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  1. So as others have stated Big ships require Big engines and thrusters i would say a large portion of your ship is gonna be Gyro's and thrusts I lean more to thrust then gyros since gyros dont do much for large ships but you need to look at the axis of your ship and place your thrust the farthest away from the whatever axis and use directional and not the default cause the default is omnidirectional and if your thrust is on an axis your losing power i hope this picture helps bottom line is the farther you are from an axis the better
  2. So needless to say i love missiles but when i use them it leaves me very depressed, They dont look anything like torpedoes and they should its the same propulsion system. I love torpedoes but there not a main weapon but please do something similar to missiles i cry when i use them it would also be cool is AI could use the coaxial missile launchers too they seem to bug out trying to get a target lock or something. https://i.imgur.com/QcJiHI9.mp4 making something like this in the video would make me so happy i know you guys are busy and all but this little thing would make the worlds difference for me
  3. We already have boarding ship that have to wait for the ship to get below 25% HP? Why not have Breaching pods that are a 1 time use and send boarders over that can be done once the shield is down.
  4. So May I suggest a missile rework (there my favorite weapon) I find the missiles in game to be a bit lackluster with there slow speed and dull effect.I feel like this is a huge missed opportunity with missiles cause you can have so many classes -Cruise missile. long range average damage long reload medium speed -Ballistic missiles. Medium range and damage average reload normal speed -Swarmer's missiles Short range low damage fast reload fast speed -Brazerker missiles medium range long reload fast speed. Just to name a few you could also have them fire in volley's from 2,4,6,12 missiles at a time the effect could use an update as well longer streamer would be nice and if the missiles could look like this https://youtu.be/HgT1dXaSSIY?t=77 https://youtu.be/s2S28k1iKKk?t=66 https://youtu.be/YMDI-qpNUW8?t=29 just some reference material Just to not get confused with Torpedoes I love everything about them just wish you could make them like fighters cause resupplying a fleet is cancer.
  5. I have also run into this problem I wanted to make Body Armour but in the process of making Body armour you need steel and to make Steel you need Coal But no station makes it.
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