttles that populate the sector Added more named weapons Added a secret boss fight Added a new procedural bounty hunting mission Added lights to some containers Added a shortcut to the Exodus story mission Added Towing instead of Reconstruction Tokens Added a device to rename sectors Added a device to leave a message for other players Removed cargo shuttles, factories can now trade with each other in-sector through the ambient shuttles Added a pirate loot transporter Added a few easter eggs Torpedoes can now be dropped as loot Added strength indicators for enemies Added a Travel Hub: buying a jump boost increases the hyperspace jump range for the next jump Made flight AI of ships in combat more reckless and engaging Improved AI of mining and salvaging ships Added several new sound effects for weapon & other loot pickup Improved the introduction missions for the Strategy Mode and Trading Added a mission to track progress of the Xsotan Swarm Event Added some trading goods that can be dropped during R-Mining & R-Salvaging Improved names of turrets and upgrades Added pirate carriers Harvest and Repair AI no longer reorder weapon groups and use only the best turrets on targets Renamed "Smart Blocks" to "Functional Blocks" Stations and ships of players are now be attacked by pirates or factions that are at war with the player from time to time Improved Controls Ship doesn't try to automatically turn towards the camera view while standing still (toggleable) Added a combat zoom functionality when holding right mouse (mousewheel) Added a free camera in building mode (arrow keys) Added tons of cool other stuff Balancing "Just like the other changes, a lot has happened here and we're listing only the most important ones! One of the most important goals was to make the early game less grindy, though. If you're interested in the details, check out the patchnotes for patches 2.0.1 to 2.0.6." Improved rewards of nearly all missions Reduced number of claimable asteroids, increased their value Upgrades start to drop once they're starting to be useful (ie. no shield-upgrades in Iron & Titanium regions, etc.) Massively increased capacity of battery blocks Added one imbalance to test our community & bug reporters Reduced amount of processing power required for Subsystem Sockets 4 and up Improved the Trading Subsystem to start tracking routes and showing prices at much earlier rarity levels Increased amount of resources available at Resource Depots Reduced cost of resources at Resource Depots Increased profit when selling resources at Resource Depots Most missions now additionally give resources as reward Decreased influence of pirates and Xsotan on hazard zone trigger when destroying freighters by 75% Adjusted NPC boosting behavior to make sure they don't kite as much Relation gain for repairing for money at repair docks is now similar to shipyard Relation gain of all bulletin board missions increased Xsotan Artifact II now gives +6 auto turret slots Xsotan Artifact III now gives +6 auto turret slots Xsotan Artifact IV now gives +6 auto turret slots Xsotan Artifact VII now gives +7 Hyperspace Range (up from 5) Shield boosters now give a flat bonus to shield instead of a percentage Dev Comment: Energy to shield converters are now the go-to item when you want % shield improvements Increased amount of shields provided by energy to shield converter subsystem Energy to shield converters now stack with other shield bonuses Reduced pirate HP/shields by 20 - 25% since the game has become more challenging with the building knowledge slot limitations This also speeds up combat with pirates in general Reduced prices of torpedoes by 56% Doubled base rewards for delivery missions Delivery mission bonus reward now scales with location in the galaxy Doubled base rewards for resource shortage missions (now 4x the good's price) Resource shortage mission bonus reward now scales with location in the galaxy Increased number of available bulletin board missions Increased minimal rotation speed for all turrets Halved frequency of fake distress call in comparison to normal distress call UI Redesign "We all know it was necessary, and things look so much better now! We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do! We're only listing the most important changes here, there are many more small things that were improved." Improved the looks of the UI You don't know how much I'd love to go on about this, but you should instead just check it out yourselves 🙂 Added several color-blind modes Colorblind people: Please provide feedback if things are clearer now, we'd like to know if there is still stuff to improve! Added a new scenario selection UI for singleplayer games Added a detailed sector overview Added several Galaxy Map improvements Added pinging on the Galaxy Map Added a setting to reveal your position to others Added a toggle between faction & relation colors on the map Added areas to show where your ships are currently doing operations Sectors can now additionally be tagged with an icon when adding a note Added more buttons for showing/hiding different ships (distinguishes between "on screen" and "on operation") The currently tracked mission can now be shown on the galaxy map Added a legend to galaxy map Refined the “Sector Information” on galaxy map Added many hints about buttons and controls Improved camera controls in StrategyMode & GalaxyMap Improved