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  1. That article is useless, it is like telling someone to go download more ram... The problem with avorion is that some different things use A LOT of CPU and ram. Graphic settings all on ultra wil make your CPU run at 100%... Using a huge fleet with multiple commanders and them controlling the ships and doing tasks. Using multiple sectors and switching them on a dime, both wil bring the ram usage to 100% no matter what you got. So long story short, lower your graphic settings until you no longer at cpu 100%. Then keep in mind not to load 10+ sectors or having 10+ ships doing different tasks at the same moment. Editor also seems to do some crazy things towards the ram, I always reboot my game after having been in the editor. Right now If I play with 2 miners and 1 fighter to back them up for when they get attacked. Running at | CPU 30-40% | Ram 7GB (44%) | GPU 30% | CPU i5-4690K 3.5 GHz Ram 16 GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB VRam Like if your pc is being bottlenecked by the ram you can increase overal preformance by adding ram. But your problem seems to be bottlenecked by something else because 8 GB ram is enough. Don't you have a video card??? If not, it explains why your cpu is running at 100% always... Also remember to not have 10.000 window tasks running in the background.
  2. Because they are stuck on a ship away from their friends and families, and you told them to be there. No difference between them and a crew member aboard your vessel that isnt assigned to a position. If your employer tells you to wait at your job until you have work to do, even if you dont have work at the moment, they are still obligated to pay you. I know this game isnt realy life but it makes perfect sense to me Yeah exactly that is the thing, but would that be realistic in such a situation? I doubt it when you live on a ship anyhow...
  3. Alpha tester should be aware that serveral features are still missing. And we arn't player we are tester. In this kind, the feature to pay crew is working. The feature that unvisit sectors are working is still under construction. Yes I know, it also depends from which side you look at it because "if" Captains would act like a player in the way they can open and close sectors independent from the player it would make sense to not change this... Imagine yourself miners with their own small escort ship following it, would also make miners more worth your time since the time consuming part at the moment is getting from sector to sector. But however still while the crew is indle eke sitting on their ass the timer should pause to to mine opinion. Again these are workers, why would they get paid for not working?...
  4. Yea being honest this should fall under the bugs and they should fix this asap since it makes no sense whatsoever. Crews should be paid for the time they are working, working also means if they operate a gun or anything else. But just sitting still doing nothing should never cost you anything... Tip for now just leave auto pay crew on when they are working, and when you off to explore put it off. So that way you won't pay them double for sitting on there ass all day.
  5. Actually it doesn't. A miner average payment is about 30 k, so even if you lose them it isn't a big deal either. I mainly use 2 cheap miners like this with 6 mining turrets per ship and sent them both to the other side of a sector. Whenever they reach their destination I order them to mine and go do something irl or have some fun with the pirates who pop up now and then. Yes having a ship to defend them would be costly and would be a big waste of money since the ship cost you almost nothing to build. Also use just enough crew members for the miner ships because of the price... Even if they only mine iron you will make a profit, how high that is depends on what kinda area you in. But beside an place that has no asteroids at all, they will all make you a profit using AI miners...
  6. A speedmeter that shows you your velocity at all times. I really have no idea why this one isn't in the game yet... I want a velocity meter per sec to be on my screen at all times! Now you can focus your own ship or see you speed though other menus but why don't we just have it always? Its like driving a car without having a speedmeter. A button to switch from normal to tactical view. (no scrolling!) I'm not 100% sure about this one but I couldn't find a button for the tactical view, only one for the map instead... Mouse scrolling takes a long if you compare it to only clicking a button. Commanders can take control of ships where the player is inside. While inside the tactical view mode, make us enable to sent orders to our troops. And make them excecute them even the one we are inside, until we leave the tactical view then cancel the last command being given. (at this way you could sent you own ship to a shop while watching the rest of your fleet etc.) Sector out of ore When a sector is out of ores (iron steel etc etc) they will sit in one spot and do nothing. It would be a nice idea to let the ship (the miner) tell me that the sector is out of ore instead. And as future plan you could even add that ships go to other zones to search for ores them-self. Going from sector .. to sector .. Going from sector to sector with more then 1 ship is a pain in the ass to say the least... When I make the 2 follow me only 1 will fly though the portal if i'm lucky forcing me to fly back. To see me ship sitting in front of the portal doing nothing, or if I use the tactical view and sent them though on there. Mostly only 1 will come forcing me to go back to the other area and the other one will fly though by then. At the moment they fly though the portal, and remind you have to let them fly though first or they won't go all together. The portal works as teleport from point A to point B which creates a lot of problems so once on the other side. Every ship is inside +/- the midle of the portal, why don't you use a square box instead giving you more places to teleport to ... this would rather work for all sizes tho. Being able to mine another sector than where you are busy in, together with making them enable to fly from sector to sector without you commanding them. The other day I sent me 2 miners to the north portal while I flew though the south quickly to do some shopping... Turned out the trip was a bit more expensive than expected, me miners flew though without any issues last thing I saw was the payments being made to get though the portals right before I flew though the other portal. Everything seemed alright at the moment even me ships both showed 100% the area was friendly with 0 pirates at both times I looked. (before+after) So while I was done and flew to me miners The sector was empty, it just looked like they disapeared in thin air... ofcourse I've been reading to a bit and read somewhere that this game writes a sector on you disk after you enter it the first time. But once you enter another sector it kinda shut the other sectors down to safe memory etc etc while multiplayer has an old sector open for 2/3 minutes at single player it is instant. When you think about this and read the things above again they do make a lot more sense. Since both miners where sent to a sector who was discovered but was "off" I actually did sent me fleet into a black hole... I really think you guys should rethink the inportance of having sectors being handled by commanders instead of players. Because mining is only one of the examples that is just horible with the sectors being the way they are now... Now if a sector opens for a commander just as it would for a player yes it would cost more resources (eke ram) but well worth it. And you can make it optional at all or have a cap of like 3 sectors open at a time ?!? with tactical view a way of controlling both zones. Even making ships unable to teleport to a empty sector preventing this bug... Stupid bug I was fighting some pirates and after they died and I looted them I was checking me invertory. Stood there for about 5 / 10 minutes after this huge civil ship hits me out of nowhere giving me min rep... 2 things go wrong here, how can he fly INTO me? second, why do I get the min rep? i'm not moving, while he... SideNote Keep in mind that I really love the game hence the reason why I bring all the lesser points to the table. Only reason i'm here is to make this game even better than it already is. :)
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