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  1. Well it took maybe 2 hours after the Beta update for someone to make an mod about it... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2584917616&searchtext= Same for the "hey lets add 5 minutes to the jump mechanic to make it fun" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2596280708&searchtext= Or the old fleet commands for the galaxy map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2596280708&searchtext= Honestly some of the changes make the game feel far less free then before. Also i would really like to get independent settings for the enemy and player for damage in freeplay. Like: Player Damage 1%-400% Player Life 1%-400% Player Shield 1%-400% Factions Damage 1%-400% Factions Life 1%-400% Factions Shield 1%-400% Pirate Damage 1%-400% Pirate Life 1%-400% Pirate Shield 1%-400% Xenos Damage 1%-400% Xenos Life 1%-400% Xenos Shield 1%-400% This may add some buttons but normally you play quite long in an galaxy so taking a minute to set this values should be fine. The benefit is that we can get the fight dynamic we wan't without having x Mods to rebalance. In most cases in my game i could not even reach the pirates before the sector defence gunned them down and that was before there life was even nerfed more. On the other hand i was often obliterated be an ship in with like 4k omicron in an naonite sector when i tried to clear an pirate astoroid field... So i would probably do something like this: Player Damage 100% Player Life 200% Player Shield 200% Factions Damage 100% Factions Life 100% Factions Shield 100% Pirate Damage 50% Pirate Life 200% Pirate Shield 200% Xenos Damage 100% Xenos Life 100% Xenos Shield 400% Meaning longer fights for ME in MY galaxy whithout interfering with the Galaxy of OTHER players...
  2. How about an "Restore last order" for crafts? I want to update my miners from time to time but having to reclick the entire mining loop (that spans 40 systems for my iron/titan/naonite miner) is bad. Also one thing with ships that patrol or defend a system: if there is a wormhole in the system they sometime end up entering it and then stop completly in the new systems... It would be great if they would simply jump back or npc ships should not enter wormholes witout an order to do so...
  3. Maybe an alternative way like the faction ships? You can add an Faction name list (Maybe even a "real" faction list with tratis or basic definers like (Aggresive", "trader" or pirate) and the game first picks from that list before it generates new ones. Would work great with the new faction ship mod support. Star Gate vs Star Wars vs Star Treck >:D
  4. I'm for a game setting to chose banana or lemon. Otterwise im more a lemon guy.
  5. i love it set the capacity to 50 and reduced the drones to one per factory: my fps gone from 12 to 55. thank you!
  6. Another solution would be if we get an good command tool for our "big" ships. I would prefer to use an big freighter but the current system is to wonky and inflexible... Maybe they should simply add an system to combine stations into complexes like in x3... It would also help with station drift when you have the mass of 10 stations and with performance since all cargo ships are gone and you only have to calc one station.
  7. Well it would still be better thatn right now.... Maxbe a solution would be to not use Cargospace but Cargoslots for the shuttle. Currently its one slot (aka one item) Better Cargoshuttles could have more slots to tansport goods (up to 100 would be nice for performance) The only alternativ is to put the stations close to each other and use transporters to direktly trade. (and thats fickly) I would love it far more if we could build complexes like in x3... Just simple physikal connections between stations. That way they would also reach a mass that you can't ram out of the way. *cough*
  8. I still support this. The current limit of 20 Cargo shuttles with only 1 moved object is not enough for XXL Factories. Making the value modable would be nice. Otherwise a sugestion: A system upgrade that provides storage capacity to shuttles. +1 per upgrade level (so Legendary +8 Cargo space for shuttles) This would also help with the lag in big sectors since we would need far less cargo shuttles per station.
  9. Could we get an Option to silence our captains? I would like to put my salvager in my sector on a loop for salvaging & refining. But if there are no targets i get 200 messages per second. Another problem is when you have an alliance with some automated miner: They just don't stop spaming. How about an extra Window for Ship Log and an option per Ship to send messages to the log? Also an Wait command would be nice for loops. My miner dosn't need to jump through the sectors every second. It would be enough every hour or two after some asteroids respawned...
  10. Why are Devs so adamant on deactivating achievements with mods? The ones that just want to cheat them can still do it easily... *sigh* Anyway great thing to see mod ws support. Keep it up :)
  11. I did update some to the prev. Version. I'm an contractual programmer so i have often nearly no free time, so an update from me is unlikely in the forseeable future.
  12. Nope not possible. The Astoroids are basicly just little stations with the ore blocks (you can build your own ressource astroid ;)) Blocks are currently not modable.
  13. Well there was a reason why i didn't update this. If i find a my diff file for this version i may look into updating it.
  14. hmm seems to be a engine limit :/ I checked the code and it was correctly set there.
  15. - Fixed Shield Booster Calc
  16. V18C Better Pirate Response Fleets
  17. Honestly i don't know. I tested the mod with a new universe. I would suggest: Backup and test it :)
  18. Updated to B18 And no i didn't find any way to add this cind of modules :/
  19. Updated to B18 and included changes from douglasg14b
  20. V18 Released for Beta 18 Testversion Balance und Bugs müssen noch getestet werden!
  21. In the File "asyncpirategenerator" (Avorion\data\scripts) is the function "createScaledRaider" two times created. One of them should be "createScaledRavager"
  22. No it's not so far i tested. Many Parts that i wanted to add were not possible for all the bib mods (like to add a config option for the main menu to select the astoroid size) This toghether with the nearly always mod breaking updates made me lose interest in modding Avorion seriously. Now i may update my mods when i start a new round with my friends and thats not that often ...
  23. Then the solution is around the station generation algorithm, that would create a backbone out of stone and cover it with systems and hull. There's no point in creating a new sort of block to patch each supposed issue, when there's obvious and accessible solution in place. Ugliness is only dependent on your own ability to pre-plan the build. You can easily make the station outline with iron rock blocks and then cover it completely with systems and hull leaving no glaring rock surfaces. New blocks has to have specific individual uses, not being just a substitute for someone's minimal effort. The NPC Station Scripts aren't sophisticated that they will be able to produce immersive locking station with stone blocks. And yes of course you can hide the Stone but it still increases the station since be an considerable amount to hinder drift. It would also be fine for me to just be able to mod blocks (adding and/or modifying).
  24. Another good thing: Make a Nose on the tip of the ship and place the turrets around it. From my experience the ship nearly never faces away so with this setup most of the time 75% of your turrets can fire.
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