UI of craft weaponry Turrets can be replaced and removed in ship overview Turrets can be assigned as auto-firing here Added arrows that show if a selection can be scrolled further up or down Added a slider to saved designs window in Build Mode to scale a design 2 slots up or down Added little highlights to find loot more easily Added filtering by ship & station in the fleet overview TAB now switches between Ship and Player window Added hints for actions to each window and tab Added little markers to turret icons for the different slot types Added new icons and cursors for actions that require a target Mail window now sorts newest mail to the top of the list Mail window now shows mails with attachments Mail window now highlights unread mail better New notifications are now shown at the bottom Auto-Targeting "No more 50% penalty but full control over which turrets should fire independently!" Removed the 50% damage penalty from automatic turrets Added new kinds of turret slots: Defensive (for PDCs) Auto Slots (for automatic turrets) All turrets can now be configured to be automatically firing Added new subsystems for automatic turrets, updated existing subsystems to include automatic slots where appropriate New Progression "The new progression is meant to challenge you on your way to the center of the galaxy. Players will be required to prove themselves in a new area before they can get their hands on the new building knowledge. We believe this provides a much more fun way to play your chosen playstyle, or to even try a different playstyle for a bit. And to keep Avorion a true sandbox: If you don't like the new progression, you can simply go for Avorion Classic!" Building blocks now requires Building Knowledge about their material, which you can find over the course of the game Either beat a strong pirate or boss encounter in the respective area, or Achieve good relations with a faction and buy the knowledge at one of their shipyards in the respective area Building Knowledge grants you the ability to build up to a certain material and subsystem socket number (read: Processing Power) Processing Power Made Processing Power of the ship more visual Improved clarity about what Processing Power does and what blocks increase it Functional Blocks that increase processing power are now clearly marked as such Added a "Classic Avorion" Scenario, which has full Building Knowledge unlocked from the start Crew Rework "Hiring crew was sometimes a rather tedious task, and the amount of crew necessary for some ships was a little overwhelming. With 2.0, we want to give you the options of either having a more bare-bones crew on the ship or investing in a fully functional crew that will boost your ship's performance to 200%!" Reduced the amount of crew necessary to keep the ship running at basic capacity Only half the crew is necessary now Adjusted salary accordingly Reduced the amount of workforce that is necessary to push a ship's performance to 100% Ship performance of engine and mechanics can now be boosted to up to 200% Boost in velocity is now reflected in the velocity display of the HUD Ranks are now assigned automatically by your crewmembers Ranks are now among the crew and no longer separate professions Morale decays more quickly once there is an issue on the ship Morale will only start to impact workforce once it arrives at 0% Morale no longer leads to the crew leaving the ship, but instead going on strike A crew transport can now be called in when 100 crew is necessary (down from 300) Map Commands "More work for your captains - less for you! With the new map commands you can now easily send your ship on a longer mission to collect resources, trade, explore and more!" Changed the map commands to be easier to use and less finnicky Map commands require a captain, who will then take full control of the ship Send an escort with your ship to increase its safety The ship won't be available during that time, unless recalled Ships with captains show up from time to time in the area they were deployed in Added the following new commands: Mine Salvage Travel Sell Procure Trade Supply Expedition Scout Restock Refine Added regular yields that the captains of the ships will send to you in a time interval specified by you Captains "We gave captains more character - and a class. And traits. And levels." Added new kinds of captains with various classes, perks and traits Captains can now level up Tier 0 captains gain a class determined by their last fulfilled operation once they reach level 5 Captains now give bonuses to the ship, depending on their class Multiple captains can be taken on the ship as passengers Added a new mission that ends with the option to take a high-tier captain on board Specific stations produce specific captains Fighter Rework "We want the carrier-playstyle to be more of a specialization that's worth it - so we're making things easier but we'll also require you to specialize your ship more to, uh, carrier more." Added grouping of Squads Fighters are now remote controlled, pilots stay on the ship and won't get lost on destruction Player fighters without mothership (and thus without pilot) now fly in circles NPC fighters without mothership (and thus without pilot) now explode Fighters can now boost when they start flying longer distances Carriers need subsystems on board for more than 1 squad Added a new subsystem for