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  1. Why? Did I unknowingly create a problem or violate a rule?
  2. After it took me for friggin ever to get the angle down, I figured I'd save others some work. Man this was crazy. I think it was actually harder than the sphere. Forward Swept Wings for your prefabs section. Imgur Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/4ms1h Hard to show in the pics, but they sweep forward and downward. it's not just premade wings, it's a section (each stripe on the wings in the pic) that you can lay in repeat or stretch and lay as you wish. There's a large wing and a small one that's about 60% of the big one. Then there's wingtips to cap off the end with style. mix and match looks kinda cool. There were a couple other pieces that fell out while I was working on this. I thought they looked kinda cool and fit the style so they're in here too. If you use these in a build, please mention "Monsto's Forward Swept Wings" in your description. ship15.xml
  3. I made some heavily complex shapes, a quarter sphere (look at my profile for the dl) and a ship that used it several times. After making and deleting a couple of these complex items, I was left with ghosts of the deleted constructs. http://i.imgur.com/PwhnRscl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/zMt4qMhl.jpg There's a long thin horizontal piece in the middle of that first screen that is the ONLY piece that should be there. everything else had been deleted at some point. Restarting the game cleared it all up.
  4. Of course it's not broken... it's dated. I'm not suggesting fixing something broken, I'm suggesting using a facility that's simply better.
  5. 2003 called... want's it's forum back. The feature set and UI of this forum is... old. There's plenty of modern forum softwares available. I'd be willing to assist in a migration if you'd consider upgrading. Better forum examples: Flarum: https://discuss.flarum.org/ Discourse: https://try.discourse.org/ Vanilla: https://vanillaforums.com/en/showcase/ (pick a showcase item for demo) Vanilla uses https://vanillicon.com/ for randomized icons.
  6. I built some sphere and circle sections. Copy and add them to your custom shapes. Copy/mirror them together, and you got a circle or sphere. By stretching during placement, you can get some neat ovoid and elliptical shapes. They're not perfect, obviously, but I'm pretty happy with them. These shapes are pretty big, each like the size of a focused warship. so if you reduce them, the warts will kinda melt away. I started on a torus, for the classic scifi engine intake hood shape. Then I realized it wasn't going to work as I wanted. After that, even, I think i kinda painted myself into a corner with the build and couldn't figure it out so I stopped. If someone wants to, you're more than welcome to finish it. Believe it or not, the circle was more difficult than the sphere. Once I got started on the sphere, using the circle wedge as a template, it pretty much forced it's will on the build. File is attached at the bottom as a zip. If you use it in a build, please mention "Monsto's Roundish Stuff" in your description. Here's a few pics. Full Gallery http://imgur.com/a/uhwnN roundness.zip
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