fighter squads Added a fighter skin that can be applied to an entire squad Performance Improvements Improved rendering performance when fighters are deployed Improved networking performance of the mothership Massively increased durability of fighters Durability now scales with tech level and used material Increased damage of (new) fighters by 33% Rebalanced costs of fighters to match the "3 fighters = 1 turret" design philosophy Fighter production time is now 50% linked to their tech level and 50% to their durability Fighter production time is now always at most 1h Fighter production time now can be reduced by at max 90% Fighter production time reduction is now 1min per 1000 production capacity on the craft Fighters now always take at least 30s to produce, down from 60s Increased amount of fighters available at stations Improved fighter AI when returning to mothership Increased range of Anti-Fighter cannnons by 1km Once all guaranteed dodges of a fighter are used, they get a 0.25s cooldown until the next random dodge can be done Guaranteed dodges recharge over a period of 60s instead of 120s Fighters now get (3 + 2 x [PilotLevel]) guaranteed dodges up from (3 + 1 x [PilotLevel]) UI Improvements Added small HP bars for fighters when showing the entire squad Added small markers for fighters Added HP bars for deployed fighter squads Autopilot "Every ship now has an autopilot that will take over when you give it an order, especially when you're sitting in it. You guys wanted automatic docking? You get automatic docking. Give the order, sit back and enjoy the show!" Ships can now always be controlled as long as they're in the same sector as you Ships won't require a captain for basic commands any longer When commanding your own ship the Autopilot of the ship kicks in Central/Outer Faction Area "To give the factions on the map more feeling of actual civilizations, they'll now have a central and outer region in their area. More commerce in the inner regions, more outlawnessness (is that a word?) in the outer regions." Added a differentiation between inner and outer faction areas Inner Faction Area Secure, many factories, densely populated, lots of commerce and trade Outer Faction Area Less secure, more empty sectors with resources, less populated, somewhat more dangerous, less activity Improved characteristics of factions, depending on the faction Tutorial & Encyclopedia Improvements "We brought the tutorial more up to date and made it easier for new players to start out in this complex game." Streamlined Tutorial and brought it more up-to-date Improved integration of Encyclopedia into first few hours of the game Added many new Encyclopedia articles Player Profile "You can now keep track of your achieved milestones and possibilities of what's to come in the Player Profile!" Added a player profile to keep track of your progress Milestones in player profile show what you've achieved and what things are still to come Hyperspace Improvements "You know a feature isn't really top-quality when people Alt-Tab out of your game to do something else while waiting for hyperspace cooldown. So we made Hyperspace Travel more engaging and fun, and most importantly: Less annoying!" Hyperspace calculations can now be done over multiple jumps without reopening the galaxy map Hyperspace jumps require you to charge the jump drive before jumping, instead of after jumping This prevents players getting stuck without being aware that something like that could even happen Hyperspace jump cooldown is now max. 60s for all ships Reduced hyperspace jump range boosts through upgrades and blocks Hyperspace upgrades now either give Small jump range boosts without increased cooldown Large jump range boosts and increased cooldown Hyperspace jump cooldown can be reduced by boosting towards the next jump point Smaller Changes "Hooray if you made it all the way down here! As a reward, have a few more things that were impactful enough to be worth mentioning in this wall of text." Tutorial now starts with the same player resources regardless of difficulty level Additional resources are then given to players after completing the tutorial Large, empty Iron & Naonite asteroids now have the shape of Titanium asteroids to make them distinguishable from claimables Pirates can now be cowards and flee from a fight once too damaged Wormholes selected in Strategy Mode now show their distance Added a safety conversation line for Swoks when picking "I'll pay", to confirm that player actually wants to pay Renamed "Crew Shuttles" to "Boarding Shuttles" Added changing of root block Added a key to save designs from main menu Added a filter to saved designs window to filter by "Can I build this right now" Added a free camera in build mode Added an icon to bulletin board to quickly identify a mission Ship AI is no longer limited by range of PDCs when they have other weapons they could use Self-pulling into a dock via tractor beam now pulls slightly longer to avoid edge-cases where it's just barely not possible to dock The trader that is attacked by pirates no longer dies in 2 seconds It's now 120s, except when you're helping them with the dying Added a hint for turning dead zone of turrets, to avoid unfortunate placement of turrets on the front of the ship Improved crew notifications Fighter engine trails are now longer when boosting on particle setting "High" Added a hotkey binding to select own ship (unbound by default) Force turrets are now also compared by force when sorting by damage in inventory Ships can now be sent through wormholes in strategy mode Salvage AI now stops when its salvaging license runs out Gems are now bought by Habitats and Casinos AI ships can now use armed auto turrets to defend themselves while mining/salvaging Turret positions are now updated when scaling and rotating the whole plan in building mode Added a hotkey to track missions when they're updated Reduced base time that it takes to build a ship with captain at a Shipyard from 300s to 40s Implemented a setting for servers to enforce steam networking and not fall back to TCP protocols Reduced default size of damage numbers Once a player has crossed the barrier, the teleporters will always activate automatically when that player enters the teleporter sector again Strongly reduced slowdown of turrets when approaching their aimed point Turrets now snap correctly to target instead of slowly approaching it Stations and ships of players can now be attacked by pirates or factions that are in war with the player Delivery and organize goods missions now mark their target stations Added icon to show that permanent installed upgrades can be removed without getting destroyed Fighter wings can now be deleted even when they contain fighters Enemies no longer oscillate between player and center of sector when player is too far out Added little lights to some containers Strategy mode is now bound to “N” Swapped default hotkeys for Ship and Player Menus (I, P) Added a text field to cargo bay for dropping a specific amount of goods Added a Turret Rotation Lock Edge block Auto-Assign now only unassign as many crewmen as it needs to fill all professions Torpedo and boarding warning sound is now attenuated over time to be less annoying Bugfixes "We actually fixed way, way more bugs than those, but we're listing the most annoying ones here. Many of these were brought to us by users through our in-game bug reporting system! List may be incomplete since many systems were reworked, which could lead to bugs being fixed automatically." Fixed an issue where multiple blocks could exist in the same space, leading to highly exploitable ship designs Fixed an issue where all factions of the map would be kept in memory all the time Fixed several issues with AI just turning, but not flying Fixed an issue where Swoks would not attack when shot at Fixed several issues where named weapons were a little underwhelming Fixed an issue where weapon hits would be desynced between client & server Fixed an issue with the Avorion window icon Fixed an issue with wrong proportion of factory storage Fixed an issue with factory production display Fixed an issue when ships won't fit through wormholes/gates Fixed an issue where ship wasn't properly deleted when deleting all blocks Fixed an issue where some ships couldn't be commanded after restoring a backup Fixed an issue where mod window didn't scale properly with UI scaling enabled Fixed some issues with target reticles not being drawn properly once too far away [UBR] Fixed an issue when loading key bindings that used Ctrl, Shift or other modifier keys You might have to reset controls or reassign the controls for them to work again Increased grace timer when a ship is destroyed in a Scrapyard sector Fixed a crash in “Eliminating Rivals” mission Fixed a crash in “Propaganda Materials” mission Fixed a crash in “Display of Strength” mission Fixed a crash in “She’s Innocent!” mission Fixed a crash in “A Lost Friend” mission Fixed a crash in “The Guardian” mission Fixed a crash in “Wanted Dead, Not Alive” mission Fixed an issue where changes in material weren't reflected in costs of saved designs window Fixed a bug in asteroid field generation Fixed an issue where the energy system didn't drain energy for a few seconds when going into drain Mined ores and scrap are no longer tagged as stolen when picked up by someone else after the reservation timer runs out Fixed an issue where switching to alliance ships over the map wasn't possible Fixed some issues where AI-controlled ships didn't calculate their braking distance properly Fixed an issue where some missions didn't continue when switching into ship when it's in the sector where the mission happens Fixed an issue where heal rates of fighters in fighter factory were too high Fixed pirate title not being translated in dialogs Fixed an issue where esort ship weapons sometimes dealt no damage Fixed an exploit where crew payday was reset when crew of the ship was empty Fixed an issue where projectiles didn't properly collide with objects very close to the turret Fixed an issue where ships could hang when destination sector was suddenly out of reach Fixed an issue where ships were using the wrong turrets for some jobs Fixed several issues for lower resolution Fixed an issue where Xsotan artifacts didn't stack in inventory Fixed an issue where several bosses didn't react to alliance ships as enemies Fixed an issue in a Family mission when there was no associate Fixed an issue where a resource depot's icon wasn't properly set even though it had missions available Fixed an issue in crew tab where text could read 'due in 0 seconds' Fixed an issue where the map could be opened while in build mode (or paused in general), causing problems and making the game hang Fixed several issues where missions didn't yield reputation when doing them in an alliance ship Fixed an issue in auto fire mode where turret didn't attack currently selected target Fixed several issues in search and rescue mission: Spawned wreckage can no longer have captain logs with conflicting dialog Dialog option to give information is no longer shown on any ship or station Location bulletins are now immediately updated if correct sector was found Only correct sector is now marked as target location if correct sector was found Added description line to tell player what to do with the wreckage Wreckage of search and rescue is now constantly chattering to emphasize auto message system the dialog talks about Fixed several issues where legendary turrets had wrong crew members Fixed an issue where players could have bad starting relations to their home sector faction Fixed an issue where destruction of pirates or Xsotan didn't give reputation when other factions helped destroy them Fixed broken display of stats in shipyard Fixed an issue where player to player damage could still happen even when disabled Fixed an issue where fire power of a ship didn't update properly when all turrets were removed Fixed an issue where turrets could show up in System Upgrades inventory Fixed an issue where turret factories showed the wrong turrets sometimes Fixed an issue where the news window didn't update properly Fixed an issue where pirates attacked each other in 'Eliminating Rivals' Reading this I realize the irony of the bug with the mission's name Fixed an issue where introduction missions could spawn on the other side of the barrier Fixed an issue where the reticle of beacons was visible in build mode Fixed several server-side crashes Fixed an issue where invalid characters could be added to ship name text box Fixed an issue where some projectiles were displaced after being fired Fixed an issue where enablers of different input contexts would block other keys Fixed an issue where wrong stats were displayed in ship tab Fixed an issue where turret designs weren't restored correctly when repairing Fixed an issue where turret designs flickered on undo/redo Fixed an issue with icons not being cleared in fleet overview Fixed a crash when jumping with the ship window open Fixed an issue where mines didn't buy things as intended If you're still reading: have a really nice day and lots of fun with this update! Fixed several issues where jumping into some specific sectors could cause the game to crash Fixed an issue where ships on operations (and NPC ships) always used all weapons on the ship for everything Fixed an issue where auto turrets were shooting ships that were assigned as friends Fixed an issue where permanently installed upgrades could get lost when the ship was too massively damaged Fixed an issue where players would get Black Market DLC rewards even though they don't own the DLC Fixed an issue where hangar didn't properly detect highest material of deployed fighter Fixed some overflows in cargo bay that were just a little too easy to reach Fixed a GPU memory leak Improved performance of icon rendering in inventory Fixed an issue where colors weren't correctly translated in building mode Fixed an issue where hyperspace engine didn't go on cooldown properly when changing reach Fixed an issue where shots were desynced between client and server, looking like they hit when they didn't and vice versa Fixed an issue where windows had unforeseen overlap in main menu Fixed an issue where a pirate wasn't properly set to friendly in family storyline Fixed an issue where the amount of resources gainable through the "Resource Shortage" mission didn't scale depending on location in the galaxy Fixed an issue where stolen goods were usable for "Resource Shortage" mission Fixed an issue where turret AI could see higher-level hidden asteroids than it should Fixed an issue where docking lasers remained when pulling an already docking ship towards you while in a station Fixed dialog in missing freighters mission Fixed an issue where the root block of a ship remained in multiplayer as a ghost Fixed an issue where hyperspace cooldown could be 0s Fixed several issues where camera positions weren't properly remembered for ships Fixed an issue where the dialog with IHDTX could start in loading screen Fixed several issues with bosses that led to them being friendly towards the player Fixed several UI issues
  13. Oh, no, that should not happen^^ If you know the correct seed, you should be able to set it once the server was shut down. Upon restarting the server it should then use the newly set Seed to generate everything. If not, look out for rifts not being where they should. This can lead to factions and their economy being a bit wonky, and old missions to break because their target sector is now within a rift. Other than that you should be fine to continue playing 🙂
  14. If this happens again, this looks very much like subsampling was active. If Avorion detects a crash it'll often times activate subsampling in order to definitely be able to start. Most of the time you can simply set it back to subsampling None (or supersampling if your graphics card can do it) 🙂
  15. Good news 🙂 We found the bug that caused it (the squad fighter design wasn't cached correctly) and are about to set a patch with the fix live!
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